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  1. What do you see?

    The first thing I thought of when I saw it was a turtle.
  2. Why they call it a learning curve

    I feel your pain. I ruff turned a walnut bowl. Spend two months drying it. Put it on the lathe to finish it and had a catch. Broke the bowl into 3 or 4 pieces.
  3. DeWalt Scroll Saw Knurled Knobs

    The silver end stops turning when it touches the blade so it won't make the blade want to get crooked as you keep tightening.
  4. DeWalt Scroll Saw Knurled Knobs

    Not sure. You can find them at seyco.com.
  5. DeWalt Scroll Saw Knurled Knobs

    These are for the Excaliber saw. My understanding is they will also fit the DW.
  6. Sad day for wood turners everywhere.

    Never heard of him but very sad. Thanks for sharing. I will check out his work.
  7. Nice Surprise in the mail today

    Very nice surprise. Congrats.
  8. Cap'n Eddie 12 Cent Pens

    Very nice Dan. I will have to check out the video. I would like to try that with acrylic.
  9. Changes

    Is it just me. Every time I come here for the last few days the site is different?
  10. Sealing wood.

    I have heard you can just paint thee ends of logs to keep them from drying too fast and cracking. My question is will spray paint work?
  11. The hardest wood in North America

    I'm going to go with petrified.
  12. Acrylic

    Does anybody here make their own acrylic blanks? I have been doing a lot of research on resin, molds, vacuum chambers and pressure pots.
  13. We All Use Math;

    21 what did I win?
  14. Free CA Glue sample

    I also did not have to pay any shipping. Have not had a chance to use it yet but if it is like other Dap products I am sure I will be happy.
  15. Free CA Glue sample

    I just got mine in the mail Saturday.

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