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  1. When ants attack!

    Will Atwood is the manager of our Woodcraft store here in Lexington, and he is skilled turner. He just sent me this pic of a bowl he just turned from a maple burl that had a nest of carpenter ants feasting on it. I thought you might enjoy seeing this. Well done Will....
  2. When ants attack!

    I should have included the fact that the ant is laser engraved..... still, a nice touch I thought.
  3. Pen and Pencils Sets Complete

    Really great work.
  4. Happy Veterans Day (November 11th 2017)

    No... lost my dad 12 years ago. Thank you John
  5. Happy Veterans Day (November 11th 2017)

    They built the roads the enemy retreated on!
  6. Happy Veterans Day (November 11th 2017)

    I never served.... I'm sorry to say. Here's dad in 1945, SeaBees, South Pacific. My son in Afghanistan 2010
  7. A couple more boxes

    How long does it take you to complete one of these? Finish? Just curious... they are beautiful thanks
  8. Better late than never! EWT just added to the raffle. Hope this helps...
  9. Crotch finish

    To me.... that piece explains why I turn. Love it.
  10. Cindy Drozda demo today

    ditto that.... ;o)
  11. New ornament

    Very pretty, someone will really enjoy receiving that beautiful gift!
  12. Crotch finish

    That thing will explode when you put the finish on..... going to be beautiful
  13. Pecan dyed and gilt

    Very cool... thanks
  14. Liam O'neill crooked grain box

    Beautiful.... Steve your work is consistently wonderful. Thanks for sharing your art!
  15. Good deals on EWT products

    We have a couple of retailers selling our products that have them on sale right now. If it's ok... I thought I would pass on this information to you. http://www.taytools.com and http://www.craftsuppliesusa.com
  16. Wednesday's Wisdom For Woodturners October 25, 2017

    Thanks for the post Lew... it was great. The video on drive centers was helpful, thanks!
  17. More ornaments

    Thanks very much!
  18. More ornaments

    Steve, I admire your work very much. Can you suggest a tutorial on how to turn these? Thanks Jim
  19. Club demo

    Seriously beautiful work... what skill you have.
  20. Carbide turning tools

    well..... in my opinion.....
  21. Live near Lexington, KY?

    Do any of you out there live near Lexington, KY? If so, this weekend (Saturday the 14th) I will be at the local Woodcraft store all day for their Demo Days / Sale. It would be great if you want to stop by and say hello. Yes, I will be turning... but certainly not a very impressive demonstration, other than the performance of our great tools. I will have tee-shirts, ball caps and other EWT "swag" to give away. It should be a really fun day with several other live demonstrations going on, including a forge set-up out in the parking lot. Will Atwood, the store manager is quite an accomplished turner and some of his pieces are always on display. Come by and say hello, I would really enjoy meeting you.
  22. Live near Lexington, KY?

    Yeah.. had a great turnout. There was a steady flow of people all day long. Free burgers on the grill didn't hurt! ;O)
  23. Live near Lexington, KY?

    So we had a really great day at the Woodcraft in Lexington. It was beautiful outside, 72 and sunny... they set us up in the classroom so we were able to keep the side doors open and let sunshine and fresh air in all day, really nice. I turned this cherry plate. I wish I had spent more time on sanding and finishing (as you can see) but during a demonstration, watching someone sand is like watching paint dry. Still, it was a good little project. My cohort Thomas turned a green piece of olive which came out great. Sorry no pics of this, it's tucked away in brown paper bags to be finished in a month or so. The best part was my son turned up unexpectedly and I was able to get him to try his hand at turning. First time ever, and in front of a dozen people watching... I couldn't stop him! It was great to see him really enjoying his first turning experience. He is calling it his "Game of Thrones" goblet. He really had fun with it. Perfect day.
  24. New ornament

    very nice

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