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  1. I use the Portamate pm-7000 - the "wings" extend past 6' in each direction. I've used mine for over 3 years now with no hiccups yet. (This is just a screen grab pic of one and not mine)
  2. great looking deck. I love the detail on the posts.
  3. Well if ANY of you guys are around the Austin TX area - I will gladly buy the donuts! I'm 58 and still have so much to learn about woodworking. I have helped frame 3 houses and mostly done outdoor wood projects such as chairs, benches, picnic tables, playscapes etc. But I am now moving to interior of the house type projects such as furniture and cabinets.
  4. Thanks and Glad to find you Bill - I'll be here a lot!
  5. Stick was kind enough to send me an invite - I live on the west side of Austin TX in a town named Bee Cave. I am semi-retired and have moderate woodworking and routing skills - I'm looking to learn tips and best practices and maybe offer a few tips of my own.

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