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  1. I'm sorry, but I just cannot do this anymore. I wish that I had never shared ANYTHING on this site. What a horrible waste of my time. Good luck, and good riddens.
  2. ( Dan writes : I often opt to remove the port and let the shavings drop to the floor and manually sweep them up. ) Why remove the port if it works so good ? I noticed that it looks like you have some kind of hose adapter inside the dust port, as if your using a shop vac rather then a dust collector.
  3. Dan, what your Delta came with may work good enough for you, but if it is a JT360, the dust collection setup that it came with is not as efficient as it could be based on basic dust collection guidelines, which is no tight radius turns in airflow. It's easy to see that the stock setup in the models that described in my first post is much worse then a tight radius elbow. From the looks of it, someone at RIDGID knows the dust collection rules also.
  4. It is fairly important to me also. I'm up here in North Dakota where it gets brutally cold. After a couple of winters working in a enclosed shop with no dust collection and or air filtration, thats when I said enough. Not only for health reasons, but safety reasons also. I have a forced air wood stove in the shop and the dust would get so thick in the air that I was very worried that I might blow the place up. The added bonuses are less time wearing a dust mask, and less time cleaning up at the end of the day, which is also important to me because the main shop is in the garage where we still park our vehicles at the end of the day. I also have a small projects shop in the basement where I need to keep the dust from circulating in our home.
  5. Thankyou John. I enjoy the challenge of working with sheet metal. If anyone is wondering what I used for a JET color match, it is Rust-oleum Painters Touch, 249860 semi-gloss Ivory Bisque.
  6. To be honest with you Fred, I didn't use the jointer much, thats why I no longer own it, but I believe that the hood did make a difference. I don't see how it couldn't of.
  7. In my opinion some the open stand 6 inch jointers such as the Delta JT360, Jet JJ-6OS, General International 80-075L, Steelex ST1001, CraftexCT086, King CanadaKC-150, and probably a couple other brands that I may have missed, which all basically have the same type of open stand and dust collection setup where the dust port is directed very close to the floor of the dust chute, more then likely causing some air flow resistance and lowering CFM before it reaches the cutter head area. I feel that the port should be pointed in the direction of the chute's flow to be efficient. I had a JET JJ-6OS, and this is what I came up with for a more efficient dust hood.
  8. Laguna buys SuperMax

    For a few years I have had the Delta version of what SuperMax now offers in a 1-1/2 hp dust collector. In my opinion it's the best designed dust collector for it's size, and a good value. No need to modify the dust collector at all in order to add a separator. I can't think of a more affordable brand name 2 stage dust collector for my shop, and it works very well. I've had it filled up right to the bottom of the side inlet on the separator.
  9. pricing a used table saw

    As far as the open back of the saw area, all you really need to block is the backside of the saw blade, where the blade can throw some dust out the back of the cabinet. The remaining dust thats floating around the inside of the cabinet the dust collector will get.
  10. pricing a used table saw

    The problem with that solution is if you forget to remove the panels before tilting the blade you run the risk of binding it up and possibly throwing the blade out of alignment.
  11. pricing a used table saw

    Thats interesting, I would say that someone added that dust hood. PSI and I had an arrangement going for a short period, maybe it came from them. And speaking of, I just sold a table saw dust hood to a local guy about 10 minutes ago. As far as the Craftsman saw, the number you show confirms with the picture you show, looks like the same saw and fence. The model number I believe you are correct about the first three digits, I'm guessing that it was made by Steel City.
  12. pricing a used table saw

    The dust hood funnels the dust to the port, directs the dc hose out from under the saw without a bend, and it's in a easier location to hook the hose up too or remove. I blocked the gap between the cabinet and the cast iron top with foam strips, and added some sheet metal blocking inside the cabinet, now the air needed to supply the DC comes in from the partially open back, and reduces the chances of floating dust escaping out. It took me quite awhile to figure it all out, and I've been using it for several years.
  13. pricing a used table saw

    I'm not sure if you have noticed, but I have dust collection figured out for that saw in a user friendly manner. I do have a couple sized hoods made up for under the saw, and I have the open back issue solved as well.

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