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  1. For all you guys

    I think this is fitting for just about anyone here. Carved from an oddball piece of 16 x 10 cut off aspen.
  2. Projects?

    So do you want quality or quantity??
  3. Projects?

    This is true.
  4. Projects?

    And then you wouldn't have gotten what you did. I thought you overdid it, but what do I know. You also have to remember that most of the members on the other forum have been there a pretty fair amount of time. I didn't even know this place existed til Stick invited me. I know --- blame Stick!! We just gotta get the word out more. The potential is there.
  5. Projects?

    John, This is a great place. Unfortunately, the number of TOTAL participants is lacking a little. The same few have posted pretty regularly but it seems like we're just talking to ourselves. I think it's just one of those things that takes time to grow. The CNC forum doesn't have any fewer posts than the others. Word just has to get out.
  6. Trivets

    Dave, $10. They're in the back by the kitchen counter tops. Item # 6440100
  7. Trivets

    Jay Skelton sent me to Menards and said to get some of these. They are corian, quartz, acrylic (?) pieces that measure about 11.5 inches square. Polish festivals are coming up. Can be used as a trivet, display, or cutting board for serving things like cheese or dips or whatever.
  8. Projects?

    Doing a lot of repeat things getting ready for summer shows. Nobody wants to see the same old thing time after time!! I'll post you 100 carved Polish Eagles in different sizes if you want them!! lol
  9. You can Bank on it!!

    The 2 screws holding the cradle come out and there's an opening to shake the money out. You can see it on the ones being finished.
  10. You can Bank on it!!

    Had an order for 3 buffalo nickel banks. Since they do involve a lot of time and finishing I decided to make a few extra while I had everything all set up for each stage. Each one (funny how it worked out this way - must be the magic resizing feature of Aspire) was cut from a single 1 x 12 x 48 Baltic birch glued up board that was on sale at Menards earlier. Not as good as David Falkner's videos, but you people are smart and can put it all together. Started by cutting the inside spacers for the $$ and the pieces for the cradles. Then each side of the "coin" had to be cut. This gave us all the pieces necessary for each bank. Some glue, clamps, and a little cussing gave us the rough banks - ready for sanding and filling where necessary. The two piece cradles lined up nicely, and a little time with the Ridgid oscillating belt sander (this is a life saver - $199 well spent) we were ready to finish. A couple coats of Rustoleum aluminum metallic paint (this is some great stuff), two screws through the bottom and we have finished pieces. The nice thing about the CNC is the same file is used over and over. Everything lined up regardless of what pieces were used.
  11. Map

    Had a lady who wanted a world map carved wall hanging. Found a jpeg pic online and had MEBCWD turn it into a file the machine would carve. Measures 45 x 24. Staining went pretty good but the black painting sucked! Gotta be a better way. Now I know why they cost so much!! But, I can now use this file to make most any size desired and can add any text wanted.
  12. Thanx guys Debra was a bit embarrassed when she saw this. Just the way she is. As I told John, she makes these all year round just to give them away to various organizations. I think she did somewhere around 150 last year. It was kind of nice to see who actually got them for a change. That box was from my first ( and only) attempt. Was a couple Baltic birch boards glued up for thickness and then flocked purple inside.
  13. Mini Production Project

    Had an order for 30+ backers that a brass plate would affix to. I never made 30 of anything before so it was a learning experience. This is what they had to look like. Of course, that's not a shape included with Aspire so a quick email entitled "Help" was sent to MEBCWD. Once the file was made (rather easily and quickly) I cut a 4' - 1 x 12 poplar glued up board from Menards in half, put the two pieces together, let the program copy and line up the rows and columns with it's array copy feature. Saved the file and hit go. Repeated the process 3 times and we had 36 identical plaques. Could have done it in two cuts of 18 each but was unsure of the layout so I chose to do it in 3 cuts. Cut the tabs and popped them out. Ready to sand and finish. Stained and polyed ready to ship!!!
  14. Thank You Laguna Tools

    One More

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