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  1. I'm going to go with petrified.
  2. Does anybody here make their own acrylic blanks? I have been doing a lot of research on resin, molds, vacuum chambers and pressure pots.
  3. 21 what did I win?
  4. I also did not have to pay any shipping. Have not had a chance to use it yet but if it is like other Dap products I am sure I will be happy.
  5. I just got mine in the mail Saturday.
  6. And now we know why nobody knows how much change to give you without looking at the register.
  7. I ordered one from Amazon. It was $19. It had great reviews so we will see. I figured it will come in handy when I start to mix resin.
  8. Very nice. Sorry for your loss.
  9. I will have to look into a small scale.
  10. Thanks Gerald. I have seen that on youtube and I did a rough turn. I put the bowl in a brown paper bag and filled it with wood shavings. That seems to be what most people do that I have seen. I wanted to make sure the other blocks would dry with the wax.
  11. I bought eight blocks of wood 6 x 6 x 3. I got two each of four different types. All eight are totally covered in a type of wax. I took a piece of walnut and while turning a bowl I could tell it was very wet. Will they all dry over time with the wax on or do I need to remove it?
  12. That young man has some skills, and one heck of a shop.
  13. I save all of the scraps but haven't done anything with them yet. I will probably put a bunch of small pieces in some acrylic and make something.
  14. I found it Greald, thanks. It shows everything for sale local.

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