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  1. Tübatulabal Cooking Basket

    Superb Billy. A true piece of art. Loved the story to go with it. How many hours do you have in a piece such as this? The detailing is incredible.
  2. Birthday Greetings to...

    @Kenny Tarmack... A big happy birthday and best wishes for a great day and more to come throughout the year! Hope things are well and you're enjoying the fruits of your labor in the basement remodel/upgrade.
  3. Next Project?

    So long as it's after work...you've got to many "scary" tools (e.g. 12" joiner). Limit is good too. Friday mornings sound pretty good too especially if coffee is included.
  4. Next Project?

  5. Wow that felt good!

    Cool beans Fred. Sounds like we'll have access to a full functioning shop during the Patriot Woodworker Summer Fest. Can't wait to drool over your new digs and all of it's amenities. There will be more things green than the grass & corn.
  6. spring is when you start doing something

    Well, since everything is BIGGER in Texas, I assume snakes are no exception especially one's that rattle. I don't blame them; I'd left the inventory count to the next tenants.
  7. spring is when you start doing something

    Oh I fully understand that Patch but me & snakes just don't work together very well.
  8. spring is when you start doing something

    After an episode like this, I'd just sub the job out Patch. Doesn't Texas have some kinda' Prop Warning for these? At least...assuming they were a Rattlesnake-Free county.
  9. Our Mr. Kauffman.

    Late to the reveal. Kudos Lew. Great idea...I'll have to replicate for my saws.
  10. Next Project?

    I'm here all week. Wait, Friday gone for a bit to get a hair cut, then maybe a trip to H-F, Rural King and a stop by the "Rust Warehouse" so may have to catch a re-run Looking forward to the panel door.
  11. Tabs on the Weather...

    From what I saw on the morning weather, It doesn't look promising for you and @Artie yet again. Maybe not as severe this time around, but after all you've already had, anything of the sorts is bad. Hang in there guys, @Stick486 is pretty close to kicking Spring off the mountain...once he gets his foot unstuck from the gummy bears
  12. Tabs on the Weather...

    Wish I could...
  13. Not Exactly Woodworking...

    ...can't...oldest grandson "picked" that for his mom...thought the spoiler was kwool. Apparently this troop does have an event for both the Scouts and adults...from what I witnessed the other night a couple of the dads are pretty serious about this. I agree, the Scout needs to be involved. This has been good so far with my grandson and I. He seems to be really enjoying "time in the shop." IDK about the cabbage thing as a prize...I'm not much of a cabbage eater unless it's purple cabbage and made into cole slaw...however, genuine German sauerkraut is OK once in a while. If we win a cabbage, will you trade me for some sandpaper. Thanks Lew...when this began, I thought there had to be a You-Tube video or two on the subject...well, there are dozens...maybe dozens of dozens...some guys seem to be quite obsessed. Apparently there are side line businesses that make/sell special wheels, axles, weight kits, car designs...who knew...Even how to cheat w/o getting caught. We can only use items that came in the kit, although nothing states you can't narrow the wheels or reduce weight by drilling hole. Camber is OK as long as all 4 wheels touch...some of the "cheaters" suggest adjusting so only 3 of 4 wheels touch. I had seen a couple videos about filing burrs off the axles (nails) and polishing them so been working on that already. Well the rules state "only dry lubricants allowed e.g. powdered graphite, but that is specifically for event day. I had thought the same Dan about a wipe down with the silicone and wiping the axle bore with silicone or Johnson's using and a Q-tip. Same here Allen...I basically carved my first couple...Dad was always working (ran his own business) so little in the way of coaching or encouragement. He was very supportive and involved when I played little league (he loved baseball and was very good in H.S.); but never made it to a football game, wrestling match and only a couple of basketball games. He did teach me ALOT about cars, engines, fishing, hunting/fire-arms, farming and especially home remodeling so all was good. The only wind tunnel here, is stepping outside the door. Thanks guys for the tips & personal stories...as long as my grandson is involved and learning something makes it worth it. Hopefully it will instill in him to pay it forward down the road when I'm long gone.
  14. Not Exactly Woodworking...

