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  1. Dust collection issues

    Joe, thankyou for the pictures. What are you using for a vacuum ? Also I can't tell how much of a bend that you have in the vac hose coming out the top of the cyclone and going to the vac. Oneida makes a Dust Deputy made of steel, I wonder if it would be less susceptible to static electricity if it was mounted to a steel pail, and grounded.
  2. Dust collection issues

    Joe, out of curiosity, do you have any pictures of what you have going on ? It might give us a better perspective of the size of shavings related to everything else.
  3. Dust collection issues

    I'll go along with Steve on this one. The separators that I've built have a Thien style plate in them and they work good, they fill right up to the bottom of the plate, very little if any thing gets to the impeller and bag. But, I don't do any turnings, and haven't dealt with those types of shavings. If the Thien plugs up in the slot around the plate, there may be a remedy for it by channeling the inlet to the plate.
  4. I'll add that on the days that I don't need the DC, the elbow and bag are removed. It takes up less storage space. At this time if I did anything I'd probably do like I said before and add to the top of the stand, and add a fold up shelf to the lower side of the stand for the bag to sit on.
  5. I'd have a issue with getting the separator in and out with that, but I agree with the bag sitting on a deck like most portable DC's do. I have an idea, but I need to take a break from it, I have enough time into it, maybe someday. For as much as it's going to get moved I'm not too worried about it.
  6. I was thinking about this a little more, and maybe it would be cheaper to just add a few inches to the top of the stand, then to go through the expense of 8 new casters.
  7. I've never got a good look around the inside of a cabinet saw to see whats going on in there, such as the bottom where the dust port is.
  8. I think that as long as a person leaves atleast the same amount of opening in your saw as the dust port that your hooking up the dust hose up too you should be good. I've seen some people try to seal a machine up next to air tight, which I would think is going to suffocate the DC and result in very low air flow.
  9. Thankyou Lew. Good eye, the bag does sit on the floor some, a investment in taller wheels might be enough to get it off the floor. For now just lifting the bag some while moving the DC isn't a huge deal.
  10. With the Contractor's saws that I have, some dust remains around the outside of the dust hood perimeter, but not much. I took some closed cell foam and cut it into strips to fit between the cabinet's top lip and the underside of the cast iron top. I used double sided tape to fasten the foam strips to the top lip of the cabinet. I also did a little extra sheet metal work inside the saw to prevent the blade from throwing the dust out of the back side of the cabinet, it moves with the blade when tilting. Magnetic sign material works good to cover the slot in the front of the saw. Now most of the air needed to feed the DC comes in from the back of the saw, making it tough for dust to escape the partially open back. Along with a air filtration unit hung from the ceiling, It all works pretty well for me. It keeps the dust down in the shop, and all the sooner that I can remove a dust mask.
  11. I didn't get as many comments on this last dust collector. Is there something that you folks don't like about it that I need to change ?
  12. One of my favorite books, what's yours?

    I have one book on the subject by Lewis H. Hodges.
  13. The other day I added some casters under the separator, which has a Thien style dust plate inside, and I added a place to store the electrical cord. It's all now a done deal.
  14. Sawstop v. Bosch

    Stumpy Nubs, brought to you by SawStop.
  15. Good Read

    ( Christopher Schwarz writes : This person is a pompous wee-wee head with a fake underbite and who walks like they are carrying a corncob without using their hands. ) His article is a little to Trumpish for me.

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