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  1. Soon to be retired guy

    Great to have you,Eric! Thanks for your service!
  2. Hello woodworkers!!

    welcome Matt! Ya found a good spot.
  3. Hello woodworkers!!

    Glad ta have ya Matt! Welcome yo.
  4. Rockler makes something like that, but you could find them cheaper on the web probably...http://www.rockler.com/i-semble-heavy-duty-blind-shelf-supports?sid=V9146?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=&utm_content=pla&utm_campaign=PL&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI8dfJ-Y3E2QIVkLjACh2xewxcEAQYAiABEgKdFPD_BwE
  5. Hello!!

    Welcome Chris! You’ll like it here.
  6. Glenn Davis

  7. Lew inspired me

    I dont turn wood at all, but was impressed with Lew's rolling pins and wanted to use the last of my curly cherry in a cool way, so I made a cutting board, and cheese slicer. I haven't done any inlays in a few years, and this reminded me why. The glue up sucks! Plus in all the mayhem of the clamps and cauls, I messed up the order of the walnut and cherry strips....buuuuuuuut, it ended up al right.
  8. Next Project?

  9. Lew inspired me

    Sorry, I meant the process sucks. I’m cool with how it turned out-and totally agree with you. Most mistakes are only noticed by the maker. That’s woodworking yo
  10. Lew inspired me

    Yeah time will tell for sure. I haven’t had any separation from other pieces with inlays that are about 8 years old, but of course all wood is different, just hope for the best as always.
  11. Lew inspired me

    Hey thanks Lew, I bought them from home depot. I think they are bumpers for doors/door knobs. You can buy ones for cutting boards from wood craft I think, but the HD ones were like $1/bumper, plus the stainless screws it comes with is better for water IMO.
  12. Appetizer Board

    nice work!!!
  13. Greetings :)

    Welcome, Dennis!!! Glad ta have ya.
  14. New Member here Saying Hello

    Welcome dude!

    Luv yr rantz yo!
  16. Well.....

    Super cool news! They’ll be amazed at your buffed finish. Don’t let them low ball ya on price yo!
  17. Completed knife handle

    Really nice job. I like the purple hear wood strip, great grain selection!
  18. Elm

    I made a small chair out of Grey Elm. Its great with or without stain. IMO its like working with oak. just a touch softer. One thing I wish I would have known is you really need to pay attention if you spokeshave it. It the grain gets all crazy, (which it can) just use a rasp. Its pretty inexpensive too. Good luck! Let us know if ya make something
  19. Test of Patience

    Great work!!!!!
  20. Great work yo! Ash? Burl?
  21. Hey thanks man. Ima huuuge fan of French Curves. Draw out what cha want, and just sneak up on ‘em, then you can rasp, spoke shave or gouge chisel for clean up to whatever ya want.
  22. Thanks, Gene! nope, that was an estate sale score. I’m workin on a pair of Ib Kofod Larsen replica now tho. Similar style, just loose cushion. Here’s the arm roughed out from power carving it. Now it’s hours of spoke shave, and rasp...no wonder they cost sooo much!
  23. This scratch and dent teak from that place. I made this side table to match out Lane pivot table. I’m pretty sure it was an old harvest b/c the growth rings were suuuupppper tight.
  24. Wife Died

    Jim, So sorry to hear about your wife. Sending good thoughts. I hope you and your family find peace soon. Dane

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