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    One foot firmly planted in North Texas and another in Missoula Montana.
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    A rock pile ceases to be a rock pile the moment a single man contemplates it, bearing within him the image of a cathedral. — Antoine de Saint Exupery, from “Flight to Arras”, originally “Pilote de Guerre"
  1. Having not yet made a decision on whether to burn $16 on a Chinese cyclone (see original post in this thread), I keep seeing better and better deals. The latest one is down to $8.82, and I figure if I wait a little longer they'll be paying me to take it.
  2. What I really want is a 3D printer and the challenge of creating a cyclone that way . But alas, building a 3D printer will wait for the completion of simpler devices. And I definitely want to build vs. buy. That's too much fun to miss.
  3. In rebuilding my shop after move, I intended to build a Thien baffle for my Rigid shopvac. Part of it is the function (preserve the good VF6000 filter I put in the vac, and also slightly easier to empty/swap buckets that empty the vac)... but part of it is the intangible joy of the build and pushing the limits of it's effectiveness. Then I stumbled into this cyclone for $16. I don't know how effective it is, and I'm never thrilled about ordering from China... but at that price it's very hard to justify building my own Thien baffle until all my other shop wannabuilds are done. Has anyone tried this, or other clone cyclones? All opinions welcome.
  4. I joined because of a kind invitation from Stick. Thank you... I'm new here, though not to woodworking. I have a few years experience, scattered over as many decades. My last few years experience is blissfully spoiled by access to the amazing Dallas Makerspace. In recently moving from Dallas to colder places, I sold almost everything, and I'm now rebuilding my shop from scratch. I consider this an adventure and opportunity to explore a new approach. My current plan, though constantly evolving, is to operate as long as possible without replacing my table saw and miter saw, instead using a DIY tracksaw/circular saw with an MFT style cutting table. I don't think I'll install crown molding that way, but I'll see how far I can ride this. Portability is a major consideration for all my solutions as I will move again. Finding dust collection and winter heating solutions for an uninsulated garage shop is part of the adventure. My children's increasing interest in learning... and creating their own dreams is wonderful in ways beyond words. And my wife is so happy about the bed I built us before the move that someday soon I'll finish the trim and put a finish on it. This solitary joy of creating isn't so solitary after all. “Find ecstasy in life; the mere sense of living is joy enough.” ― Emily Dickinson

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