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    "Do not swear by the moon, the ever changing moon."
  1. Building Plans

    As usual, Lew to the rescue. Thank you sir.
  2. Building Plans

    Does anyone here use a design program or anything to draw up plans for their work? I am wanting to build my own workbench and would like to draw up some plans for it.
  3. Desk Parts

    Lew found the exact ones I needed in the link he provided. Thanks kmealy.
  4. Desk Parts

    Lew, You are awesome sir. Thank you!!!
  5. Desk Parts

    It's on the inside of a drawer where the face drops done. I am guessing it was meant to be so you could hide your keyboard and mouse in the drawer and pull it out when you needed to use it. Basically the springs in the latch just wore out. I looked all over Rockler's site and found one of 2 latches I might be able to use, but I would really like to find new pieces and put it on. We got this desk second hand and there is some work I have to do on it to bring it back to it's previous glory, but it will all be worth it.
  6. Desk Parts

    Thank you Gentlemen, I will look into it.
  7. Desk Parts

    I am trying to repair my desk. I need 2 of these little "leaf spring locks" Or at least I think that's what these are called. I have looked in the local big box stores, but can't find them. Anyone have any ideas?
  8. CPL Seamus Davey Paddles.jpg

    Thank you gentlemen!
  9. Laser Engraver Pieces

    Most of my work is highlighted by my laser engraver work, I am selling items like this so I can earn the capital to buy more tools to do fancier stuff.
  10. How???

    Once I looked at it again, that makes total sense. I guess I wasn't looking at the different wood tones. Thank you.
  11. How???

    All of that makes sense, but since my wife just got me the table saw it will be a little while before I can afford to buy any new tools. My Dad suggested searching pawn shops for a good deal which I may try but with 3 daughters it's hard to find $$$ in the budget for anything that is not a necessity right now. Like I said before this project gives me a goal and a decent enough challenge to build towards until I can finish it. Thank you to EVERYONE for the suggestions and help. It's all going into the info file.
  12. New to the Fold

    Thanks for the tip. The girls love the light show the laser puts on and I have to constantly watch to make sure my toddler doesn't get to close. As for the laser, right now it's a low wattage laser that can burn, it could cut if I do enough passes, but that would take forever. So right now it basically burns the wood to create the images. It is only a cheap desktop model to help me get started and let my creative processes flow.
  13. How???

    No matter how he did it I'm eons away from having the equipment to do it. It is on the bucket list to accomplish though. Gives me goal.
  14. My work

    Thank you John. I would be honored, while I have the laser running this weekend I will try a test burn of the logo and see how it looks.
  15. How???

    Unfortunately this was the one picture close of the face. I was thinking about the slots in the back. To me it kinda looks like some type of bullet how it goes from wide at the bottom to thin at the top, but a paddle is not wide enough for that. I think you right about the spring loaded top pin. I might have to look into it.

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