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  1. Three crosses trivet

    This is something I came up with Saturday morning to make for one of our girls coming in for Thanksgiving. I drew this in CorelDraw, did the toolpath work in Fusion 360, and cut it on the CNC. Yes, I'm having a blast coming up with original designs and making trivets, of all things! LOL! The rock below the crosses was cut with two different small gouges. It took about 20 minutes to cut the front and about 10 minutes to cut the bottom inserts on the CNC and about 15 minutes to cut the rock faces by hand. It has one heavy coat of mineral oil and the two woods are Walnut and Maple. The finished size is about 6" x 10" and 3/4" thick. Enjoy! David
  2. Route 66 Sign

    Looks really good, Mike! Is your in-house artist going to paint the sign? David
  3. DIY Touch-off Tool

    I really need to build one of these. When I do get to building this I'll do my best to make it as purty as yours, Mike. David
  4. Large trophy base

    I was given a sketch and asked to build a replacement for this trophy for a General at the base. I think he just wants to refresh the look of the trophy, change some info on plates, etc. While it is some really pretty Walnut about 90% of it will be covered with engraved plates - ugh! But it's finished and they can do with it what they want, I guess. The base is 17" square, the next level is 15 1/2" square, and the top 2" section on which the cup locates is 10" square. The one critical dimension I was given is that it has to be 21 1/2" tall to the top of the cup. Everything is just setting in place, nothing fastened down in the photos. The missiles were taken from the old trophy and the cup is new. Original trophy - New trophy - Enjoy! David
  5. Gaggle of trivets

    While waiting on glue to dry Saturday on a couple of projects I decided to make some trivets. The round spiral Maple trivet is the same one I posted a couple of weeks ago, along with the 'making of video', but the Walnut ones were just made. The spiral Walnut one is being picked up tomorrow by a friend who requested it. The other two comprise an idea I have had and tried a few times Saturday to make them back to back as one trivet but it was just too dainty and once I had it in hand I decided it was just too busy (photo below next to the one I kept). Besides, I kept breaking it somewhere so instead of wasting more Walnut I just made two trivets with their own theme. Each are about 10" x 6" and 3/4" thick. The breaks in the border are to allow air to flow and the crosses are at two different levels for the same reason. Broken trivet - Collection - Enjoy! David
  6. Apple sign for teacher

    Not really a project but a simple sign I drew in CorelDraw after seeing one similar that Mike had (MT Stringer). I drew it in CorelDraw, then exported as svg into Fusion 360 to do the rest for the CNC. One is for our daughter and one for our Pastor's wife. This is Maple, painted with water colors and acrylic, then coated with one coat of clear gloss lacquer. It's about 11 1/2" long, 4" high. Enjoy! David
  7. Walnut stand for DeWalt 735 planer

    Thanks! It's a great machine and yes, I was quite surprised at the power of that internal blower. I had seen videos but did not realize the full potential. David
  8. Walnut stand for DeWalt 735 planer

    Here's a teaser from the video - the stand raises 9" when I need it to be higher - David
  9. Spiral Maple trivet

    Absolutely! I go by "Stick" when in reference mode... LOL! David
  10. I mentioned a couple of weeks ago after my 20 year old DeWalt 733 died that with the new DeWalt 735 I wanted to build a stand. Well, it is built and works just fine. I started out to build it entirely of Walnut but it turned out I didn't have quite enough on hand without getting into my good stock and I wasn't about to do that. So parts of it are Walnut. Here's the finished stand under my tablesaw extension - And here's the build video - Enjoy! David
  11. Spiral Maple trivet

    This is an idea I've had for a while so I thought it was time to go ahead and see if it was going to work like I wanted - it did. This isn't much of a project but since it's something new for me I'm posting a photo and related video. Spiral Maple trivet - Making of video - Enjoy! David
  12. SAC plaque with missile

    This is a Strategic Air Command plaque with mounted missile and will get several other badges, emblems, laser engraving, etc. next week. I'll try to get a photo of it as a completed piece. Made of Black Walnut, finished with one coat of Nitrocellulose sealer and one coat of gloss, cut on the CNC and the first time I have chamfered an edge on the CNC - worked great. The plaque is 16" x 16". Cut and chamfered - Chamfered edge close up - Completed plaque with missile - Missile mount close up - Completed plaque with missile - Enjoy! David
  13. Well, I posted the other day that my 20 year old DeWalt 733 planer died and that I would probably repurpose it into a veneer press. That is now complete. Here's the finished press - And the 'making of' video - Enjoy! David
  14. DIY Spindle sander sleeves

    Be sure to let us know if you do one, Herb. Video or photos would be good, too. David
  15. DeWalt 733 planer died today

    Thanks, Bill, that's good info. I'm eager to see how the 735 does on snipe but it helps to know how y'all have solved this should the problem arise. Interestingly enough, on the 733 I rarely got snipe on the leading edge but did some on the trailing edge. I solved that by either feeding a second board right behind the target board or helping to pull it out on the outfeed side. That simple move of pulling it eliminated snipe completely and was just so easy to do. It's a pain if I have 20 boards and they're all 15" long, though, but still doable. I can see where the DRO would be useful but I likely won't add one. I typically do final dimensioning on my drum sander with DRO, which for me works out better. Many of the woods I work with are highly figured or very thin (guitar sides are about 0.080" thick, backs and tops are 0..090" to 0.100") and I can't run them through the planer, or if I do I just have to be very careful and take really light passes. Now if I were to add a helical head that would change things and I'd probably get a DRO for the planer, as well. Most of what I work with day in and day out, though, is unsteamed Walnut and planing for those projects just requires all boards be cleaned up on each side but to no particular thickness unless it's going to the CNC and then I'll just take a quick caliper check. David

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