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  1. Joining The Forum

    Thank you all for being so welcoming. I look forward to being part of the forum.
  2. Humidifiers?

    I bought the AprilAire MA1201....#5 on the list. The cons are that it needs frequent cleaning. I add a Bacteriostatic when I refill the tank and this eliminates any cleaning other than at year end which isn't much. I do replace filters....probably 3 times a season....takes 2 minutes.....cost about $12.00 per filter. I bought it a few years ago after I replaced all the wall to wall carpeting with hardwood and it has done a nice job of maintaining the whole house humidity level at a optimum level to keep the hardwood happy.
  3. Joining The Forum

    Hello, I've just been invited to join the forum and I'm looking forward to participating. I haven't done what I would consider fine wood working but am looking to 'up my game'. My projects to date have been more of a functional nature.

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