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    "All the world is a stage and only the elite may have a backstage pass to see me as I really am."
  1. Bessey I-beam clamp question

    Thanks Gerald, now I understand! LOL John!!!
  2. You won't believe this!

    Yeah, I have been checking out 2nd hand shops this year for different things. IF I can find electronics they are very junky. I would get a monitor or certain things, if they were selling around here. That's how I got my brand new in the box bread machine for $7! :-) But I am not so interested in certain items cause there's usually a fault for which they got rid of it. Besides, I am D.O.N.E with an ink printer for now. I am going to get laser this time around. I hate not having color or being able to print photos, but I will be saving a heap of dough for as much as I normally print. Also, want all-in-one: copy, scan, print, fax w/auto-duplex and auto doc feeder, cause I am tired of having to pay $5 to get something faxed for business things, having to fiddle for duplexing, and having to feed stuff in manually. I also print for others sometimes, including a teacher friend, so I need something that is a work horse instead of an artiste. LOL Weird thing, several years ago, I had a Canon 9000 Pro and I could print up to 13" x 19" photos. This thing printed beautiful pics ALL the time, but a friend came over and needed a 13x19 photo done of a painting she did, for a promotion for an art exhibit. I don't know what happened, but every cartridge just bled out and then it screamed paper jam (NO paper got ripped or anything). I think the printer didn't like doing work for a stranger. I never was able to recover it-took that thing apart and everything. And even my friend's engineer hubby came over and couldn't do anything with it. Almost $500 down the drain.
  3. You won't believe this!

    I think my suspicions are right, Toad!!! He's now trying to stick the blame out there as if he's innocent!
  4. You won't believe this!

    <huffing and puffing> Okay! Here's an entire fleet of donuts!!! Hurry up Toad and get a truckfull for yourself!!!
  5. You won't believe this!

    Uhhh, Toad...If you are not getting any donuts AGAIN...I'd be talking to Stick...I am beginning to think he's scarfing these away and selling them on one of the other street corners!!! I mean 2 truck loads in one thread and all ready gone?!?! UGHHHH
  6. You won't believe this!

    Wait...Am I going to be a problem?? I am trying here...what about you?! hahaha Okay, then what's the average number of donuts a day for each of you?!?! I need to know these things!
  7. You won't believe this!

    I try to have some sense of decorum!!! Uhhhhh...it could be!
  8. You won't believe this!

    OH NO!!! Hmmm 6 donuts??...wait...12??? a person??? A day???? I mean if you got couth or not...you are going to be 500 pounds by the end of the year!
  9. You won't believe this!

    Right now, I am taking a break from the class, which means I am out there saving th world! (WOT) I have to laugh. These Xbox players are mostly 20-something guys and I often get a hate mail from some of them saying how I am cheating!!! IF they only knew it's a 50-yr old, disabled GIRL, using an older Xbox 360 with stock equipment beating their arses!!! MUWAHAHAHA!!!
  10. You won't believe this!

    Are you kidding?! I have NO clue where that shirt has been!!!
  11. You won't believe this!

    Well, you can use the bottom of your shirt! hahaha Don't have to have sleeves....nahhhhh not accusing you of being uncouth...just saying, if you ain't got a napkin, shirt will do! hahaha My mom used to get mad at me. I might be outside working on my car, she would realize I hadn't eaten, bring me a sandwich, chips, chocolate milk...I would grab for the sandwich and she would pull it away and say, "NOOOO! You go wash your hands first!!!" I would still grab the sandwich and start eating, saying something like a little dirt wouldn't hurt. And I have been known to use my shirt, or use my hand and then wipe it on my jeans if there were no paper towels and such around. It washes out. Now granted, I wouldn't do that at a nice restaurant or special function! But when you are home or at the picnic, it works! hahaha Weekend? OMG!!! Thought sure that would be enough for a week! I mean, let's see...3 donuts a day x how many of you here? divided by a truckload... I have to study! They throw roughly 30 minutes of lecture at you (per lecture-about 4 in the week), nothing repeated, then the slides and me without a printer so I have to hand draw everything out. Then watch video, make notes on my handmade slides, then read the text that corresponds with that lecture, then you have in video questions (1-3), then a 17 question practice quiz, then the 8 question exam. And of course, the lower number of questions, means the questions are exponentially harder. This week is 2 practice quizzes and 1 exam. I just took the 1st one and everything is due Sunday. Haven't done any projects related to wood or any other material for my flat these past weeks. I still have to get laundry done, decide what to do with this love seat I salvaged for the double recliner part that is in perfect shape...and a bunch of little things to get finished...OH and a couple more dr appts I should have scheduled this week and forgot about-grrr.
  12. You won't believe this!

    nahhh Stick, I didn't add it, it's there in case someone wants it! hahaha Sugar's still in the bag and cream is in the vat!
  13. Bessey I-beam clamp question

    Your hat? That is a very light tap...can't think of much of anything that would go together with such a light tap. WOW.
  14. You won't believe this!

    Okay, you are taking away from my study time, but I got MORE DONUTS! Man! It's hard keeping you guys happy and full!!! SOME MORE ECLAIRS: COFFEE: And a way to drink it: OH! And don't forget the cream and sugar: And something to stir with: Now...you guys are responsible for your favorite cups, napkins- or just use your sleeves...I hope this covers you guys for at least a week!
  15. Bessey I-beam clamp question

    That was supposed to be 2 different thoughts but that reply sure cracked me up!!!

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