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  1. Fred, I wasn't aware that you were disappointed with Oneida. I knew you had one and were switching to a Clear Vue ? What happened ? I respected Oneida because they are American made with Baldor motors, but disappointed with them because they don't seem to get much more in their heads other then cyclones. Accessories such as dust hoods were missing.
  2. WHICH ONE Gene ? I vote for the framers table saw.
  3. 588f9f4b027f0-bothcopysm.JPG

    Looks good fred, Nice detail.
  4. LOL, a sub-contractor's saw ? Thats a new one. Just call it what it is, a job site saw, or as Bosch calls it, a work site saw.
  5. I'd like to see a picture and a brand / model number of your saw.
  6. Trust me I know, I've been mostly a blue collar worker, with most of the years as a meat cutter ( 20 years until I hung it up ). Blue collar wages and benefits haven't exactly been keeping up with the times for the last 25 years or so in this country. Now I'm getting a frustrating lesson about my dust collection ideas, and perhaps the economy.
  7. Cabinet saws in my opinion are over blown for a hobby shop. They are industrial grade saws. For bragging rights like owning a Corvette, but certainly are not a must have. In my opinion the Contractor's table saw has gotten an unfair rap by cabinet saw pushers, and people that buy a lesser brand of Contractor's saw, plus don't know what the correct circuit is to plug it into, have a less then great fence, and probably don't read a board before running it through the table saw. I could of bought my fathers Delta cabinet saw when he hung up woodworking not too long ago, but the Delta Contractor's saw with a Unifence, and wired up for 230 V, that I've been using for 25 years fits my needs perfectly. It's been a great saw for me. Infact I like it so much that I also have the Delta 9" version in the basement small shop, that I use in the winter, or for small quick jobs.
  8. Stumpy Nubs, sponsored by SawStop. Imagine that, just plain coincidence ? I highly doubt it. Stumpy even shows a bloody bandage on one of his thumbs. http://www.stumpynubs.com/homemade-tools.html
  9. Ofcourse none of the others would ever try to pirate it either, right ? WRONG, I've had it happen before. Contractor's table saw dust collection hood .
  10. Small 1 hp, two stage dust collector for the small shop.
  11. Arbor bearing replace

    If you do a search on the internet, you will find a few people that have a video on how to do it.
  12. Wood Swimmer

    Good find, I did enjoy it. Thankyou for sharing Stick.

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