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  1. Blank prep

    Very nice.
  2. Rough turned

    Stop already. I am eating low carb and can't have pancakes and syrup.
  3. Rough turned

    I rough turned one of the bowl blanks. I am terrible at identifying types of wood. I'm sure some of you will know what it is.
  4. Rough turned

    Thanks for the link Dave. I saved it.
  5. Rough turned

    Yes. I could feel the moisture hit my arm as I was turning it. My arm was soaked by the time I was done.
  6. Bowl blanks

    Not sure on the type of wood. A neighbor knows I like to woodwork and has dropped off a few small pieces a couple of times.
  7. Bowl blanks

    I watch a lot of turning videos on youtube. In one of Carl Jacobson videos he said he cuts the heart out of a log and paints the ends with basic paint and doesn't get any cracking. Since I got the new bandsaw I figured I would give it a try. I made a jig to hold the log and made some bowl blanks real fast and easy. They will turn a 9 inch to 10 inch bowl.
  8. Herb (dadio) has a new stash...

    Lol I have no doubt.
  9. Herb (dadio) has a new stash...

    Nice bowl blank.
  10. Wood clamps

    If anybody is looking for clamps check our Harbor Freight. I got the 6" clamps for $2.99, the 18" for $4.99 and the 12" wooden one for $10. I thought that was a pretty good deal.
  11. First box

    Made my first lidded box. It is salted maple. It is around 5.5 inches wide a 4 inches high. The only finish I put on was Shellawax.
  12. First box

    Thanks Jim. I made it with homemade carbide tools with the EWT carbide cutters.
  13. In other news

    Awesome, congrats.
  14. Wood turning clubs.

    That is very cool. I wish there was a club near me that I could join.
  15. First box

    Yes. I made it round on the bandsaw before I put it on the lathe.
  16. First box

    Thanks everybody. I have been watching a lot of videos on youtube. I was very happy that I was able to get it fairly smooth with the tools.
  17. Shop heater

    If anybody is interested Rural King has heaters for sale. They are 240 volt, with a switch for 3,000w, 4,000w or 5,000w and a thermostat. I payed $74 including tax and they are giving a 12% rebate. Works very well. Is very quiet and heats the shop well.
  18. New toy

    No rust. I took that picture before I cleaned it an waxed it.
  19. New toy

    The sale started at Woodcraft today. I bought my new bandsaw this morning.
  20. Wife Died

    So sorry for your loss. Prayers
  21. Spin Tops (Revisited)

    Very cool. What do you use for the metal center?
  22. Tagging

    Will do Fred. Thanks for the tip.
  23. Basket finally done!

    Very nice basket.
  24. Scrolling Straight Lines ?

    I use spiral blades. Seems to be easier for me.
  25. wood sources

    I have bought hardwoods from Ocooch Hardwoods online. They have a great selection, good price and reasonable shipping.

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