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  1. Working with scroll saw patterns

    Sorry guys, these classes are kicking my butt...almost worse than those last classes! But here's a bunch of donuts for you: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO^10
  2. Working with scroll saw patterns

    See, someone decided to quit being nice and make a killing. If you remember when cell phones first came out, it was very expensive, then they FINALLY started making reasonable plans. Then internet was not very cheap, but doable. Then they finally moved to DSL and after a while, you could get that for $20/month. Then they decided to push HD and Fiber Optics everywhere so most anybody could get on it. Then they finally started hitting the rural areas. Then all of a sudden, they don't have enough for everyone, or cable starts monopolizing...but no matter what, they started raising prices again, and now it seems there is no end to it. This package I got last year, that they threatened to raise prices...well, It went up to $71, BUT January or March, not sure the official date, the exact same package is going to be $91 plus tax. They flat out said it's going up $20 to average customers and I saw evidence of this somewhere. So, I am getting it $30 cheaper than more recurring customers. And it's not even worth that much! It's limited basic cable, hbo or sho, streampix, faster internet. Remove the premium channel, streampix, go back to normal speed and charge $40-50. Offer the 2nd step up in internet speed for $35-$40. No. Oh well, I am not saving any extra money a month, but at least I am still status quo. I think the reason they raised it for this year, is because of cost of living increase for some of us, plus the lowered tax breaks. They think they know they can get their cut.
  3. Working with scroll saw patterns

    Thank you!
  4. Working with scroll saw patterns

    It was an uphill battle for sure, but cable is finally willing to work with me! I got a new mask but unsure if it is going to be much better, but they finally agreed I could give it a try and if not, we'll try another. Got a stupid migraine, pretty sure it's from lack of sleep. So, I am out from in front of the computer to relax in a semi-dark room and watch a movie and then off to bed, I HOPE! lol
  5. Working with scroll saw patterns

    Well, I know back in 2010 or so, they finally put up some updated technology for rural areas to get DSL in central Illinois. One of the recipients was a computer teacher who was still on dial-up at home. That was kinda funny! Ah okay, yeah from what that article said they had to do some bypass to get the technology so you could even get DSL... Would be nice! hahaha I haven't been getting anywhere for the last 10-12 years. I call AT&T EVERY year, even e-mail them. They just sent me a promotion through the mail and so I called them and asked if this meant they finally got to my neighborhood, they said no, it was just because I contacted them in the past but nothing has changed-that was in January. By the way, as I said, I will be calling Rise, Century, Frontier, maybe even Earthlink...however, you have to remember, all those sub companies, including MTCO, rent main company lines. MTCO rents the AT&T lines in central Illinois so that the smaller towns/cities can have internet service. So, if AT&T didn't do the work, the other companies aren't going to budge, either.
  6. Working with scroll saw patterns

    Read this article: https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2015/06/internet-nightmare-att-sells-broadband-to-your-neighbors-but-not-to-you/ It says they are being quite literal when they say they do not have enough for everyone. And it is a special box and it is FO. https://forums.att.com/t5/2014-Archive/DSL-without-home-phone-incorrect-information/td-p/2662215 And here's some people griping about naked DSL service on AT&T's website. I dunno man! Still sounds like I am outta luck...
  7. Working with scroll saw patterns

    @Stick486 I am going to try to use this in speaking to AT&T again. But I also read in those same 2 articles how they upgraded "most" phone lines to work with fiber optics-I still remember when that happened, it was delayed and Clinton was the one to push for this. But not all phone lines got the upgrade. Are you sure the town you live didn't get FO installed? I did see in the first article that AT&T has to offer naked DSL, so that will be my focus. Okay, I know what a J Box is, but what is a D box? Both articles talk about digital and if it's only analog, I don't think it will work. This is the wiring outside the house from the boxes. I also read something in there about the loop limitations, which I think is the case here. If they have to send someone out to work on the main connections, they won't do it. They told me years ago, they will not come out just to set up one customer. If they are going to come out, they will do it for the whole neighborhood that's why I said yesterday, they said there was not enough customer interest to waste that kind of money. Man, get over here on Monday and make the phone call for me!!! hahaha
  8. Working with scroll saw patterns

