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    You got me, you figure it out!
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    I have nothing right now. When I think of something I'll be back.
  1. HandyDan is going down for the count...

    Great News Dan. Sorry that I missed this but glad to hear that everything is alright.
  2. Sjorbergs Vice

    Congratulations Gene !!!!!
  3. Flu shot anyone?

    Have to get the flu shot every year. Haven't had a problem. Except for one year I went to Rite Aid and got the flu shot. The pharmacist gave me the shot and my arm was black and blue for about 3 weeks. That was the last time I got the shot their. I now get it at the Dr's office every year.
  4. Friday the 13th

  5. I tried to sneak in....

    Welcome to the forum Jack!! Sorry about for the constant repeat about the delicious taste of Donuts and everyone wanting them but WE LIKE DONUTS!!!! I've been busy and I know that I've been late for the donuts but I'm looking for some Good Fresh DONUTS. It's now time for me to go back into my shell. Enjoy the forum!!! This is a great place!!
  6. Welcome to the forum Bob!! I think I still smell some donuts around?
  7. Well, hello folks ...

    Welcome to the forum Ben!!! You know Peanuts just might work around this peanut gallery!! Seems to be a bunch of nuts around here!!!
  8. A Buckeye Birthday Salute to...

    Happy Birthday Bob!!!!! Have a Great Day!!
  9. You won't believe this!

    Congratulations on getting all of that equipment!! Just take it easy until your ready for the next step. I guess I showed up just in time for fresh DONUTS!!!!.

    Nice job Ron!!!
  11. Festool Recon / Refurb

    The Festool refurbished would still be more than I would want to spend. They can keep them.
  12. Manufacturing 100 Years Ago

    O how times have changed. Thanks for sharing
  13. To All Members in Florida

    Stay Safe
  14. Wayne glad to see that you found your way back. Donuts are the way of life on the forum now. Donuts are welcomed anytime. I'll take a dozen creamed filled please.

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