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  1. Christmas Presents

    Very nice.... I've never seen a 7 day clock before... Pretty cool!!!
  2. Christmas Shopping....Done

    I am officially relieved from crowded retail stores until after the new year....
  3. Holiday Season Busy Work....

    With the holiday season coming up.... thought it would be a good time to start making some gifts.... This was a plan in that magazine that use to have a forum... I do a little bit each day and hopefully they'll be ready to go on time. Lets see your gift work....!!!
  4. Shadow Box Humidor

    Wrapped this up today, was hoping to finish on Veterans Day, but.... found myself rushing to finish and that's never good.... Humidor (top portion) is removable, but fits nicely on the stand....
  5. I got to the point on this box (and 12 others) where it was time to route out the mortises for the lid stays.... and when I finished doing that... I realized that I routed 'em out on the front of the box, not the back, where the 10mm barrel hinge holes were already drilled out.... After a bit of head scratching....I decided to route out the same on the front of the box, square up the corners and put in some shop made inlay..... and then, still not satisfied, I drilled some 1/8" holes and pounded in some 1/8" round brass stock, sanded 'em down and now it looks like this.... Oh, and had to route out the mortises for the lid stays, this time in the correct place..... Anyways.... this customer will be in for a surprise when he opens his box.... lol
  6. Oh Boy...

    I have a friend with a laser for the etchings..... fun project...
  7. Oh Boy...

    It took me a while.... but, here's what I came up with....
  8. What's On Your Work Bench?

  9. Spline Jig

    You can also do angled splines.... I would recommend using a test piece though, as the angles act a bit weird...
  10. Spline Jig

  11. Spline Jig

    Blade indexes on the left side of the kerf. Otherwise, you got it.
  12. Spline Jig

    Basically, you simply line up the stop block that is mounted on the slide to the measurement on the ruler. Lock it down with the wing nut, and if you have a large box you can lock down the box with the toggle clamp.... but, i don't use the toggle clamp very often. Nice to have if needed. Different rules as different size blades index differently. Quite simple to use and very stable and accurate.
  13. Spline Jig

    Yes, I use a Forrest Woodworker II #1 grind for my 1/8" spline work..It produces a flat bottom kerf.
  14. Spline Jig

    I made this corner spline jig a few years ago and man, it's been a lifesaver..... Accuracy is very good. Just thought I'd share in case anybody wanted to make one...
  15. Working with Steel...

    Thanks for all your positive comments guys..... SEC are the end users initials.... Go Vikings!!!

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