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  1. When did you start woodworking?

    I did! Unfortunately I drank all the coffee.
  2. When did you start woodworking?

    Those are some great stories on how it all started. I'm still in the learning stage, I'm new, haven't really built anything but a couple ramps for my senior citizen dogs. Ha I've tinkered with a couple of tools here and there. My dad served in the Army and when I lived with him some thirty years ago I remember he used to go to the wood shop at Lackland AFB, in San Antonio TX. I remembered he asked my brother and I to help him bring these large pieces of wood from the Wood shop to his friends truck and then drove it home. When we arrived home, my dad told my brother and I to go outside and play with our friends, so we did. Then a few hours later, we came home to find out we had a brand new Bunk bed made out of oak. That bed was amazing. I remember those days but never had a chance to do it on my own. I look forward to learning and reading about ideas and how tos. Eventually I want to build my own man cave and outdoor cigar lounge.

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