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  1. Wood clamps

    If anybody is looking for clamps check our Harbor Freight. I got the 6" clamps for $2.99, the 18" for $4.99 and the 12" wooden one for $10. I thought that was a pretty good deal.
  2. Tagging

    Will do Fred. Thanks for the tip.
  3. Basket finally done!

    Very nice basket.
  4. Scrolling Straight Lines ?

    I use spiral blades. Seems to be easier for me.
  5. wood sources

    I have bought hardwoods from Ocooch Hardwoods online. They have a great selection, good price and reasonable shipping.
  6. Bandsaw

    Thanks for the tip on Suffolk I will be buying some blades from them.
  7. Bandsaw

    Thanks everybody for your helpful advice. I called Woodcraft today to ask them if they would price match the one I saw online for $760. The manager told me they would have it on sale next month for 699. I am going to go with the Rikon for that price. These are the specifications. MaterialSteel TABLE Miter Slot (2)3/8" x 3/4" T-SlotYES Dimensions21-1/2" x 15-3/4" MaterialCast Iron Tilt Range5 left, 45 degree right Height from Floor39-1/2" CUTTING CAPACITY Blade Width Range3/16" - 3/4" Depth of Throat13-5/8" Depth of Cut13" Blade Length111" Blade Speeds1,445 / 2950 SFPM BLADE GUIDE Precision Guide BearingsYES MOTOR - RIKON Amps14 / 7 A Horsepower1.5 HP Voltage115 / 230 Volts / 60Hz DUST COLLECTION Dust Chute Diameter (OD)1 @ 4" CONTROLS TensioningQuick Tension Release TrackingStandard Blade Guide LockYES Blade Guide Raise/Lower KnobYES BAND WHEEL MaterialCast Aluminum
  8. Bandsaw

    Sounds like it is worth a try. Thanks for the idea.
  9. Bandsaw

    Cai I was thinking I would like to get it in the next 4 to 6 weeks. My lathe will turn 12.5 inches. I watch a lot of youtube videos. Carl Jacobson showed how he cuts the heart out of a log to keep it from cracking with his band saw. The biggest log I do will be around 12 inches. I will make some bandsaw boxes and anything else I can find or think of. I will also be using it to cut a bowl blank round before I put it on the lathe.
  10. Bandsaw

    I appreciate any advice given. I have checked Craigslist and everything else near me for used. I live in a small town and there is nothing close. I am 3 hours from a big city. I would love to find a good used saw cheap but very hard to do here.
  11. Bandsaw

    Thanks Dave. I did look at them at Woodcraft. The 10 only has 4.5 inch resaw. I am looking for more than that.
  12. Bandsaw

    Thanks for the replies. The Rikon sounds like a winner then. I was looking at the Craftsman but can't buy one or have one shipped to my area.
  13. Bandsaw

    Ok I have been looking at bandsaws for a while. I was looking at a 10 inch but want more resaw capacity. I am also looking to not break the bank. I am looking at a Rikon 10-324. It has a 13 and 5/8 throat and 13 inch resaw. All bearing construction and blade guids. A standard blade at 111 inches. I can get it shipped for $760. Does anybody have experience with this saw?
  14. Snowman

    It finally melted. I don't want any more.
  15. Snowman

    Wife wanted asnowman. I made this one. It is around 6 feet tall.

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