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  1. vintage tools!

    I do have a poor man's shoulder plane, not quite finished yet though. I'll probably treat myself to a 93. Yeah my fave crisps :). My chisels were quite cheap stanley ones but the hold a nice sharp edge! I'll do a bit more research for vintage chisels and maybe get some in the new year
  2. handcut dovetails

    So I attempted a half lapped dovetail, didn't follow any set process and it was rubbish. Had a little watch of Paul sellers method and this was attempt 2, I must sat I'm pretty happy with this considering the wood was not fully tried and it was scrap wood. Really happy with the lapped pins
  3. vintage tools!

    Hi, over the past few months I have been bitten somewhat by vintage hand tools. So far I have renewed/restored a knackered Henry Disston tenon saw, a stanley no4 plane, block plane, 71 record router, henry disston no8 backsaw, i bought a gents saw for 50p from a car boot sale and have just bought a stanley 151 spokeshave. Gonna keep an eye out for a vintage brace/bit set next !
  4. new here

    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. I'm from West Yorkshire originally but now reside in Kent nicer weather
  5. handcut dovetails

    Yay!! Happy with that one. I'm gonna start on mortice and tenons next. Once i have cracked them I'm gonna start a little project to make something for the Mrs. that is for all your help you guys rock!
  6. handcut dovetails

    So this is attempt 14, just wish it didn't take me nearly an hour to do each one Although speed will come with practice and better tools I guess Took a bit l9nger because of the huge knot!
  7. handcut dovetails

    Had a good look through all the info, very useful. . There was a bit of slop in the joints still whereas the previous attempt was nice and rigid. I did learn a few important little things, gonna try them out on 14. Then I'll move on to a mortise and tenon joint for practice!! gonna pop out in the shed tonight when the Mrs goes out on her works do!!
  8. handcut dovetails

    So I used a bit of pitch pine from my stash. This is attempt 13. Still not perfect but not far away Now!!
  9. handcut dovetails

    I've been using the guide free Paul sellers method which gives a slightly rounded bevel on a piece of plate glass I found in an old unit. I probably just need more practice, I have seen a nice diamond plate 1200 grit recommended by Paul sellers. Gonna treat myself after Xmas!!
  10. True! it's my go to place when I feel harassed, trouble is the time just flashes away when I'm in it. The wife's pretty good about it to be fair! I'm almost done constructing a shop notes drill press micro adjust table for super exact drillings. I also have power with a surge protected bank and an emergency stop switch plus a strip light which gives really soft bright light across the whole of the bench
  11. The shop is still not organised yet, I'm doing bits each time
  12. handcut dovetails

    Ah I did not know that!! I'll be super careful shame I just sharpened the 2 chisels I use and the block plane:) I'm trying a wider board and some pitch pine. Hoping for success with effort 13!
  13. handcut dovetails

    Tons of really useful tips and advice, Thanks!! I have been trying the Paul sellers sharpening method but I need a 1200 or higher diamond stone. I've got an oil stone with 2 grits and have been using that and finishing with 1000, 1500 and the 2000 grit wet and dry sandpaper. Then i use a buffing compound 5000 grit I think followed by a leather strop. They still don't seem to cut paper tho, dunno why.
  14. handcut dovetails

    So I am practicing handcut dove tails. I am up to cut 12, still a few minor things im not happy with but my OCD wont be happy till there are no mistakes!! Below is attempt 12 So my issues here were the knife wall for the middle pin was compressed, you could see from the inside. The finish on the proud parts of the joint was rough. I find that when chiselling out the waste my chisel doesn't seem to cut very well on chop cuts. I literally sharpened them before I started the joint as well!! Maybe I am being a bit too aggressive, or could it just be that pine compresses more easily? Hopefully 13 will be my lucky One!!
  15. new here

    Krispy Kreme 12 variety pack zinging your way, get them quick!! extra one for stick as a thanks for the invite!! I'll pop out to the shed and snap the shop, it's a tiny one I'm afraid. I have to do a lot of moving around and once my new vice arrives will probably have a reorganize

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