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  1. Raising the grain question

    We/I don't skip sanding sealers. Some finishes don't have sanding sealers and yet we will still create them... Skipping a step doesn't make you a professional but rather a hack.... Your call................
  2. Altendorf WA8

    Maintenance guy at work found a dealer in KC for parts. Guess we will see how this goes. Right now we need an emergency stop button replaced and lock down knobs... Put a new blade and cuts like butter on both sides with scoring blades.....
  3. Shop workbench for my son

    Works for me.........
  4. Too much to be covered in 6 hrs. Too much will be missed or unexplained.... I taught a co-worker how to spray polyurethane in minutes with zero problems. One day he will have problems and will know why I was the teacher and he is the student.....
  5. Your college team is safe this weekend

    MS was trying to control the clock. Bama is a strong team in the 4th. Scarbrough limping very concerning...
  6. Altendorf WA8

    https://www.stilesmachinery.com/altendorf Was the seller of the machine . I'll check in with them this week..
  7. Your college team is safe this weekend

    Auburn is a very aggressive team. A game requiring full attention by Bama... I was so caught up in the last few minutes of the Bama game last night I was pretty nervous..
  8. Your college team is safe this weekend

    I find myself cheering for Auburn at the moment...
  9. Your college team is safe this weekend

    playing a ranked team today. Alabama back to #1 on rankings...
  10. It all started making wooden toys

    I'll get more info when things level out. Getting back to normal after a run of overtime...
  11. Altendorf WA8

    Parts listing online hard to find. Thanks for the help........
  12. Need parts only manual for the saw. Have operation manual but no parts manual. Anybody locate listing online?....
  13. When did you start woodworking?

    4 years wood shop 79-83. Working residential/commercial cabinetry since August 83..... My old wood shop teachers mother was good friends with my mother... My old shop teacher became a truck driver when wood shops started declining...

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