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    It's not "you get what you pay for", it's "YOU PAY FOR WHAT YOU GET".
  1. Death from Fractal Burnng

    Now that was a good response - as opposed to "why take a chance?" I take a chance every morning when I get out of bed - or cross the street - or touch a gun. This electrical engineer wrote a 4 page document on how to safely perform this process and I follow my rules.
  2. Death from Fractal Burnng

    I looked for anyone injured using a common neon transformer, but came up empty. Neither did I find anyone hurt in a bar brawl from a neon transformer. Please let me know where you are finding this deadly information.
  3. Death from Fractal Burnng

    Using a transformer stripped from a microwave is dangerous. The voltage is ~3 kV that can pump significant current, and cook a turkey. The recent death used a microwave transformer. An automobile ignition system is 25 kV - and I never heard of any death from touching a spark plug wire. It's the current, not the voltage that kills. Using a neon transformer with limiting current is a different story. I use 10 kV, put my stool on a rubber mat, put another rubber mat under my work on top of my wooden table. I use a power strip with an extra light when power is turned on. I wear rubber gloves and work with one hand behind my back. I think the AAW should ban microwave transformer and educate its members on how to safely use a neon transformer. I get a lot of compliments on my fractal burning work.

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