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  1. DIY Spindle sander sleeves

    Be sure to let us know if you do one, Herb. Video or photos would be good, too. David
  2. DeWalt 733 planer died today

    Thanks, Bill, that's good info. I'm eager to see how the 735 does on snipe but it helps to know how y'all have solved this should the problem arise. Interestingly enough, on the 733 I rarely got snipe on the leading edge but did some on the trailing edge. I solved that by either feeding a second board right behind the target board or helping to pull it out on the outfeed side. That simple move of pulling it eliminated snipe completely and was just so easy to do. It's a pain if I have 20 boards and they're all 15" long, though, but still doable. I can see where the DRO would be useful but I likely won't add one. I typically do final dimensioning on my drum sander with DRO, which for me works out better. Many of the woods I work with are highly figured or very thin (guitar sides are about 0.080" thick, backs and tops are 0..090" to 0.100") and I can't run them through the planer, or if I do I just have to be very careful and take really light passes. Now if I were to add a helical head that would change things and I'd probably get a DRO for the planer, as well. Most of what I work with day in and day out, though, is unsteamed Walnut and planing for those projects just requires all boards be cleaned up on each side but to no particular thickness unless it's going to the CNC and then I'll just take a quick caliper check. David
  3. DeWalt 733 planer died today

    Thanks, Gene, that's kind of what I thought it would look like. I may see how it does right out of the box and then look at going this route. Much appreciated! David
  4. DeWalt 733 planer died today

    Gene, do you have a photo of your sled? That would be helpful - thanks! David
  5. DeWalt 733 planer died today

    Is that the 'trick' to eliminate snipe on this model? I got it about 50% of the time on the 733 but figured out how to reduce or eliminate it. This one will be all new so I don't know any tricks. David
  6. DeWalt 733 planer died today

    Well, I thought I was through with this topic but when I saw the blades I had to post a photo. I have not sharpened or replaced blades in the entire 20 years I've had this planer. This is the first time I've even seen them except to take a glance from the working side on occasion. Not too bad after 20 years - David
  7. DeWalt 733 planer died today

    Thanks to all for the suggestions and help! I may repurpose this planer; I'll let you know what happens to it but a veneer press is exactly what I have in mind. David
  8. Laguna buys SuperMax

    I had heard about the service issues, Fred, but decided on the Laguna 14 SUV bandsaw anyway because it best fit my needs. Turned out I needed service right away and have used them several times over the last 2-3 years - they have been stellar, even proactive at times. They have made several changes in their CS department and it shows. I wouldn't hesitate to buy from them again if the need arises. David
  9. DeWalt 733 planer died today

    Thanks, but I actually bypassed the breaker in a similar fashion to what you're describing and had the same results, which is no result really - didn't run or even try. David
  10. DeWalt 733 planer died today

    I'm not really sure what that is but it never got hot, at least that I know about. I'm picking up another load of Walnut in the morning and need to mill that so a new DeWalt 735 will be here Monday. HD had an online special for the model with extra set of blades and the infeed/outfeed tables. The normal price for that is about $650 but they have it right now for $570 with free shipping to my door, which is less than the plain model without the extras. David
  11. DeWalt 733 planer died today

    I actually did that while it was still in the planer. When I bypassed the breaker the wires were straight to the motor. I'm thinking there's a DeWalt 735 in my future... David
  12. DeWalt 733 planer died today

    I took the time to take the motor off after I figured out that I didn't have to disassemble the entire unit (makes sense that it would come off without that...). So here's what I have: 1) The two white leads in the photo are open and show no value. 2) There is no short or value between either lead and the commutator. 3) I went through the brush openings and checked resistance across the commutator segments 180° apart and all read the same. 4) It appears that going much further in this disassembly may require special tools, puller, etc. I can get the gearbox off but that's not going to do much for me at this point. David
  13. Did y'all see this? I think this is a good thing - two good companies. David =========================================== Laguna buys SuperMax SuperMax Tools acquired by Laguna Tools September 19, 2017 | Latest News SuperMax Tools acquired by Laguna Tools St. Paul, Minnesota – September 18th, 2017: SuperMax announces it has been acquired by Laguna Tools, Inc. Laguna Tools is an Irvine, California-based manufacturer of advanced CNC machinery and award-winning bandsaws, tablesaws, edgebanders, and other woodworking equipment. “We were looking for the right partner to help expand our sanding products and to offer a broader range of products to our customers” says Bill Schroeder, President of SuperMax Tools. “Laguna Tools is clearly the leader in the industry. This is truly a win-win for both companies and their customers.” Recently SuperMax has brought the new 16-32 drum sander to market, a prime example of the value and quality consumers have come to expect from the famed sanding company. The acquisition is effective immediately. ===========================================
  14. DeWalt 733 planer died today

    I got to thinking that maybe I can see the breaker through the switch opening if I remove the switch and I can see it just fine, no disassembly necessary. And the good thing is that the breaker is closed so I can rule that out. I still don't really have time to break the unit down to get the motor out so that may have to wait. David
  15. 5 Walnut plaques

    Thanks, Dave! Yes, posted that a couple of days ago - Found a nugget David

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