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Jim from Easy Wood Tools

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    Lexington, KY U.S.A.
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    "It's just like that..... only completely different"

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  1. 1st cryptex, rough

    Steve your skills are so amazing.... just wonderful to watch. Thanks for sharing
  2. First for me

    Beautiful piece!
  3. First box

    very pretty, nice job!
  4. Easy Wood Tools in Collinsville Illinois

    "Check This Out! Maybe @Jim from Easy Wood Tools will be there!" Nope.... don't really travel, too many mobility issues unfortunately.
  5. Help Wanted / Chicagoland

    Steve, you are correct, it would be great. We do have some demonstrators that will travel, but we are actually a very small company, travel costs and expenses add up very quickly. Does it make sense for us to spend $1,000.00 or more for somebody to demonstrate for 45 minutes to a turning club? It's hard to justify. We would love to do it much more than we do, but it is just not economically feasible. What I am trying to do is establish EWT qualified demonstrators in more major metro areas. The best way to sell our tools is to get them into peoples hands and let them try it.
  6. Help Wanted / Chicagoland

    Do you live in the Chicagoland Area?
  7. Wood turning clubs.

    very cool... creative minds like his are so impressive... beyond my ability. so much to learn
  8. In other news

    Brent is a good man that builds a great product! Congrats Steve! You deserve it!
  9. A chunk of pine, a pile of dust, and thou!

    Finish? Looks great
  10. Lew

    Amazing how the same piece can look so different with each photo
  11. Lew

    Gerald / Gene here you go, thanks. It really is a pretty piece.
  12. Wednesday's Wisdom For Woodturners January 31, 2018

    Lew does good work!
  13. Lew

    As many of you know, Lew (our turning forum moderator) is a product tester for Easy Wood Tools. He receives no pay or compensation for this, but he does get to play with some prototype tools and hopefully have some extra fun. We really appreciate his hard work and expertise which he so willingly shares with us, he does a great job. I wanted to give him a little recognition for all of his hard work... Here is a sneak peak for all of you to see, our upcoming 1/2 page ad in American Woodturner Magazine. Thanks Lew, for all you do! AAW Half Page April 2018 final.pdf
  14. Awesome Turning Video

    Thanks very much. Talk about a true artisan... wow Inspirational to say the least!
  15. Awesome Turning Video

    video unavailable....

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