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  1. Me too!!
  2. That's my concern too - - but if they're planning for future possibilities. I have no idea how much work has to go into something like that to make it user ready.
  3. Gotta crawl before you can walk. Probably the main question is ----------- Would it be easier, more efficient, and more feasible to set it all up from the beginning and hopefully watch it grow OR start with just a CNC forum and add sub categories when and if needed. A decision for the powers that be. That's why they get paid the big bucks!!!! I'm sure I can maneuver the site no matter which way it is set up. Make it easier on yourself. I'm just glad you were receptive to the idea.
  4. That's what I meant ----- what he said!!!
  5. I'm innocent!!!!!
  6. Mike, You mean the Party was on the Patio?? lol Yum Yum!!! ------------------------throw another yum in there The heck with the donuts
  7. John David Falkner can enlighten you pretty much on all the aspects of what you're asking. He's a borderline nerd too (in a good way). Don't know how the above post got repeated
  8. I'll officially put the word out --- Mike's good (Better than good) with making design files, and very reasonable.
  9. Tell em Mike ----- those were Texas size donuts - - 2 is more than enuff!!
  10. Hi David - you old curmudgen Is everybody from Texas named David or Mike??
  11. I know you're here David, but I suppose I should still say welcome to the super intelligent one.
  12. That's kind of hard to do John unless everybody has the same software and operating system, which they don't. They are not all interchangeable. We have always have just communicated amongst ourselves and if we can send a file that we want to share to someone, we do it. It's mostly what we're doing and how we do it. Usually plenty of pics of finished stuff. Also, a lot of these files have been purchased by individuals, while others are original work. Some people don't even consider it woodworking and shun us altogether. I suggest just starting a CNC Forum and let it take it's own course. IMO
  13. One CNC category in the forum should do it to start and be ok for quite a while. We already have the gallery for pics and projects. Don't over complicate it. Different threads for different topics in it. Hi David - - welcome. We gotta go after MT Stringer and Jay next.
  14. Great work!!!!! What size boards did you glue up and what finish is on it?
  15. Went it becomes a job, it's a lot less fun!!

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