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  1. 1924 Oliver 133 Jointer

    Tom I have not made the tool yet and didn't want to get anxious and ruin something. That said, your idea might work and I will look into what you are suggesting. I like the forum because it is like we are all in the same room trying to figure out the best way to figure it out. Besides, we could have a donut party. How about apple fritters? I also want to thank Stick for his last Sunday post on spanner wrenches.
  2. 1924 Oliver 133 Jointer

    Thanks GrandpaDave for the great post packed full info. Appreciate it! All what you said makes sense. Making the spanner sounds like a fun project. The next step with the Jointer is to take the part hardware to have them plated including the knobs. I will be upgrading the Jointer by ordering an Oliver guard from Olivermachinery.net along with their push blocks to save the fingers when operating this beast. When the project is completed, I will send pictures to the forum of the finished product.
  3. Sorry guys but I am re-posting this subject again now that I am a member. I was having trouble getting back to my original non-member post about the 1924 Oliver Jointer topic. Anyway, I acquired a 1924 Oliver 133 jointer and now in the process of restoring it. The cutter head needs to be disassembled that includes 3 cutter blades which are secured to the cutter block with 3 flat side spanner "screws". See attached pictures of the cutter head. The screw spanner holes are 1/4" diameter and are spaced at about 13/16" OC. There are a lot of knock-off China built adjustable spanner wrenches but question if they will hold up to do the job I suspect the machine when it was sold had a wrench included with it. BTW I emailed eaglemachinery-repair.com last week, who deals with antique Oliver machines about the spanner wrench and they have not responded back yet. There was an article on the a website I think about a 1922 Oliver 133 back in 2012 but no followup articles on that since. Anybody out there that has done this?
  4. Lew -

    I am new to the forum and I am having a difficult time navigating to my first post that was a guest at the time.  It had to do with the 1924 Oliver 133 jointer.

    Any suggestions or anybody for that matter....


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    2. Jim Hallman

      Jim Hallman

      I think the problem I am having is I posted something before I was a member and should probably start over with the same question.

    3. lew



      That's correct. I checked with the site administrator and discovered that "guests" can only post in the "Introduce Yourself" forum and cannot upload images.


      We would love for you to consider joining our site- hey, it's FREE and there are lots of really great people here. Looking forward to seeing those pictures.


      Let me know if I can help with anything else!



    4. Jim Hallman

      Jim Hallman


      I am a member now

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