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  1. Pen and Pencils Sets Complete

    Very nice Dan. You have been busy.
  2. When did you start woodworking?

    I started in my early 20's.
  3. Got some new bowl gouges

    I do too.
  4. Planer Review

    I was hoping is was going to be at least 12 inch and not small hand planers.
  5. Same here. The only cordless tool I have is my drill.
  6. Club demo

    Very nice work Gerald. I wish we had some type of woodworking club near me.
  7. New Project - Head Shaped Bookshelf

    Very cool Mike. I have never seen anything like it.

    Very nice Harry. I really like the bright colors.
  9. We All Use Math;

    Yes. Used to catch a lot of trout and a few bass.
  10. We All Use Math;

    Lake Berryessa in California. Used to go fishing there a lot.
  11. Lighthouse plan

    With eight sides 22.5 degrees and with six sides 30 degrees if that is what you were asking. At least that has always worked for me.
  12. Big day!

    Wow Steve that sounds amazing.
  13. Cradle Progress Report

    Very nice Ron.

    My grandfather used them. I was told he was a ship builder for a short time in the old days.
  15. Random orbit sander

    I have a Makita palm sander that I have been using for around 35 years. Still going strong.
  16. I thought I had it all ruffed in

    Very impressive. How long does it take you to do the Dremmel work?
  17. Got the outside cut out today

    Very nice. I love clocks.
  18. I need something to protect the pattern

    It still won't fit if you use a spiral blade?
  19. What do you see?

    The first thing I thought of when I saw it was a turtle.
  20. Bowl contest.

    I went to Woodcraft to buy a few things and one of the guys that works there asked me if I would enter my bowl in the contest. He said most of them are from a lathe, not many are from a scroll saw. Wish me luck.
  21. Why they call it a learning curve

    I feel your pain. I ruff turned a walnut bowl. Spend two months drying it. Put it on the lathe to finish it and had a catch. Broke the bowl into 3 or 4 pieces.
  22. DeWalt Scroll Saw Knurled Knobs

    The silver end stops turning when it touches the blade so it won't make the blade want to get crooked as you keep tightening.
  23. DeWalt Scroll Saw Knurled Knobs

    Not sure. You can find them at seyco.com.
  24. DeWalt Scroll Saw Knurled Knobs

    These are for the Excaliber saw. My understanding is they will also fit the DW.

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