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Jim from Easy Wood Tools

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    "It's just like that..... only completely different"

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  1. New Easy Wood Tools Banner

    Thank you all for the kind words. I have the best job on the planet! Talk about turning Develop new tools for turning Look at what others are turning Play with advertising ideas and graphics... about turning oh... and sometimes I go in the back room.... and turn! and they pay me to do all of this. It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it!
  2. Unexpected Surprise

    Handy Dan... I hope you enjoy for many years to come. GrandPaDave is a generous good-guy. Good Turning!
  3. Wednesday's Wisdom For Woodturners January 3, 2018

    Thanks Lew. Tim Yoder is a great source and produces top quality videos. Also a really nice guy, with a good sense of humor!
  4. Wednesday's Wisdom For Woodturners December 27, 2017

    Great work Mr. Kauffman!
  5. On behalf of Easy Wood Tools you are all very welcome! There's not a better organization to help out than TPW. GrandPaDave - you still owe me a PM so I can send these tools your way! Merry Christmas to all. JIm
  6. Back to the natural walnut bowls

  7. Congratulations on winning the set of Full-Size Easy Wood Tools Lathe Chisels!  Send me a PM with your mailing address and we will get them on the way to you!


    Congratulations and Merry Christmas!


  8. Using wood waste to shine

    Yeah... Gene is right. They survive in spite of themselves.... Great tools... terrible business managers. IMHO
  9. Using wood waste to shine

    Hey! I used to be one of those Shopsmith sales guys! Don't believe a word they say!
  10. Easy Wood Tool Contest!

    BTW.... the ornament DOES NOT have to be turned with Easy Wood Tools products.... it's a chance to win some though!
  11. Acrylic ornament problems

    +2.... Steve is right... again Very cool!
  12. Wine Stoppers


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