    ...but I never really claimed to be a real woodworker either. At least I'm finally doing something in the shop. It's been a LONG winter. So the story first: Oldest grandson will be 7 in about a month and is in the 1st grade. He joined Cub-Scouts at the beginning of the school year. His pack/troop is fairly small 9-10 kids ranging from 6-10 y/o, 1st to 4th? grades, but all from his elementary school (we have 3 in our school district). Anyways, like all good Cub Scouts Packs his is competing in the local Pinewood Derby so a while back we got the kit (well two JIC). This past Friday was the normal meeting day/time but was set aside as a Pinewood workshop. As it had been explained to me, this workshop was to discuss the basics, clarify the local rules, and if a scout wanted or needed access, cut out his car shape and then get ideas and suggestions on how to proceed. We met at the Scoutmaster's house in the workshop which is a rural setting. The workshop included several bench-top type woodworking tools (belt/disc sander, drill presses, a couple of band-saws, 8" table saw as well general hand tools. This shop once served as their truck repair shop (they operate an OTR trucking businesses, mostly grain hauling, but also some flat bed as well). Anyways, some of the dads also brought some additional tools, RO sanders, a couple more band-saws and so forth. Nine boys were in attendance along with at least one parent and a couple of grandparents. Keep in mind it's Friday evening, 6:30 PM after these little guys have been in school all week and now are out for the weekend. I don't need to tell you the level of energy these kids had. The Scout leaders finally got them corralled and quiet long enough to present the flags, Pledge of Allegiance, Scout motto's and creed before total chaos erupted. One of the Scout leaders and one of the dads were working silently at the band-saw station cutting out car shapes and another at the RO station sanding his own entry. One boy, the oldest there, was working with his dad at the weigh station; his car was mostly complete with paint. They just were drilling holes, then adding weights to get as close to the 5 oz max weight limit. IT WAS NOT SAFE FOR ANYONE TO BE AROUND ANYTHING THAT HAD MOVING, SHARP TEETH ON IT! My daughter volunteered me to help two of the leaders take a herd of boys outside that were not currently working on their cars. THEY ALL (boys) came outside. After 35 minutes, it was time to go back in to warm-up a bit. The rest of the dads pretty much had completed cutting the shapes and/or working on their own entry for the Adult class. Well, 35 minutes outside had not sapped these little guys of any of their energy the best I could tell. After about 15 minutes of complete chaos, my daughter and a couple other parents and a couple of the scout leaders herded the little critters up for Round 2 outside. I forget...did I mention IT WAS NOT SAFE FOR ANYONE TO BE AROUND ANYTHING THAT HAD MOVING, SHARP TEETH ON IT! Anyways, once all the boys were out again, I grabbed my stuff together, talked to the Scoutmaster getting all my questions answered and decided to head out while the coast was clear. A couple of the wives and one grandmother tried to convince me to stay since it was now quiet (someone finally turned off the 135k BTU oil fired salamander) but I opted out. The sames guys were at the band-saws and the one father was still weighing/balancing his kid's entry even though the kid was outside...so the parameters were established in my mind. I'd already found several patterns in PDF files on the inter-web, so I had my grandson choose his car. He also chose one for his Mom for the adult race. Yesterday & today in some spare time while we finally had a little sun and temperatures just above 50 I did this. Thanks in advance for indulgence. Basic kit which included the block of YP. Grandson chose his car from about 25 patterns I found. His car roughed out on the 10" BS. He did watch and I explained to him what/why we're doing. He was in charge of operating the shop vac. The BS had not been used for a few months. I suspect on one cut I had too tight a curve going and the blade popped off with quite a bang. We both jumped. Once I got the cover off, there was a fair build-up of saw-dust so I had him brush then vac and he cleaned it out. Next step was sanding on the OSS. He also operated the shop vac for that operation, helped me with the drum changes on the sander and I let him do a little sanding. We talked about the different drum sizes and why we used them. From there we went to the 6" disc/4x36 belt to work on the car nose a bit. He turned the sander on/off as well as the vac, but watched while I sanded. Next up I decided we needed more of a profile so set up a 5/16" round-over bit in the router table. I did let him turn the router on and off. He liked the big Off paddle. By then he wanted to know if it would be OK to go out and play with his brother while it was still daylight. I finished it up, did a little more sanding and called it an evening last night. Today, aside from my other daily duties, I started on his Mom's car. Rough cut-out on the 10" BS. No issues with the blade today. Needed to do a little "fine work" before I got out the H-F 1x30 belt sander. I had to stop at this point to PU oldest grand-daughter from tennis practice. I turned that into a 35 minute driving lesson for her which included her backing out of the parking space in front of her peers. That was fun. Once back, I had a load of laundry to finish and get in the dryer before resuming. More sanding, some chisel work then started profiling on the router table. Oldest grand-son got home from his baseball mini-camp and did come out and help sand for for a bit before dinner. After dinner, I did a little more, shut off the lights and came in. The temperature had dropped from 53o at 6 PM to 38o by 8 PM. Forgot to take any more pictures before stopping. As @steven newman says...stay tuned.
  15. What A Smart Bunch Of People We Must Have Here

