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    "All the world is a stage and only the elite may have a backstage pass to see me as I really am."

    Okay, throw me something harder! On second thought, don't it may be a few levels too high! LOL
  2. The Coffee Pot

    Yeah! I love fishing! Haven't gone in almost 5 or 6 years though...withdrawals, I tell you!
  3. The Coffee Pot

    I had duck once that was very good, wishing I could have gotten the recipe! lol Nice haul, all right! Congrats! I can see why you wanted the benches!
  4. Strange, I am not having lag at all. I am using Firefox, Windows 10 and AdBlocker Ultimate, turned on. Personally, I love the new theme.
  5. Shelf Brackets

    Oh! That's a BIG one! Even bigger than IKEA's! LOL Thanks, yeah, I was unsure if I could just attach the wood or if I had to notch it out, but since you guys agree, no dado or anything necessary, I will be working on it this weekend to get it done, finally. Normally, I would want to do something else, but it's in my bedroom, and for this small area, I just want it as simple and sparse/open, as I can get, and still look good. I like the look of this type of shelf, as well....sort of European. But as for the fancy brackets, I will definitely be considering these for things like kitchen, living room and so on. I all ready have shelves for the living room, but have to get stuff stowed away elsewhere. Hence the cabinets I want to make that go around my bed-that alone will be a HUGE help-but have to sit on that one for a bit, only so much moola. Thanks again, guys!!!
  6. The Coffee Pot

    I made some wonderful tasting venison! Some people couldn't even tell it's deer! They have to ask, cause I make sure I get the blood and gaminess OUT. lol I WISH I had a shop, so don't complain too much! hahaha
  7. Shelf Brackets

    Ohh, ohh, okay, I understand now! I LOVE the frog (and acorn) bracket! Only thing, is with these tiny shelves, I am really trying to keep room for the items and a bit of space between shelves. Otherwise, it would be better to make a frame with shelves in it, but I don't want to do that... Yeah, the 2nd set is more like my line of thinking, only have the top of the wall piece, sticking out a little bit above the shelf. By the way, I double checked the thickness of these shelves and they are 6" deep, 18.5" long and 1/2" thick and lightweight-good enough for the light things I will be storing on them, just to give them a home.
  8. The Coffee Pot

    Cool! Someone that understands and supports me, on this! You wouldn't believe the people who have to "cure" me. LOL And thing is, this is not new. It's been going on since around 1998 so it's the way it is. And furthermore, when I was working and so on, I was up around 6-7:30 AM, 7 days a week. My favorite shift was a 6am-2:30pm or 7:00-3:30 pm, so it's not that I am a night owl, it just went haywire! hahaha
  9. Shelf Brackets

    Hi Gene, I have a decent drill bit set, so I could make a pilot with a very small bit. Hi Lew, I have a wall in the corner that is between a door and a window. It's perfectly good to use up some unused space. I realized I can put 6 shelves in, instead of 5. I cannot put regular brackets in because they would be too long and interfere with the other shelves. I made them 6" deep, so there's clearance with the door wide open. Also, this works so you don't really see the shelves through the window. I am only putting really light stuff on these shelves, such as a couple small trophies, about 1/2 dozen or so crossword books, about 3 trinket boxes, maybe a flashlight, maybe a digital camera... Grandpa, are you talking about a pattern, similar to the ones I crossed off, up above? The shelf bracket you are showing, is great if I were putting a bit heavier items up, but I am looking at the real estate they will take up, plus I am trying to get a certain look. These shelves won't have anything over 5 pounds on them-some will be maybe a pound's worth. It was either put some pictures there, or make some shelves-as you know, most apartments and some homes, do not have much storage at all, so I am opting for these shelves. And they are truly out of the way, not like they are going to get hit or even messed with, too often. But even when I do go to them, it will be to grab something/set something down. And I do plan on attaching the brackets to the shelves as well. I made an imperfect styrofoam prototype lol, and it looked fine, just a question if 3" was okay for the brackets. I would like some clean space between each shelf. I have some other shelves, I had up in the other flat with full sized brackets, but at the moment, where these are supposed to go, my utility cabinet is sitting there. None of my furniture, cabinets, shelves fits in this flat-UGH!!! I know I saw these brackets somewhere, but I just found an example on IKEA http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/56696109/ I like the European/minimalist look of them. I also like the brackets that hug the ends of the shelf, but would be a bit harder to make those! LOL
  10. OH! My problem is I was looking in the old place-top right. And now it's on a bar on left side a little further down. But as soon as I scanned, I found it. Talking the new theme, here.
  11. The Coffee Pot

