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    The clock of life is wound but once.
  1. Useless conversation and other drivel...

    Mark Twain. “ All people bring joy, some by arriving, others by departing “
  2. New Member here Saying Hello

    Hi, newbie here myself, also a newbie to woodworking. Electrician, but NOT an elevator mechanic LOL.
  3. Really important,,, money wise

    If you’re lucky enough to go to the other place, Will any of your friends be there? LOL I’m likely to be the first person asked to leave (with the big assumption they’d open the gate for me to begin with).
  4. good news this week and hopefully better

    Glad to hear good news.
  5. Happy birthday Fred Hargis

    Happy B-Day!
  6. Well.....

    I’m just glad you didn’t need to run into a plumbing supply that day, you’d be making outhouses now. (Sorry, that’s just how my mind works).
  7. Anybody want to make a bet

    Congratulations to the Philadelphia Eagles.
  8. In other news

    Congrats Steve!
  9. Member Map

    Apparently the third time’s the charm, Course I got a house icon, instead of one of them cool other ones LOLOLOL.
  10. Artie

  11. Member Map

    I hit the My Location button, and a box appears, telling me to put my location into it. I do so, and then hit submit/enter and nothing happens. Dunno if being an iPad means I gotta do it differently.
  12. Member Map

    Hi, apologies if this is not posted in the right place, I hope it will get relocated if needed. I tried to enter my location on the member map,and nothing happens. I am using an iPad if it makes a difference. Just looked like New England was a little under represented, and I’d thought I’d add another sticker on the map (especially with the big game coming up LOL). Any ideas what I’m doing wrong? Thank you, Artie
  13. New Member here Saying Hello

    Hi, and welcome. I only joined a week ago and am a newbie to woodworking, so I’ll have no wisdom for you, but I can give you a howdy.
  14. Test of Patience

    Kudos to you and your family. We are thankful for their service. Those boxes are true works of art.
  15. New toy

    Very nice! Hope to hear all the details as you use it.

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