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  1. Cabinet Making!

    Well, I am not taking off my shoes so I can work with my toes. There is too much I can step on or give a toe kick to. OUCH!
  2. Cabinet Making!

    They are not old guys with bad knees! ...at least, not yet.
  3. Cabinet Making!

    They wouldn't know how to act in my shop! And air conditioning, even!
  4. Cabinet Making!

    Pretty cool stuff. Crude but effective. Bare footed, no blade guards, no dust collection, wooden fence on saws, tools on the floor...and the list goes on and on. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dFLWrV3WyVk
  5. This is what it looks like in action in our kitchen. :-) ...and the sample picture I used.
  6. Got a couple more cabinets assembled and delivered to the jobsite. Actually we put them in the lady's garage on sawhorses and covered with a tarp until the demo is complete on the existing lower cabinets. These two will flank the sink cabinet. The cabinet with the custom utensil drawer will be on the left of the sink. It turned out nice. I cut the top using my CNC. I cut it upside down so a rabbit could be cut along all four edges. And the holes are perfect. The cans simply drop in and can be easily removed and set on the counter when needed. Still have a few more to build then it will be time to break out the big hammer!
  7. Free word processing

    I used the spreadsheet version of Open Office for several years on a laptop. Works just fine for most stuff. I never tried to write macros or do and coding for custom worksheets, but it is just fine for everyday stuff. It reminded me of the early days of Excel or even Lotus 1-2-3. I haven't looked at it lately.
  8. New Kitchen Project...Maybe

    Her first thought was "we don't even need a pantry". But she recanted that thought because there may come a day when they want to sell the house and a pantry is almost a must in my opinion. The one I drew is the same size as the one in our house. Small but effective. Thanks I will keep the thought of a cabinet pantry in mind. Mike
  9. New Kitchen Project...Maybe

    A long time friend asked if I could build some cabinets for his daughter. Her house was one of the many that flooded during Hurricane Harvey. We went to look at the house this past Sunday. Every house in the neighborhood had debris piled up on the sidewalk. As I think back, I realize now they were actually pretty lucky. Water did get in the house but would recede after the heavy rainfall would let up. Then it would rain again...and again... As it turns out, his daughter wants to remodel the kitchen with an entirely different lay out. I think this caught Chuck by surprise. He had already told me he would be paying for the cabinets. So, to keep this story short, I took notes and measurements of the existing layout, but dang it, I forgot to take pictures. Oh well. She wants to demo the pantry and relocate the fridge in that spot. Build a new pantry where the fridge sits now. It juts out into the walk through, and she is not a petite person. All bottom cabinets would have drawers instead of doors, and that I agree with wholeheartedly. With cabinets demoed, the new ones would go to the ceiling after the fir down is removed. And she wants a white kitchen. UGH! Oh, I forgot. Then end cabinet on the stove side would be a trash can pullout. Before going into any great detail and creating a job quote, I decided to draw up what she is asking for. I sent the drawings to her last night. I also asked if they knew anyone that could do the demo and frame up the new pantry and close in the old one after a wall is taken down....relocate the electrical and water supply for the fridge and tape float the drywall. I would rather just stick to building cabinets. For a small kitchen, this would greatly increase her usable space. A new cabinet above the fridge would provide good storage for the big gumbo pot! That is where our pot resides. And on the sink side, the upper cabinet on the left can be widened (as indicated) because there is blank wall space that was never used. And no breakfast bar. The pony wall is there just no bar top. Chuck said he was going to put new granite counter tops on the cabinets, so that would be a nice touch. The current rang and vent hood are circa 1979 harvest gold! I guess it is wait and see for now. Mike Note: The Sketchup drawings show the new layout. I didn't bother with drawing a cabinet over the window or the vent hood, but they would be there.
  10. To All Members in Florida

    Man that is good news, Bill. And even better, the tree is already loaded on the trailer for ya. Just cut it away and haul it to the shop for milling!
  11. A kitchen remodel in the making. Hope to start putting the bottom cabinets together this coming week. I already have the face frames ready to go.
  12. Drawers, drawers and more drawers.
  13. To All Members in Florida

    That is exactly what happened to us back in 2005 when Houston evacuated before Hurricane Rita. It was really ugly. A four hour drive to Dallas took over 12 hours of bumper to bumper traffic. It is about 250 miles from Houston to Dallas. At one point the next morning, we passed a sign that read Dallas 52 miles. We were still in bumper top bumper traffic and going about 19 mph on I 45 north. Many people said never again.
  14. To All Members in Florida

    Gas up if you haven't already done so. And buy extra supplies. Power may be out for a while. And get some cash. I think you already know the drill.
  15. When I visited the Probotix shop in Ft Walton Beach, Fla, I realized they are only a mile or two from the beach (as the crow flies). They could certainly use our thoughts and prayers, as well as all of the other folks that live in Florida. It looks to me like the entire state is going to get hit in one way or another.

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