    I guess I won't be trying goat any time soon! I had bbq'd raccoon once! It was okay. The worst thing I had so far in meat was turtle, alligator and deer liver. I love beef liver, but the deer liver was the worst thing I ever had. Yeah, ever since my health went down, sleep was included. I go in circles, spirals, elipses, whatever you want to call it. For some time my body says midnight is bed time, can do it for days, weeks, months, then next thing I know, it's 5AM...then 2PM...it will cycle all the time. So much pressure off my shoulders then! Too many people having problems with my sleep problems was very stressful. Doctor finally said, you don't work anymore, so just listen to your body-it will tell you when it needs sleep. And only worry if you don't get any sleep. I can also be up for days at a time and it seems the longer I am, the less sleep my body wants. If I get better sleep, then it wants to go to bed way too early. Go figure! LOL And I've tried everything, so I just don't worry about it anymore.
  12. My eyes are reacting much better to this new theme. I also like the bigger avatars. And "react" is cool to me. We react to everything. LOL Speaking of bakeries; I used to live up on a hill overlooking a Colonial Bakery and OH MAN!!! And then, headed to Minnesota one year, I decided to go through Iowa for a change of pace. I got in this town that smelled SOOOO GOOOD. It was a Quaker Oats factory and they were making their apple cinnamon oatmeal! WOW!!! SO, I decided I would have to go back home the same way! When I came back through that town, I thought I was going to GAG! It was the plain oatmeal and the entire town STANK! LOL! I just heard a notification and went up to click on it, and it's not there! Oh! There it is-so now I found all the differences in the options and they are nice, as well. I also changed my background to the logs for now, will use the last one, too. And I decided I love the leaf green color.
  13. The Coffee Pot

    LOL that's funny! And okay, I will have to find them and talk to them. I am getting sooooo tired, I have to head for bed. You guys have a great day and I will check back later.
  14. Shelf Brackets

    Oh! I should have written this when I was more awake. Sorry for not being more precise in my description there. Okay, the shelves are 6" x 18.5" x 1/2" The brackets will be made out of 1/2" x 1/2". I have around 10 feet of it, which should be plenty for all the brackets. So, there's a small space in the corner between a door and window. And in order to open the door and not hit the shelves-clearance is 6". Let me put up a pic to show you the brackets I want to make...I know, to make it easier, I will just photograph my doodles. LOL By the way, with the doodles (1 pg is missing lol), I definitely want the lip on the top, I don't like the top of the bracket being flush, hence they are crossed out.
  15. The Coffee Pot

    LOL! Yeah! I guess I do!!! Ohhhh...it's just when I looked up this BKP material, it quickly sent me mind to some personal thoughts: So many people talk about how we need to go green. Well, I keep going okay, Mother Nature, earth...leather, cotton, fur, stone, glass, home grown fruits/veggies, wood furniture, and the list goes on. But, in today's world, it means: recycled bottles, no coal, heaven forbid we have a wood fireplace nor wear a coat with fur around the hood, no down feathers, or leather shoes...then some go so far as to say, no meat, only fruit that has naturally fallen to the ground... It really gets my goat. Guess you can get the picture from there? See? Now you see why I said I would (and probably should have) keep my mouth shut! LOL

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