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  1. When does the weekend start? Being retired, every day is a weekend so there is no start or stop.
  2. maple bowl with a funky edge

    That's a beauty.
  3. Wood clamps

    Ratcheting Bar Clamp/Spreaders wouldn't hold anything when I bought them. Almost trashed they until I was convinced to give them to Goodwill.
  4. Happy B'Day Herb...

    Happy Retirement Anniversary Herb. Happy Birthday ?, (can't blame this one on me}.

    Good Grief, I thought he was old. Just a young Squirt.
  6. New here, happily looking around the place...

    It'll be fun as long as Stick and Bill get their Doughnuts and Pie & Ice Cream respectively. Forget what Bill said about forgetting his Ice Cream. He holds a grudge.
  7. Seasons Greetings or not

    First is Seasons Greeting for those who want them. Second is for those who don't. Anyone with additional ways of saying greetings, please let me know so "maybe" I'll get it fixed before next year. Christmas Card.pdf Bah Humbug .pdf
  8. Another birthday

    Happy Birthday Tom, and many more to come.
  9. Planes...just,....planes

    That's plain to see.
  10. MWTCA November 2017 "What's It" Project

    Great win Gene.
  11. Wood Bargains?

    Found a Bosch 12v Drill Driver Kit for sale $99 everywhere. Looked to see what CPO had to offer. Same price &99, or if you wanted a reconditioned one, it was &110.
  12. Happy Veteran's Day

    Thank you, and Bravo Zulu to all Vets.
  13. HEY PEOPLE!!!

    Know when to hold em, know when to fold em, I'm going to eat a doughnut, and have apple pie ala mode
  14. HEY PEOPLE!!!

    Some of us are old enough to not get in a food fight anymore.

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