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  1. Vagaries of age

  2. Friday's Pick

    I had some time to kill late Friday afternoon waiting for my wife to get off work so we could pick-up the truck from the transmission transplant. I hadn't been to the local flea market since well before Christmas...Pretty much the same 'ole, same 'ole. On the way out one booth has a variety of tools but most are of little value. I did however stumble upon this laying under some junk. @John Moody you wanted proof and more details of the find. So you know, I trudged out to the garage today, 18o, wind blowing, barefoot, waist high snow, uphill both ways to find my magnifying glass. Here's the results. How did I do? This is a "four fold" right? Any ideas on the approximate age? I hope to clean it up a bit but not ruin the patina. I stumbled upon an article Chris Schwartz wrote about how he cleaned one using diluted oxilac acid wash I'm not sure yet how to reattach the brass strips but was thinking maybe CA glue? Thoughts. Stanley-Sweetheart No. 62 Boxwood & brass folding rule; Besides the U.S.A. it is stamped Boxwood. Only one of the three alignment/latch pins remain; brass edge strips have pulled or been pulled from brass pins; some debris under the strips Thanks for looking.
  3. Friday's Pick

    WOW! No wonder I can't find them around here or anywhere for that matter. You've cornered the market. Very cool collection. Thanks @John Moody for the information and history on the #62. Much appreciated. It's a little older than I guessed which was early 30's, pre-depression. Thanks for the heart merge into the level dating. Good nugget to have. I wish the brass edges were fully secured, but overall for $4 thought it was a decent find. I need to start carrying a magnifying glass in the glove compartment for just in case.
  4. So did you ever get a new knife?
  5. With a big thanks to John Morris

    Bummer Fred; glad the tethering is working OK for you. If I had to climb that tower to repair the issue unlikely you would ever have wireless again. Hope you're enduring the unfavorable weather otherwise.
  6. Tabs on the Weather...

    MLK Day is a planned holiday day here also, but all holiday days have the potential to be used as Weather Make-up Days versus adding extra days at the end of the school year. Looks like they'll be going President's Day as a make-up now.
  7. I'd never thought about that connection Gene, but a quick search seems there was no association. Very interesting to see what their market share once was in the vocational training departments. http://www.olivermachinery.com/History/
  8. Shane's Oliver saw restore is spectacular! Weekend Update: Picked up the truck from it's transmission transplant Friday. Everything seems good and no pink fluid showing in the snow. Made a quick pick while I was out; Swim conference finals were Saturday; Team finished 5th OA; girls again swam their best times for the events they participated in; one podium finish 7th; good day! Coming Week; away swim meets Tu/Th and all day invitational on Sa; usual daily transport duties assuming school is in session?? Hang out here when I can for my sanity. Schools ended up cancelled today due to weather so kids are all home again today; snowing & too cold to put them outside; apparently there are laws about that...they've attended 4 days of school so far in 2018 and one of those was a 2 hour delay.
  9. Tabs on the Weather...

    Weather UPDATE: Schools ended up cancelled for the day...kids are all home again today...they've attended 4 days of school so far in 2018 and one of those was a 2 hour delay.
  10. Tape dispenser

    Very nicely done Joe. Matt stopped in here a couple of times way back after the Wood forum sank, but haven't seen or heard from him since. He was in the process of moving his shop back home and downsizing then. @kmealy noted the last I knew of Matt's project focus.
  11. Friday's Pick

    Good question. @John Moody may be able to shed some light on that??
  12. Will be a project for 2018?

    Take care of yourself...some nasty stuff going around!
  13. Friday's Pick

  14. Tabs on the Weather...

    18o with a SW wind 15-20 mph; gives real feel of "0" some light snow and drifting overnight but it appears we've missed the blunt so far. IDKY but area schools are on a 2 hour delay. Today is normally a holiday, but also a snow-day make-up; since they missed last Friday, kiddies are scheduled for school. Should know w/i the next hour if today's mission gets scrubbed, In other weather related news: 64d 4h 11m 02s until SPRING
  15. Friday's Pick

    I'd seen pictures Herb, but I had never seen one in the wild. Very unusual to find something like that around here. Thanks Joe for the info. From what little I've learned, the #62 was (is) one of the most popular of the Stanley rules; apparently more made than of the others.
  16. Non-Global Warming

