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  1. The Date For The TPW Gathering Is

    I would have to reluctantly rule myself out for a gathering this summer, but pictures would be real cool.
  2. This Could Scare The Crap Out Of You

    On the seacoast in Seabrook NH there is a seafood restaurant called Browns. It was a common sight to see one of their 10 yard dumpsters sailing through the salt water marsh whenever there was a storm during the full moon high tides. Their parking lot and 2-3 feet of the restaurant would go underwater. My son was up there during one of the episodes and has video of the dumpster sailing along. The town actually had to order them to start chaining the dumpsters up, so they couldn’t escape into the marsh. If I was a particularly good techie, I could post the video, but I’m not
  3. Schnewj. “All people bring joy! Some by arriving, some by leaving”. Mark Twain. He was a right smart feller.
  4. I’m just a perspiring hack. (With aspirations LOL)
  5. Useless conversation and other drivel...

    I no longer call my toilet the john, I call it the Jim now. I tell everyone, truthfully, that I go to the Jim, every day.
  6. Tabs on the Weather...

    We came back from Maine yesterday, and I had to shovel. Not very deep, but very slushy and heavy.
  7. Alas the fact that I have no woodworking skills as of yet, doesn’t seem to deter people. They know I’m starting to do stuff in my basement, and the requests flow in. I just say no. On the other hand I am an electrician, and I get way more requests for that. I have now decided to do work only for family that I like, and close friends (the kind that would give you a kidney, if need be). I do not charge, I long ago learned that if you give a number, they no longer believe they are getting a deal. I give no number, they usually pony up something, and know you gave them a break, plus I have no shortage of people to borrow trucks off of, help move, paint, and the like. Unfortunately right now I have had 3 friends do remodels/additions at about the same time, I am inundated, but this too will pass. It is true when you stop doing favors, you find out who is really a friend, and who wasn’t.
  8. Status of Excalibur Scroll Saw

    Hi Fred, I am just looking into what I might move up to. I am really liking the Shopsmith one. I think the issues I have with it are all solvable. I will find out about the biggest one when I rig up an aquarium pump as a saw dust blower. If that works well the rest is easy to do. I look at oceanfront real estate all the time, my Wife laughs at me. I tell her I just want to be prepared, if I win the lottery LOL. Kinda the same thing with the woodworking tools. I have the next shop all planned in my head . While doing all my online research I just found a huge number of compliments for Ray of Seyco. I feel if we don’t support the people/companies that go above and beyond what’s expected for customer service, then we have no right to complain when we are left with just the BORG’s. From a strictly $$ point of view, the Excalibur EX-21 at $799 with stand and foot switch, delivered, seems to be a great deal. While I think a scroll saw that tilts instead of the table, and also lifts up, and stays there, it’s a better design, my last two sessions on the Shopsmith went really well, and I’m very happy with it. There’s a thought floating around the little thing I call a brain, that maybe I stay happy with the SS and my next toy is a router table instead of a new scroll saw. I’ll probably change my mind tomorrow LOL. I have two additions to finish up, and a new one to start, so my leisure time is going to be in very small supply for the next couple of months. I’m most likely compensating for that by all my imaginary shopping I’m doing.
  9. Status of Excalibur Scroll Saw

    Al, If I decide to move up, I’m pretty sure I’m gonna buy from Seyco. I’m just posting this for any one interested.
  10. Status of Excalibur Scroll Saw

    Was on the Home Depot website tonight, and they have the Excalibur EX-21 back on sale for $799. That includes the stand and foot switch. It isn’t in the stores, but will be shipped to your house , or store of your choosing ( They can’t ship to some states). Having a great time in vacation in Maine, with the family.
  11. Rigid Cordless Tools

    Herb, I don’t know if they are still offering lifetime warranty on the batteries, but there was a separate registration that had to be done for it. It was through Home Depot, I believe. Had to get confirmation they registered the batteries and then print it out and save it. Well worth it though. The batteries have a 4 bar display on the front, you press a button and it shows how much juice is left. New Toys!!!!!
  12. Rigid Cordless Tools

    I bought that exact package, 2-3 years ago. If memory serves it was $499 then and was on sale for $399. It did come with a lifetime warranty on the batteries. It sees occasional use in the workshop, but is carried with me to all my jobs as an electrician. I would have zero complaints about the set. Whatever I did pay for it, I remember checking on Amazon (not sure anyone else sells Rigid now, think HD owns them or has a strong deal with them) and it was $100 more on Amazon. I surprised myself with how many uses a battery operated circular saw could have for an electrician on a work site. Things I would be terrified to try with a plug in saw (OSHA, nothing to see hear, move along). I would call that a very good price if one was in the market.
  13. Big Scteen Tv 1950

    We didn’t have a color television set in the family, until I bought my Dad one, for Father’s Day, when I was 19. An RCA 19 inch. He was in his glory, watching the Red Sox, in color
  14. Woodworker Journal Weekly Update Tip

    Sounds like it’s worth trying, thanks for the tip.

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