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  1. Polling for the Themes

    Changing the colors is neat. I just may change the color (just cause I can) everytime I come here. I didn't have a problem the way it was before but we're good.
  2. Warbirds at Purdue University Airport

    Thank you for sharing your pictures. Looks like you had a great day!! I enjoy seeing picture like this.
  3. Great Day

    As my sister in law said. The other 364 days are for the right handed. We left handers just have to adapt to the right hand world.
  4. Great Day

    I can't believe it's that time of the year again. I'm so excited!! It's National Left Handers day!!!
  5. Cap'n Eddie 12 Cent Pens

    That would be a nice gift to get. I like the bases for them also. Great Job!!
  6. Shaker-ish spice cabinet

    That is a really nice Spice Cabinet Great Job!!
  7. I have a tool belt but haven't put that on in years. I don't wear a apron I just go naked.
  8. 31,419 days today

    Happy Birthday again Al !!! Might as well wish you a Happy Birthday on both post!! That way you can have 2 Birthdays !!!!
  9. Birthday Salute To...

    Happy Birthday Al
  10. Happy Birthday Schnewj!

    Happy Birthday Bill!!! May you have a Great Day and all of the DONUTS you want to eat.
  11. Strange Things....

    I never knew that. Thanks for the info!!!
  12. Strange Things....

    Some of them are pretty neat not strange. You want cacti furniture? That is a hot weather thing. This is your type of couch.
  13. Welcome to the forum Paul!! I see that I missed the DONUTS again. I guess that's what I get for going on vacation. If you happened to go get some fresh DONUTS? I'll take the creme filled DONUTS!!!
  14. My wife's mom passed away today

    Sorry to hear. Thoughts and prayers to your family
  15. Shaker Style Vanity (Poplar)

    Good luck!! I'll be watching for more photos

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