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  1. Opinions please

    Not sure about the lathe. Where I used to work we had a Geizzly table saw and mill. We had them around 10 years and they both worked well. Never had a problem with either one. Hope this helps.
  2. Vacuum chuck

    Got it set up. Pulls 25 inches at 80 pounds of air. Uses very little air and very quiet.
  3. Vacuum chuck

    I ended up going with the one in the picture. I found it for a good deal. I will try it in a few days when it stops snowing. In the videos I watched it looks like it holds real good and is a lot quieter than the vac pump. We will see.
  4. Lathe in Reverse?

    I like your tops. What are you using for the centers?
  5. Lathe in Reverse?

    I wish.
  6. Bandsaws under $500.00

    I was looking at the Craftsman when I bought mine. They didn't have any in the store and couldn't order one. The salesman said he didn't know when they would get any. You also can't order them online. I ender up going with the Rikon.
  7. Wood Lathe Replacement Motor

    I bought a 1hp motor for my old table saw from Grizzly for around $150. It works great.
  8. Vacuum chuck

    What is a good vacuum chuck that won't break the bank? I have been looking at one with a vacuum generator instead of a pump. Looking at something like this.
  9. Glue question

    Sounds like a temp problem then. This time of year my shop is around 50 degrees. I had one glue joint fail the other two held.
  10. Glue question

    Wow thanks for all the replies. It is common 2 by 6 construction lumber. The glue gets cold but did not freeze. The bottle of glue is new. The jointer is new. It has the helical cutting head with 12 small carbide cutters. It has cut the wood that smooth since the first time I used it. Sounds most like damp wood from what you are all saying. Thanks for the help. Forgot to add that I was gluing the flat sides together to make a piece 5.5 by 7 by 4.5 thick.
  11. Glue question

    I glued some 2 by 6 pieces together to practice making a bandsaw box. I use Titebond glue. I ran the 2 by 6 through my jointer to get nice flat smooth wood for glue joints. When the wood comes off the jointer it is like glass, very smooth. I let it set for a couple of days. I turned the piece on its side to cut a thin strip off and while pushing one of the glue joints slid apart. Any idea what went wrong?
  12. What brand scrollsaw do you use?

    Herb I measured my stand. It is 30 inches tall which puts the cutting table on my 788 at 38.5 inches.
  13. First for me

    Very nice Gerald. Beautiful wood.
  14. What brand scrollsaw do you use?

    Not sure how tall I would have to measure. The chair has adjustable height. I can't imagine cutting without the foot switch. That picture is from when I was first setting up my shop. There is plenty of clutter now.

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