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  1. New bowl

    Little tough to make but worth the time and effort.
    1. Thanks for the complement. I finally got me a good miter saw and learned to take my time with it to get good miters.
  2. New bowl

    Thanks for the kind complement. Feels good to be making some saw dust again.
  3. Genn Spain

    This bowel was made out of Hard Maple and Purple heart. As you know Purple Heart is a hard wood but, beautiful when the project is done.
  4. Bowl # 1

    From the album Genn Spain

    Made of purple heart and hard maple. Purple heart is a little tough to work with but beautiful wood.
  5. Make things comfortable for you to use

    The older we get, the faster the time gets away from us....................
  6. Bowl contest.

    You can do it. Just take your time and think ahead.
  7. Bowl contest.

    One awesome bowl. Most impressive.
  8. Welcome

    From the album Glenn Spain

    Here is a piece I just finished made of Red Oak. It has a felt background glued to the back.
  9. Welcome

    Many thanks. I really enjoy scroll sawing..
  10. Welcome

    Thanks for the nice complement. It was a fun piece to make.
  11. Welcome

    Thank you a bunch. Appreciate your comment.
  12. Glenn Spain

    Bowl made of Hard Maple and Walnut
  13. Bowl

    Thanks for the comment. Just add some starch to the soup.............
  14. Bowl

    From the album Glenn Spain

  15. Bowl

    I keep getting better. and Grandpadave is right on......Very therapeutic. Thanks for the kind compliments.
  16. Bowl

    From the album Glenn Spain

    Of Hard maple & Walnut
  17. Bowl

    Thank you kindly.
  18. Bowl

    You guys are to kind.
  19. Bowls

    Thanks. They are a challenge but worth the time .
  20. Bowls

    From the album Glenn Spain

    Here are a couple more bowls I made. The contrasting wood is Red Oak and Walnut. Both bowls are approximately 12 inches across. It's a bit of a challenge to glue them up but. the effort is worth it after they are finished.
  21. beginner question

    I just use spray adhesive. I make a copy of my pattern, spray the backside and attach it. If you use the proper adhesive, it will come off easily when done. Also love the Jesus plaque. I have made several of that pattern.

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