  17. A wonderful WW experience

    Spot on Lew! I chose a technical path and education (Automotive & Diesel Mechanics) when I graduated from HS. It nearly infuriated my Guidance Counselor, Principle and a couple of my "Academic Advisers". That was in 1970-71. While I could succeed in the academic classroom, it wasn't my love or passion. I loved getting my hands dirty. The skills and knowledge I gained during my "first career" got me in the door for my second career. By then I had a more mature understanding of the value of academic learning combined trade skills knowledge and just plain old hard work ethic. I was fortunate within the company I worked for to gain the mentor-ship of some senior managers and if I demonstrated a desire to learn both hands-on and in the classroom they would provide a path and assistance. During the many years "driving a desk" (forgive me @Wil, for stealing your term), I was still the happiest when I was working with my hands & mind. I've truly enjoyed being in the classroom and that special moment when you would see someone with that "a ha!" moment, but the satisfaction that comes with fixing, building, creating something from your own hands...man that's the best high out there... OK time to garner some beauty rest...not nearly enough hours in the day or night for that to work I've found taking two of these helps...
  18. Diamond plates

    Tagging along EZ...I'm where you're at and also have been considering the DMT's.
  19. Tabs on the Weather...

    I see your 16o and raise you one degree...3"+ tonight on the snow. Back to the deep-freeze tomorrow night. At least we had sunshine today...nothing melted though... 64d 17h 20m 07s 'til spring
  20. Lumber score!

    Mighty fine looking pile of scrap you scored. Well worth the 2 hour drive David. You've got an awesome friend. Man, I gotta' find me a different circle of friends
  21. PIP River Table

  22. A wonderful WW experience

    IMHO Wil I believe you are spot on with this observation. For far too long, Educators began painting all HS kids with the same broad brush...you need a 4 year degree to be successful and competitive. Understanding in part their philosophy, however their error is practical common sense is not every HS kid is cut out a conventional college campus. The last 10-12 years of my professional career I "drove a desk (love that analogy) as well. The majority of it was recruiting, interviewing & hiring (both at the H.S. and Community College level) kids to enter manufacturing. I soon learned those kids were ill prepared in many areas; math, basic PC, problem solving, Inter-personal and decision making skills not to mention any type of technical knowledge. I also did New Hire Orientations, then spent another 40-80 to hours in the classroom with them just to teach the basics. Most were like sponges embracing the opportunity to learn something they felt would help them in a career. Many developed a passion for learning and took advantage of many of our in house elective classes and some went a step further using our tuition reimbursement program to continue their educations toward 2 and 4 year degrees. On the other side of the coin, I worked directly with local Community Colleges and a few of our state University's to develop or adapt curriculum needed to for our needs. We partnered with other area manufacturers to develop several apprenticeship programs for skilled trades such as electricians, machine repair, industrial maintenance, utilities as well as Quality, Machining (including CNC Operators & Programmers) and Advanced Assembly Techniques. Working through the State of Indiana (and some other states as well) I obtained local, state and even some Federal grants to off-set the costs. I spent A LOT of time tracking people, $$$'s, progress, etc. "driving my desk." to keep all the plates spinning, but we had some great success stories. I wish I could say it was all perfect, but far from it. Cyclical business climates interrupted the process that led to re-creating the wheel over and over. Some individuals chose to blow the opportunities given them requiring a re-evaluation of the entry and selection process. Off my soap box now, but it does grind my gears when I hear "the trades are dead or dying." There is NO APP to frame, wire, plumb, roof, lay blocks/concrete work for a house; there is NO APP to repair your car, truck boat, airplane, lawn-mower or snowblower; there is NO APP to operate heavy machinery to build or repair infra-structure; there is NO APP for Hand crafted anything. Certainly there are APPs and technological advances which have changed the landscape and methodology for climbing the tree, but man has and always will use his hands along with his mind to create and build. OK, I'm think I'm done. Time to go take a TIDE pod now!
  23. WHY? So Disheartening

    Spot on Dan!
  24. scrap project

    These are awesome Dane. Love all the contrasts.
  25. Cleaning the Shop

    Huh, surprised I never thought of this.

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