    SNORK!!! SNORK!!! x2
  16. Drawer Cabinet Under Sander

    Now that is real woodworking Herb! You certainly classed that sander base up with this addition. I really like the contrasts of the drawer fronts. The handles 'ain't half shabby either.
  17. That's cool. Amazing how circumstances sometimes bring people together at times. As the relationship develops, maybe he'll let you post some pics of his shop and work... ...and if not, you've still got a coffee drinking, wood and project sharing friend just down the road.
  18. Tabs on the Weather...

  19. Close call

  20. How did you happen to encounter him? To bad about no 'puter...would have been a great addition to the fine folks here at TPW.
  21. See above my response to Rusty. Probably about a 4-1/2-5 hour drive from Laporte area Michael. We probably can work out a ride share. I live south of Lafayette but may be meeting up with @Ron Dudelston in Hartford City depending on the final date.
  22. Thanks Fred for the clarification. I should be able to do that. Just got the summer volley-ball schedule which helps. Now if I can get my oldest grand-daughter ready, she might have her drivers license by June which will greatly help...I think
  23. Next Project?

    Mondays, meh, what are they really good for? Well at least no blood was spilled. I'll be back later to check on the progress...cat's following me around wanting to take a nap since winter returned today. Gotta' keep the cat happy.
  24. Tabs on the Weather...

    A sweltering 27o this AM with ENE winds 15-20 mph, 45%RH giving a good 'ole Hoosier country feel of 12o yet the sun is shining. Oh, and that groundhog...no where to be seen. Rumor out here he has gone underground until the weather improves and resembles spring. Well it's been six weeks since he last showed himself...where's the spring he boasted to the world in front of all those lights and cameras? May he grow like an onion...with his head in the ground and tail in the air. 0d 3h 45 m 01s until Spring...better yet... 92d 21h 27m 45s until SUMMER
  25. Watched way too much basketball but they were some really good games. One of the best was the long anticipated match-up between Class 4A (largest BB class in Indiana) between 30-0, Warren Central and New Albany which had only lost one game all season. New Albany has Romeo Langford, a McDonald's HS All-American, most likely 2018 Indiana Mr. Basketball and was on track to break the all-time state scoring record held by Damon Bailey. He is ranked Nationwide as one of the top 5 recruits and has yet to commit. Choices are Kansas, Vanderbilt and Indiana; Louisville was also on the list, but probably out after their scandals and on-going FBI investigation. Over 8k were in attendance (gym was maxed out) Mid week, tickets (for a HS game mind you) were being scalped at over $100/ea. Anyway, it came down to the last shot. And the winner was Click here Normal other duties, several errands after church and a number of tasks at home since the weather was decent for a change...I did get started on this

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