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  1. Window Mounted Fan For Spraying Lacquer

    Thanks for your concerns, Stick. David Edit - I added a disclaimer to the description ***Disclaimer*** This is not an explosion proof fan. If you're wanting to build a similar stand for your shop you should probably look into an explosion proof fan or other setups to prevent fire and explosions
  2. Window Mounted Fan For Spraying Lacquer

    Thanks guys, but I have thought this through and have been putting that fan in the window for the last 18 months. I just now decided to mount it so I don't have to jump through hoops to keep the fan on the window sill and to increase air flow. I realize it isn't explosion proof but when I spray it isn't very heavy and with the HVLP gun there's so little overspray and airborne material that it's gone in no time. Now if I was using a cup gun and filling the room with a cloud of vapors that would be a different story but I spray small items and it's over with pretty quickly. There's another window and it's open to bring in fresh air. Yes, the gas can has gas in it like millions of other guys have in their garages for their lawn equipment. I put the mower out on the back porch but if I put the gas can out there the plastic won't last and the gas will likely evaporate. It's a wood shop, no metal work, no open flames anywhere near the gas can that's been there going on 11 years. Is this ideal? Nope. But we don't have the budget or the space to build a dedicated wood shop out back or even a shed to put the lawn equipment and gas can in so this is going to have to do. David
  3. This window mounted fan support is a long overdue shop upgrade project. Every time I spray lacquer I had to rig the fan to stay in the window (it fell once and bent the blades). And it didn't work very well, either. As much air came in the window as the fan blew out. Also, every bug that got near the window got sucked in by the vortex on the periphery of the fan. This is much, much better! Enjoy! David
  4. Source For Those Brush Skirts

    Mine is actually a bit too stiff, as well. But I make it work. David
  5. Subject Matter Fits

    I spray sanding sealer on the entire piece, sometimes two coats, then use thick acrylic in the recessed areas. I get virtually no bleed when I do that. I don't use Pine but I do this on Maple and it works just fine, so it'll probably work on Pine, too. But I'm set up to spray sealers and lacquers so it's pretty easy for me to do that. You could probably rattle can it without much issue. David
  6. Subject Matter Fits

    Looks nice, HJ! Are these for someone, prototypes, or just because? David
  7. Lets talk Photography 2- Lighting

    I just noticed this thread and thought I'd chime in with my two cents... When my son moved out in early 2017 I set his room up as a lightweight photo studio. It's nothing fancy but the advantage is that is stays set up and ready to use. I can walk in with an item, flip on any combination of lights and natural light from the window, snap the shot and walk out. In and out in a couple of minutes. When I need to I move the lights to the kitchen for cutting boards, out into the shop for certain things, etc. Exposure in the shot below is set more to show the lights than the cutting board. Most of my photos are for posting on forums and for Etsy so I don't spend a ton of time on them. David
  8. Source For Those Brush Skirts

    Yeah, I keep thinking I'm going to do the same thing but the one I built out of MDF and a $5 broom from Lowe's a year ago as a temp is still working - go figure! If I had been trying to build one to last it would probably have failed by now - LOL! David
  9. Source For Those Brush Skirts

    Strip brushes
  10. Source For Those Brush Skirts

    I think most everyone gets the brush strips from McMaster Carr. David
  11. Saturn Cnc Upgrade - Y Axis Spacers

    Thanks, Dave! I try to keep the text short so it doesn't get in the way but I do read through it multiple times as I watch the video to see if it's on the screen long enough. I watch videos full screen on YouTube and when I see text from other videos I just tap the space bar and that pauses the video. And if you're watching a YouTube video you can hit the left arrow to back up 5 seconds each time you hit it. I do that often, actually. 1. No, I didn't have to level the racks on the Y axis. The holes are very precise and have finite location. The X axis, though, is mounted differently. The holes in the rack are very precise but the nuts are free to float inside the 8020 extruded gantry. So on that I will have to make certain to push the rack all the way to one side or take measurements, if/when I add the spacer. 2. I'm using Royal Purple NLGI #2. I've never had a contamination problem. I do wipe the excess grease often, especially after I lubricate the machine. 3. When I built the machine I added an hour meter on the spindle run time and it's visible on the electrical enclosure door. But I basically lubricate every 6-8 weeks depending on how often I'm running the machine or just prior to a long run if it's been more than a month since the last lube. 4. About once a month I check all the drives to make sure the belts are tight, I'll put a wrench on several bolts to make sure they're tight (they all have Loctite blue on them), and I check the radiator to make sure I'm getting good airflow. But I check almost every time I run the spindle to make sure I'm getting water flowing back to the reservoir. Those Walnut 'doors' are actually plaques for an insurance company. They're large enough to be tops for end tables! But that's what they want in their lobby to show the companies they represent. David
  12. There really wasn't a need to do a video but I wanted to and that's about all the reason I need to shoot videos. The upgrade is to place spacers between the frame and the rack on the Y axis so that the pinion will achieve 100% engagement on the rack. As designed, the pinion had about 75% engagement on the rack because the rack is bolted directly to the frame and that means you can't utilize all of the rack or the pinion would hit the frame (better explained in the video). Several of us Saturn owners pointed this out to Nate and we discussed options for improvement. What Nate came up with is spacers that simply drop into place. I haven't had time to shut the CNC down but Friday afternoon all was quiet, no orders pending, and I figured this was as good a time as any. Good thing, too, because I got some Etsy orders today! Great! Anyway, here's the video on installing the spacers - David
  13. Trivets

    Very nice, John! I've never cut Corian but I've heard it machines nicely. David
  14. Projects?

    I'm kind of in the same boat as John. Since I started making the Longworth chucks and selling them on Etsy that's all I've been cutting. Not complaining, mind you! I've cut one or two other things and actually working on 3 projects that I'll make videos on but they aren't complete. David
  15. I posted photos of the Longworth chuck discs a couple of weeks ago but have finally gotten around to making a short video of the process. Nothing new or special but just wanted to do the video - David

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