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  1. I feel your pain. My drive is the same way.
  2. Pat, the work table doesn't have to be level, just flat. Right. I bought a solid core door at the Habitat ReStore once upon a time for $8.25 (discount Friday). I cut it down and made a work bench that got used and abused for four years. Many projects were built on that thing. But, it was heavy! I have a portable work station (and one of those Keter portable tables). My work table is a pair of saw horses that have adjustable height legs. I also have some 3/4 mdf that a fellow carved 3/4 inch dog holes in for me. I have since made my own to give me some additional work space. Here are a couple of pics. It works well, and I plan to use it tomorrow to break down 4 sheets of prefinished birch for some cabinets I am building.
  3. ...and I downloaded VCarvePro ver 9 this morning.
  4. Saturday, we delivered a project to our friends house and got it set up. They are loving it. Just what they wanted...a cabinet to fit over their wine refrigerator with a counter top for setting out snacks and stuff. And she asked for it to be black! OK. It was left up to me to design it, so I did. Turned out to be a perfect fit. Then we took off on their golf cart and toured the neighborhood, which is houses and businesses - some are eating joints, and some are watering holes! That was fun.
  5. WOW! I have never priced the cedar. I was thinking about using some to make several outdoor signs. UGH! Might have to rethink that. BUT, and there is always a but, the HDU sign foam is expensive also.
  6. BTW, I have been practicing making keyhole slots for the signs to hang on the wall. Yay, it worked. This sign now has two perfectly placed keyhole slots on the back...and I didn't cut them upside down!
  7. Thanks all. The bride and mother in law will be stopping by to discuss the finish. Paint, stain, some of both, whatever. This is the sample picture they sent me to use in the design. It came out pretty close.
  8. Well, this morning I purchased the license for VCarve Pro. Happy, I am. Cut2D was OK and will do most of the things I have been tinkering with except the project size is limited to 25x25 inches. I just finished carving a wedding sign for our friend's son's wedding. They wanted one for the guests to write on. By upgrading, I was able to lay out the panel with the long side on the x axis (24x36 inches). Otherwise I would have had to rotate the model and use the tiling feature to carve the sign. The upgrade was simply the difference between the cost of Cut2D Desktop and VCArve Pro ($550 USD). This will last me a long time unless I win the lottery!
  9. Check out McMaster-Carr. If they don't have what you need, well...that would be a real bummer.
  10. I'm good with that!
  11. I can't vouch for this info because I read it on the internet, so it must be true! Krispy Kreme is celebrating their 80th anniversary this coming Friday. You can buy a dozen of their glazed donuts for $.80 (in plain layman's terms, that's less than a dollar!) Git-you-some!!!
  12. Does sleeping in Sunday count?
  13. Welcome aboard. As for your question, maybe you should start saving last year. Lots of variables involved - big or little kitchen. How many cabinets - uppers and lowers? On the lower cabinets are you going with drawers or doors or both? Soft close hinges and drawer slides or regular yucky stuff? Paint or stain? I will be starting this week on a complete tear out of a small kitchen. I will be installing new cabinets I build which will include a couple of custom items. No flooring or counter tops. That's not my job. About 10K. My wife and I will do most of the work but I am hiring a family member to help with the demo. Actually he is well experienced in remodel work so it will go faster than it would if I hired a rookie off the street. I will be willing to bet my job is considerably lower in cost than most due to the geographical location. Good luck.
  14. We stained the wood first, then carved the sign. Afterwards, we went over the entire sign with the Van Dyke brown glaze. Not black, but close. I saw a lot of folks touching the sign to feel the finish.
  15. Back in April, my wife's cousin was diagnosed with Stage 4 esophageal cancer. Subsequent testing indicated it had moved into his liver, and there were blood clots. His family and friends organized a benefit for him that was held yesterday. Sadly, Dwight passed away last Saturday morning. He had a lot of friends and they turned out in droves for the benefit. At last count, the live auction had raised over $47K...and almost $4K for the silent auction. BBQ plates - yes many were sold at $10 each. 450 went out to area businesses on Friday, and probably about that many more at the benefit. I contributed to the silent auction by making a sign with the Jack Daniels logo carved into it. As far as I know, it is a one of a kind. It turned out pretty nice and drew a lot of attention. Thirteen bids in all, and yes, some were repeat bidders. My wife said she noticed one lady that kept walking over to check out the latest bid. We think she may have been the eventual high bidder. And the good part is it sold for $240. That made me really happy. But in all honesty, I think it would have sold for more in the live auction, but that wasn't my decision. There were some deep pockets in the crowd. Here are some pictures of the construction and the auction. It was one of my first efforts with the new CNC. It took me longer to design the project than it did to carve it. RIP Dwight Cahanin. Mike

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