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  1. My wife's Christmas present

    Really nice job on the craft table!!! I like it with the wheels. She can roll it out of the way when not using it. Holy cow your on fire. Nice sewing center also!!!!!
  2. yarn bowl

    Following!! Looking good!!
  3. Hobbled

    I have heard that the flu that is going around and is really nasty and lasting for about 3 weeks or so. And no magic shot. I got the magic flu shot this year but they say it is only 10% effective. Maybe you have the man flu. https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2017/dec/11/stop-accusing-men-of-overreacting-man-flu-really-does-exist-claims-doctor Take care hope you get over it soon.
  4. Tabs on the Weather...

    18° this morning. They are calling for 2"- 3" of that white stuff today. 97 Days until SPRING!!!!!!
  5. Another birthday

    Happy Birthday !!!!

    Happy Birthday Dave!!!
  7. Tabs on the Weather...

    Around 60° today. Was finally able to get on the mower and get the leaves mowed down before all of the cold weather they are calling for comes in.
  8. daughters knee surgery

    When I stayed before I had trouble with my oxygen dropping alittle bit. That might be another reason they decided to keep me again for the night. I assume she chose home therapy. I decided to go to therapy at our local hospital instead of at our home. I got at least one more week then I'll be done with that. I wish her well.
  9. daughters knee surgery

    Good luck to your Daughter Al. That's what they do. Send them home fast. My Dr. was at one time thinking about sending me home the same day since I had a partial knee replacement. I ended up staying the night. Which I think was a good thing for me.
  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY......

    Happy Birthday Pat. Hope you get to feeling better soon.
  11. Christmas Presents

    I like them all!!!! Great job on everything!!
  12. Still not up for shop time. Physical therapy still on the bench for me. Thanksgiving day the me and the wife will be going to see a movie. We will be getting some of that Turkey Popcorn with butter.
  13. Tabs on the Weather...

    It's all headed your way Al. Lots of rain.
  14. Tabs on the Weather...

    I really don't know what the temp is or nothing else. All I know it has rained alot today. Might have to start thinking about building a boat.
  15. Anybody Here Seen Our Old Friend...

    Hope you get to feeling better before Thanksgiving. I was thinking the same as Stick. You could have blender Turkey. Although it really doesn't sound very good to me.

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