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  1. Putting the CNC to work!

    Like those jacks, I could have used those a time or two. Great looking cabinets Mike!
  2. The companies making CNC s now are getting more competitive and the quality of some of the machines have gotten quite a bit better than what was available just a couple of years ago. I'm liking what I am seeing right now with that trend and hopefully all the companies will listen to their customers and build quality affordable machines. You are right about custom configurations to be able to get as much out of these smaller CNC machines. I think the only limits most hobby machine owners face is how far will there imagination take them.
  3. If the gantry arm are straight up and down on the Shark it is an HD1, if they are slanted to the back then it is a HD2 or later model. I bought my HD! used and I replaced that deeply carved gantry plate with the upgrade aluminum plate and replace the cheap plastic router clamp with an 1.25" think aluminum upgrade. I also added adjustable bearings because the HD1 did not have adjustable bearings and had too much slop in it. I also did a whole lot of other modifications to it and looking back now I should have been buying another CNC that was sturdier and got away for the Sharks entirely. That's where I'm at right now, still looking over different choices and options and deciding if I can really justify the cost of another CNC right now.
  4. I know what you mean about getting trash vector files and having to deal with all the extra lines, overlapping vectors and duplicate vectors not to mention the sizes of the work areas they choose to work with. I got file for a head stock guitar logo and the work area was set to 20' X 20' and they had jumped around in that area and added little details everywhere and come to find out some of those didn't even have anything to do with the project and were a quick way to test out something for another project they were working on at work that was on their mind at the time. All the important vector information could have been set up in a 4" X 4" job space and made life a whole lot easier.
  5. I can see the justification for you buying a dedicated CNC just for vertical and angled cuts and I think that the smaller footprint will give you a tighter CNC to machine the critical joinery that you plan on using it for. Dovetailed drawers and your own decoratively designed joints are just around the corner. As you also say this might help you cut a few pieces of aluminum that were out question on the larger machines. I know I have done a little aluminum on my Shark HD1 and it can be a nightmare but my Piranha is small and tight so it does a lot better job cutting aluminum parts
  6. I'm glad they made it easy to turn the smart snap off and on, I have had a couple of times that there was so much geometry that it kept trying to jump to other points and never could get it to lock on to the correct point so I turned it off and set the point using guide lines, then turned to back on. Most of the time it does save a lot of time and I'm glad they added the feature because I did at times try to get it to pick up pints to use in layout, some thing I used from my years using CAD programs. Normally when they release an upgrade I go through ALL the video tutorials from beginning to end and pick up on a few things that have been there that I haven't been using and of course all the new features. I'm busy enough right now that I was lucky enough to find the time to watch the teasers for the new things they have added and they left many unanswered questions. I do think the new tools they added with V9 will speed up layout and make life easier, we just need time to find out which ones will be our favorite ones to use. I know right now I'm loving the 2 sided carving feature and when I find time I will be converting all my old 2 sided projects over to the new layout, its probably time to revisit those toolpaths again and make a few changes to feeds and speeds anyway.
  7. I've had a little more time using V9 but still haven't had time to really check things out. I did get to try the 2 sided carving feature and love it because I do a lot of 2 sided work.
  8. Retirement plaque

    Love the choice of wood and the shape you used.
  9. Putting the CNC to work!

    GREAT JOB! Beautiful finish.
  10. Creating an acoustic guitar bridge

    Okay make a bigger guitar for the old bridge. Really like the profile and your solution to the problem. Great pictures as always. David you could add embellishments to the sides like little flowers, dragons heads or furniture flourishes, V-carved or 3D to make it one of a kind. V-carved would reduce the weight a little but the 3D would add to the weight but also the look.
  11. So what about inventables machines?

    The X-carve like 4D say is a light weight CNC and is really not built for hard use. If you are really interested in buying a CNC for personal use there are plenty to choose from that can be used for light production work and I think this would be a good starting point. With the light weight machines that are constructed of thin light weight materials you might get frustrated because the cut will never be great cut and cleanup will be harder and take a lot longer than a piece form a good tight CNC. You do need to balance quality of materials and design along with budget you have to spend but with all the new machines out there bust thing is to narrow the choices down to a few and do a little more resurche on the one you like. That should weed out and cut down on your choices and make it easier to find the best fit for you. I have seen some reall nice shop build CNC machines but ask yourself "do I really want to invest all the time building one or do I want to start carving as soon as I can?".
  12. How long to set up a machine for this

    Like 4D says this could be done and would take time to make the models but some of it would go quickly. It also depends on how much detail you want in the models. If you want that hand worked look you can build it right into the models. This is an intarsia project so all the elements could be modeled and carved separately just like you did when you made it. You changed the birds to something you wanted and with the CNC design file you could do the same thing but next week instead of making the same one with the Cardinals you could be carving one with Blue Jays on it. The week after that something else. Don't get me wrong , I like the two projects you show and you did a great gob on them but a CNC'er can take that project and invest the time to build the models and layout then cut it over and over with small changes that makes each carving project different and can cut them over and over again. That being said 3D modeling is not for everyone and a lot of people would rather buy a model than to invest the time to make one. Some people would not have a clue where to even start a design file for a project like this and even fewer would want to follow through with the design. I do one of a kind projects also but I have a tendency to always be thinking how I can make this serve more than one purpose.
  13. VCarve Pro 9.0 Woes!

    Mike my VCarve pro did the same thing but I don't use VCarve too much so I guess it did not dawn on me until reading your post. I have updadted to V9.008 and it opens without the offset now. When ever their is a new release there are always things that get overlooked so there are a few bugs to work out. I always report any problems I find to Vectric Support so they can work on them and hopefully get them fixed and post updates. If you report a problem you find to them they need to know what build for the software you are using. What I do is take a screen shot of the About screen window because it gives them all the information they need about the software you are using and it is easier than typing all the information. So far on v9.0XX I have reported 5 bugs I have found so they are working on those. When you send the email you will get an auto response that it was received. Then after they verify that there is a glitch they contact you and verify that you did find one and they will fix it and release the fix along with others in updates when they can. I have both Aspire and VCarve Pro and the problems I have found have been common to both. The more reports they get the faster we get a good working software.
  14. Proximity and Oversight

    I have a computer cabinet I got off the curb that someone did not want. The rest of the system is across the room. Pleas note, the computer shown died on me on my way to Michigan for a sawdust meet and had all my demo pictures and software on it. I stopped the first night and took it in my room tried to turn it on and it had died. Tech that looked it over said battery good, hard drive good, mother board gave up. Ask about dust and he said it was not bad that he had seen a whole lot worst. Bought replacement and was taking it in every night and charging it, until dogs decided to chase each other and got into the charger cable and dragged it onto the floor breaking the hinges. Got new hinges but have not had time to install them. Bought a floor model Windows 7 netbook $79 to use as a spare and still using it.
  15. Painting Poplar

    John the poplar you have with all the green grain and mineral staining is junk and you should have bought good white even grained poplar for your vanity project and left that old junk stuff in the rack for people like me that look for junk word to build nice furniture with.

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