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  1. Suggestions please.

    Me too...
  2. Suggestions please.

    Will look into it... Thanks @It Was Al B
  3. Suggestions please.

    Sorry People for the late reply... Caught up in some works... I want to... But my wife is not very patient at all... I'll give it a try(repairing it)... But my wife adamant about getting a new one...
  4. Suggestions please.

    Hey people, It's a bit off topic... But still... Actually, the sofa set in our living room is worn out. It is an old type sofa. The spring in the sofa has been hitting us while sitting. The sofa is really in a bad condition. I am really embarrassed to invite people. Finally, my wife and I’ve decided to change the sofa in the living room. We are looking for a good one, which would last longer than the old one. One of my friends suggested a team where they have all types of living room furniture in our price range. We visited their site to find many good sofas and loveseats. After visiting we are a bit confused now. Well, I like the Yahtzee Onyx Ultra-Plush Sofa & Loveseat and he likes the Luna Mineral Sofa & Loveseat. So, we are kind of an argument. So, I was thinking of getting opinions from someone other than us. What do you guys think??? Which one would be better??? Please suggest... I was thinking of fixing the old one, but my wife insisted on getting a new one. You know, you can never win over your wife.
  5. Latest Project

    I used Mahogany and White oak. As for the finishes just the same as every other... coats of wax, shellac, varnish, etc....
  6. Latest Project

    Nop, not in a week... Took more than a week...
  7. Latest Project

    Thank you @Stick486 As you know, I am not a pro. It took me more than a week to complete this. For me, details are really important. I don't do bigger items like tables and chairs. But I have started a new project to do a custom chair. I am already on it. As soon as I complete, I'll post the picture here. This is my first try on bigger items...
  8. Latest Project

    This is my latest work... A gift for my lovely wife... Actually got the idea online... But still.... I make small items like these... What do you people think of it...?? any suggestions...???
  9. Greetings :)

    Thank you all for this warm welcome...
  10. Greetings :)

    Hello all, Thak you so much for having me here. It great to be here. This forum is really great... Every thread in it is amazing... I love it... Glad that I sighed up here...

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