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  1. Margaret's Kitchen Make-Over

    Thank you. I requested a finished picture after the counter top is installed and flooring put down, and paint. She also has ideas for a backsplash and a mural for above the stove, so it may be awhile before it is complete.
  2. I have a Problem with a project

    Yes sir. Gotta couple more Christmas presents cut out. Onward and upward. My sweetie will paint the surfboard.
  3. I have a Problem with a project

    Everything is back to normal. Using the DIY touch off plate, I am getting consistent bit changes with very little sanding.
  4. Route 66 Sign

    Probably. :-)
  5. Route 66 Sign

    Yes sir, I do have a .22 rifle. Got it for Christmas when I was about 14...50 some odd years ago. I did find some vector clip art of bullet holes!
  6. Route 66 Sign

    Good idea. Thanks. I already have the sign cut but I haven't broke it out of the work piece yet. I'll give that bullet hole(s) idea some thought. Since I used the bottom left for x,y zero, I can put it back in the same spot where it was carved. Hmmm, should the hole go through the sign? probably so, huh. Look authentic then. Maybe use a 1/8th end mill to bore the hole...say to the size of a 45 cal. Then use a v groove bit to carve some "damage" around the hole. Disclaimer: I am not very artistic. I am at my mom's house today. So no shop time for me. Design time=yes.
  7. Here is a suggestion... John made this one for me before I got my CNC. Becky loves it!!! She's an ER nurse at Texas Children's Hospital in The Woodlands, Tx.
  8. I hear ya, John. I have been going through some rough times with my mom (88). My brother and sister are spending time with her as much as possible, as I am. Today, my wife went to sit with her. She is not doing well. Seems worse by the week. On another note, my wife and I have decided to cut back on building cabinets. Since she is my helper, she has threatened to quit! We are just not spring chickens any more. Hard decision because there are many people in need of cabinets in the Houston area and surrounding cities and towns. I hate to turn them down, but just gotta do it. Building a complete kitchen in a one car garage full of tools is pains taking to say the least. So I am working on some Christmas gifts for the kids and family members. Mike
  9. Route 66 Sign

    I think so.
  10. Route 66 Sign

    Thinking about carving this sign. So, whatcha think about it? Our kids live just out of Tulsa, so I think this would be perfect for their man cave. Last time we were there, I actually got to drive down part of the route in the Historic section of Tulsa. I have searched Giggle for images and saw a bunch of variations, and read part of the history. Regardless, this is the design I came up with. I am thinking about painting some 1/2 inch mdf first, then doing the carving. Touch up would still be be necessary and some black painting, but hey, it is a Christmas gift. 12x16x1/2 inch mdf. 1/4 inch EM and a 1/8th inch EM and a 60 deg v with flat tip for the engraving.
  11. Tulsa Woodcraft Store

    We were visiting relatives in October and it was still closed. My daughter goes to appointments in the same area. That block was hit hard. I can see where the guy would open in a different location.
  12. I have a Problem with a project

    OK, color me happy...very happy. I carved a pair of the Texas A&M hot pads from a single board and they turned out well. The board wasn't exactly flat and it showed in a couple of places but some light sanding took care of the small imperfections. Mom is going to be a happy camper. I will let her decide whether she wants it finished with mineral oil or leave it bare wood, or paint it Maroon and White. It may never get used as a hot pad. The chicken cutting board I made for her is hanging on the wall.
  13. I have a Problem with a project

    Thanks for all the suggestions. I think I have figured it out. Yesterday, while cutting yet another test piece, I saw the 1/8th end mill move and start cutting slightly deeper. I quickly shut the machine down and took a closer look. The collet felt sorta loose. Sorry for the non-technical term, but that was my thinking. So, today I replaced the collet with the new one I purchased, and installed a new 1/8th inch upcut spiral end mill. I ran the same file and it cut smoothly with no evidence of difference in the cutting depth between the two router bits. So, 1/4 inch upcut for the clearance tool and then the 1/8th for the finish cut. Very happy tonight. Now maybe I can get back to carving and quit all this fooling around. And, I ordered a couple more collects for my 1617! :-)
  14. I have a Problem with a project

    Thanks but that's not the case. I just designed a new file using the same font (just two letters in a rectangle), and cut it out using the same two bits, and the same puck to zero the z axis. I got the exact same result. The smaller bit cut a little deeper than the clearance tool. I may start drinking a little earlier this evening! :-( NOT! Maybe if I sleep on it, it will solve the problem itself over night! :-(
  15. I have a Problem with a project

    I just finished cutting a different file, but got the very same result. You Vectric guys know that when you set the cutting depth at .25, then the clearance tool (.25 end mill) will cut away the waste. It also calculates the same cutting depth for the finish pass (.125 end mill). Both are spiral up cut bits. I checked with the digital calipers and the difference between the two tool paths is .08 inches. So the 1/8th end mill cut a shallow groove instead of just finishing off the cut smooth at .25 in. I think I will re -do the clearance file and re-cut at .33 in to see if I can save this board (third one for the trash can). This is driving me nuts but I am not giving up. The only thing I can think of is I have been using a basic file that has the outer diameter and inner diameter and basic set up as far as material thickness, and xy zero (bottom left corner). I have the spoil board set up with x and y guides so the material fits those parameters every time, even if I remove it, which I haven't. And the work piece is clamped in place and can't move. Now saying all this, that .08 difference is bugging the krap out of me. It is consistent. I think I need to create a new file and do a quick test to see if it is a corrupt file I have been using or ... Stay tuned. If anyone wants to give it a shot, gimme a shout. These are cut from a 9x9 work piece, 3/4 inch thick. Mike

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