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    "All the world is a stage and only the elite may have a backstage pass to see me as I really am."
  1. MWTCA November 2017 "What's It" Project

    This is the one that made me think of a tube bender. I noticed the rounded top and squared bottom... Way to go Gene!
  2. MWTCA November 2017 "What's It" Project

    Ah okay! Thanks Steven. Now I understand!
  3. MWTCA November 2017 "What's It" Project

    Was this Herman Boker's tools made in Germany to sell to Germans or was it a company in the US? If it was strictly Germany, M would not be for Manufacturing. Over there, it would probably be mbH or GmbH. I never heard of this company so I don't know where they were located.
  4. Speaking of Thanksgiving....

    If you ever cleaned fish, you can carve a turkey! Just pretend it's an exotic fish and have at it! I just wanted to stop in and say to all of you, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!
  5. Hey John, thanks for the kind words! It's that funny?? That's really cool, though! I had a friend over a decade ago, talk me into going to the casino with him. I asked how much to bring, and he said about $200 for blackjack. By the end of the night I had close to $2K stuffed in all my pockets and a bucket. He was so jealous and I wasn't realizing it, but he told me to put a stack on each table as we were heading out-it was a cruiser so we didn't want to be stuck for another 3 hours-I just wanted to go, but I fed into the bait and by the time we got off the boat, I only had $500 left! GRRR ARGHHH Then another time a cousin talked me into going and I had $100. I hate slots but he wanted to play them. I had one dollar left and walked off by myself and while walking down this one aisle, my eye caught a machine on the next aisle over. I literally said to myself that it's calling my name. I put the $1 in and got $100! hahaha I told both of them I was never going again! By the time I went here and there with them, that boat owes me around $3K!!! So, they can keep it and aren't getting any more from me! I knew a gal who used to go every week with her hubby and always bragging about all the money she would win. But I could NEVER get her to tell me how much she spent before the big wins! LOL This is changing the subject, but last week I finally finished that 10-week class! I managed to squeak out a 91.7% at the brutal end! Now, I am looking for some other classes to torture myself further! LOL
  6. I barely even have $2 right now, but it's a good cause so I chipped in my 2-cents...er...$2 worth!
  7. Stick is Offline

    haha yeah! like as if I had a choice! Hey, I am finally getting tired, so I am outta here and going to bed. Have a good night/morning Stick! Here, have a few donuts for breakfast/midnight snack!
  8. Stick is Offline

    Only with familiar/typical sentences! hahaha
  9. Stick is Offline

    I thank you for clarifying what you were trying to say. I was truly confused on that one! LOL Now it makes sense!
  10. Stick is Offline

    Oh wait...so it was just a ploy? I thought you was trouble, mister...but staying with your friend made it look like you were a good guy...Now i don't know what to think! My pleasure, nothing worse in this world than when a loved one is in trouble.
  11. Stick is Offline

    Awww man! Stick is a really good guy, afterall! lol Nah, but I am glad to know he's okay, in spite of the aggravations! I will say a prayer for his friend to have a good recovery!
  12. Bessey I-beam clamp question

    Wish I could! lol Go for it and report back, with donuts!
  13. Bessey I-beam clamp question

    Thanks Gerald, now I understand! LOL John!!!
  14. You won't believe this!

    Yeah, I have been checking out 2nd hand shops this year for different things. IF I can find electronics they are very junky. I would get a monitor or certain things, if they were selling around here. That's how I got my brand new in the box bread machine for $7! :-) But I am not so interested in certain items cause there's usually a fault for which they got rid of it. Besides, I am D.O.N.E with an ink printer for now. I am going to get laser this time around. I hate not having color or being able to print photos, but I will be saving a heap of dough for as much as I normally print. Also, want all-in-one: copy, scan, print, fax w/auto-duplex and auto doc feeder, cause I am tired of having to pay $5 to get something faxed for business things, having to fiddle for duplexing, and having to feed stuff in manually. I also print for others sometimes, including a teacher friend, so I need something that is a work horse instead of an artiste. LOL Weird thing, several years ago, I had a Canon 9000 Pro and I could print up to 13" x 19" photos. This thing printed beautiful pics ALL the time, but a friend came over and needed a 13x19 photo done of a painting she did, for a promotion for an art exhibit. I don't know what happened, but every cartridge just bled out and then it screamed paper jam (NO paper got ripped or anything). I think the printer didn't like doing work for a stranger. I never was able to recover it-took that thing apart and everything. And even my friend's engineer hubby came over and couldn't do anything with it. Almost $500 down the drain.

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