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  1. Retirement plaque

    Good Show Jay!!
  2. Cutting 18+ hours a day. Got the big local Art Fair this coming week end. Last event of the year (well, maybe one more, but depends how many custom orders I get). Hunting season is getting closer (priorities prevail) and the holidays are homing in. Don't want to stay too busy, just kind of busy.
  3. Rocking Dino

    You can buy those sound things either prerecorded or make your own. Just drill a hole with a forstner bit and put it in. But I waited til the last minute and was under the gun -- grandson was coming for a visit.
  4. Rocking Dino

    Wouldn't be too hard to do. The inside middle piece could be cut to accommodate most any configuration.
  5. Rocking Dino

    A while back I got a set of plans for a kids rocking dinosaur. It was printed on both sides of a large piece of paper and folded like a road map. The parts were "traceable" as advertised, BUT large pieces of carbon paper were required and the various parts had lines that crisscrossed each other all over the place. To keep the original plans I tried making a copy but that turned out to be a mess. Then I got a bright idea and sent it off to MEBCWD to see if he could work his magic and turn it into a CNC file. He emailed me a file back that showed up like this. Mike is good with Aspire. He's even better than good, and ...... reasonable. $$ well spent. Got busy cutting parts out of 1" panels and 2 x 12's Parts are cut out!!! I took the edge off the exposed edges with a round over bit and did a little (very little) sanding. The rockers were just mirrored, so they were exactly alike. A cut up piece of 1 x4 and the platform was made. Now the big test. Will the parts all go together. So far so good! A couple of minor adjustments and the dino fit on the platform. There's 2 - 2 1/2 " construction screws in each foot driven in from the bottom. Mixed up some Rustoleum Hunter Green and Gloss White paint and made a mess. You can saw a wooden ball in half and make fancy eyes or cheat like I did and go to Michaels. The mouth is just painted on. It could be Vcarved if you wanted to do the two sided carving step. Advantage of using the CNC --- all the parts are as exact as you need for assembly. The band saw was never turned on. Each part is exactly the same allowing you to make 3-4-5 units at a time. Or, as many as desired, even if it's just one. Sanding is minimal. More on the finishing surface than the edges. Once you have a file on a thumb drive, you save it and bring it out whenever needed.
  6. Is there more clip art included in V9?
  7. What I do when I'm opening an existing 8.5 file is save-as and add V9 to the end of the file name. That leaves my older file intact and since V9 doesn't overwrite 8.5 I can still open those files using 8.5. --Quote 4D But..... if you make a file in v9 -- any other lesser version won't open it if their habits are true to form.
  8. 4D, Don't know if the upgrade is worth it or not - EXCEPT -- you can't open files with an older version if they are made with a later version than what you have.
  9. CNC build for us "Normal People"

    Or gifts, especially personal ones. You can pretty much stay as busy as you want to be. It doesn't take long for the word to get out. Kelly and Fred, Sometime this week (hopefully) I'll post a step by step project from a free file that was offered on the Vectric site. It is basically a load, put the material on the bed, hit go, and put the pieces together - - and they all fit. Sand and then finish.
  10. CNC build for us "Normal People"

    4D, I had no choice in the matter. Do you know how miserable SWMBO would have made my life if I just put it in the corner and did nothing after spending upwards of $8K on a whim??? It is a learning experience and a big thank you to people like yourself, MEBCWD, Beltramidave, Skelly, Difalkner, and the others who have shared their ideas and "wise" (cough cough) advice. It has saved a lot of time in not having to go through some of the trial and error stages.
  11. CNC build for us "Normal People"

    4D, It's that engineering aptitude and CAD experience that's the catch. Some of us common folk don't have that but still want to use one in our endeavors. Our learning curve is a bit slower and probably won't ever be as thorough as yours. Hence, plug and play and friends with experience ..... and a little (lot) patience allow us to participate. For me, the only way I was ever able to do this and keep what hair I have left or cut something before I died of old age was to buy a ready made machine. The frame and bed wasn't so much a problem, but meshing the computer and the computer settings scared the hell out of me. Even the head designer at my wife's work place built a small machine, and he said to buy a ready made one if I could afford it ---- unless I would rather tinker than cut. Not me!!! I'm jealous of those of you that do the builds, but I know my likes, dislikes, and limitations ------- along with my wife's tolerance level on some of the things I have done, or attempted to do. And.......... if I knew what I was getting myself into, I may not have even done it. It is not what I expected it to be, as in some type of phrase that has "easy" in it. It's the computer part ... and I admit it. Cutting, assembling, and even finishing is fun!
  12. Another CNC guy...

    Looks like it would make a great donut holder
  13. CNC Purchase or Build

    Good idea 4D. If things go as I hope they will this year, I"ll probably get another machine as well. That's my biggest concern -- the depth of the z axis when using a regular bed on the frame. Good thinking!!
  14. CNC Purchase or Build

    David, You're too smart for our own good!!!

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