    Okay, now I am confused. Cause there's supposed to be fiber options or something inside the wires used by DSL... When I had dial-up, sure I could plug that straight in and get to hear all the modem sounds. I almost miss that! haha And it used the same size plug as the inside phone line. The house I grew up in, we moved into back in 1972...and when DSL came out and I finally jumped on it, they said it would not work. The telephone man spent several hours rewiring that box a couple blocks away and then running new wire into the house-yes the phone line and DSL line were both inside the sheath, but it now had 4 wires. and you can see them. Cause it's twice as wide as a normal phone plug where you plug it in at. WOW! I just went to Earthlink's site and there it is!!! I blast from the past, for sure. But I don't have a land line, to run it on. I use VOIP for phone cause, after taxes, it averages out around $15/month or less, with the company I use. Seems AT&T is around $30/month for phone service and then $10 for Earthlink. But there's one problem, I would still be severely restricted on my abilities to do certain things. For instance, I just installed Visual Studio the other day and it was 28GB of download/install. It would take a week on old dial-up! hahaha I remember those days when you would install Windows or a major set of updates and it would be literally 8 hours, tired, go to bed...wake up to go to the bathroom and see if it was done or not...and that was nowhere near 28GB of data. LOL Yeah, I can't hack dial-up ever again. When I moved to that last place, like I was telling ya, the first day they said sorry, not wired for DSL, but we can give you dial-up...8 hours later the SAME day, I called them back and cancelled it. Then had to go to Comcast, cause MTCO was outside of town and very limited back then. IF I could afford stritctly wi-fi, would be good cause they do the 4G stuff now. At this rate, if I can get comcast to come down, I can stay there, but after the last go-round, I am not optimistic. So yeah, wi-fi at the restaurant will probably be my Option 2. After looking at a couple sites, even Frontier included...not sure I will get a positive answer from these other 3 companies, but I won't know until I try. @Stick486 You never did tell me what you use for sending/reading your E-mail?
  9. Working with scroll saw patterns

    Thanks for the explanation @Wichman3 I was just reading up on it and was about to come back and explain it, but you did it for me! And I will call Rise and see if they have near future plans, but when I put my zip code in, it was a no go. In fact, I remember the first time I got DSL at my parent's house when I had to move back home, a phone man had to come out and do all kinds of work 2 blocks away on the phone box and wire it all the way into the house. Now, another option I started thinking about the last hour, is if there is a way for me to make $100/month on the computer...then I could just leave everything the way it is and make $8 profit/month! hahaha @Stick486 Now, dial-up worked on a regular old phone line, but you cannot even find that in very many locations today. I remember now! The phone line uses even (symmetrical) speed incoming and outgoing. The DSL uses speeds faster for incoming and slower for outgoing. So they used an asymmetrical technology on the new lines that are installed for DSL. WOW!!! I have all kinds of memories flooding back, like using command line to partition my hard drive...lol
  10. Working with scroll saw patterns

    Not so. It's 2 wires in a standard telephone line. It's 4 wires inside a DSL line. One will act as phone line and the other acts as data line. Even in my sister's area they did not wire for DSL. Well now, wait a minute...Now you got me thinking...if it is standard, then why does the phone company have to go out for installing DSL from the phone boxes? And why did they tell me I couldn't use DSL at my last place of living? They said I could get dial-up, but after 8 hours, I cancelled it. Then they said sorry the phone lines were outdated and they had no plans to rewire that neighborhood cause there wasn't enough interest? I told them the only reason there wasn't enough interest is because they didn't update to get the interest. lol This was told to me 11 years ago and then just this year when I knew my comcast could be changing prices...
  11. Working with scroll saw patterns

    @Stick486 Oh! Now there's a possibility! I will give them a call next week to see if they can help me out! $45 is definitely better fitted into my budget, too! Thanks! Here's crossing fingers! EDIT: Oh wait! No, it's not going to work...if it's DSL, we are not wired for DSL here...that's why I couldn't go back to AT&T. But, I will still give them a call for specifics.
  12. Working with scroll saw patterns

    well, yeah, I as I was saying, if I get rid of comcast I will go to Paneras or McD's cause they are walking distance and I can sit there for a while, but since it's free I can't do everything...school will be hard cause it's computer classes sighhh. I have been trying to get away from Comcas since the day I had to leave AT&T about 11 years ago. I was very happy with them, had been with them shorter after they started dial-up. lol Never herad of Rise Broadband, will go take a look...eh, they have the exact same message AT&T does...we are always expanding-check back soon...LOL OH! And they are not actually broadband-it says they are wi-fi, that means I won't have enough bandwidth for my needs. It also means they will be expensive, if they do ever come here. AT&T wants to charge something like $40 plus tax for 10GB/month wi-fi.
  13. Working with scroll saw patterns

    Used laptop. I fried my beast 2 years ago! It was so advanced most computers are just now catching up with it. Since I had to have a computer for classes back then, I bought an HP Elitbook 8740w from a local computer company.
  14. Working with scroll saw patterns

    I am in Peoria, IL
  15. Working with scroll saw patterns

    @stick486 unfortunately, I never even heard of that company. I thought AT&T still offered broadband - on their site, it says yes. When I call and give specific address, no. And the neighborhood my sister is in, no broadband. It's only certain areas of the city. They don't want to invest money to re-wire the older areas. It's stupid because where I moved from last year and where moved to, there's a lot of businesses, apartment complexes and houses. It's like everything is falling WAY behind in technology. ONLY company I can find that caters to my address is comcast. Can't get MTCO, AT&T, Frontier...there are several other companies around but they either cater to the smaller surrounding towns only or they are in the air and that limits you greatly on monthly usage. I would gladly go to DSL if someone would wire the place up for it. Hope I never do, but if I ever move again, guess I will have to move soley based on internet availability! I really like where I am living though. I can see me being here for the rest of my life, assuming they never close down or anything horrible like that.

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