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  1. You won't believe this!

    You assuming we ain't got no couth?
  2. Fulfilling a promise

    I've added a 4 TB drive. Guess I'll have to be more selective on what I keep.
  3. Tabs on the Weather...

    Miracles still happen. 0.31 inches today/yesterday on the rain gauge. Most since June 8 with 0.37" Just about Zip in between.
  4. Fulfilling a promise

    Stick's the man, he is my favorite source for information. My computer is bulging with all of his reference posts that I have been saving in a Woodworking file. The info has saved me many times and continues to expand.
  5. Apple wood - gold mine or fool's gold?

    Herb, you keep outdoing yourself with your fantastic projects.
  6. Refinishing a Walnut base

    Way above nicely
  7. Great Comparison, USCGC Eagle's (my avator) Main mast is 147 feet 3 inches,
  8. Tabs on the Weather...

    Another month gone with 0.06" rain in the gauge following July's 0.00"
  9. What day is it?

    Last of the 7 non working days in a retirees week.
  10. Tabs on the Weather...

    0.03 " on rain gage tor this month . Looking for a great monthly total since July's total 0.03". When I moved from the East Coast in 2011 my friends asked me why I was moving to the "Rainy" Seattle area. Me too.
  11. # millennial melodrama PSA

    Empty hole must have been lack of doughnuts of bacon. Important things, not like whatever we were supposed to be missing,
  12. Sad day for wood turners everywhere.

    Certainly a loss. Such beautiful work is what people strive for but many never make it.
  13. Lew gets published!

  14. Nice Surprise in the mail today

    Congratulations, it's nice to know that magazines recognize real woodworkers.
  15. Old Age

    You said "GIT BACK HERE!!!! you didn't finish..." I don't know where here is.

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