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  1. Introduction

    I sent them via Federal Express, used dry ice and everything. Evidently Stick ate all of the donuts & Dan didn't share the ice cream.
  2. Cremation Urn

    Thanks for the info Dan. I had a class with Mike Mahoney a while back @ Carolina Mountain Woodturners but we only covered the mechanics and didn't discuss the sizing. The ones we made were mini's. I got a "C" for technique, a "B" for persistence and an "A+" in blowing the bottoms out. I have the ashes for the pups but will have to guess at the larger one's.
  3. Introduction

    I hope the goodies loaded right. Donuts for Stik & the ice cream for Dan.
  4. Cremation Urn

    Dan; I need to turn some urns for pets and some for human use. How did you determine the correct volume/size for the pieces ? I am sorry for your loss. Nice turnings.
  5. Introduction

    New member from TN or SC depending on the season. Been woodworking since the mid 60's. Worked in commercial construction in 65/66 and part time remodeling 66 to late 70's. Retired from USPS in 99. Thanks to Stick486 for the invitation.

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