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  1. Gerald have you building shelves for him too?
  2. If You are Thinking

  3. Hey Grandpawdave

    I get ya'. I almost never go to a dealer service shop. I've developed some good working relationships with some of the local independents like the transmission shop I used. I've know him for nearly 50 years. I still do a lot of my own work Patch, but sometimes it's beyond my abilities with the new stuff today. In this case, without a post lift, transmission jack, some of the special tooling required, a flush machine etc. just wasn't feasible. Twenty years ago I might have tackled it. Knock on wood, this is the first automatic transmission I've ever had fail. I had plenty of manual transmissions fail but most of those were self-inflicted. Once upon a time I could rebuild a Muncie T-10, 4 spd. in just a few hours including R&R.
  4. Now ya' know what it's like to live in Indiana from December to April. Early trip to HS in the AM for girls to catch the bus for an all day swim invitational. Grandpa has begged off this one...way too much sitting. I can follow their (meet) progress on a phone app. Supposed to break 40 Sat and near 50 Sunday. I may venture out into the garage and look around some.
  5. Will be a project for 2018?

    You been holding out on us...never seen this unit before or those two bits for that matter...I need to get out more I've got one very similar to it. Nice touch on the cove even if you had to use electricity to do it. Lower unit turned out very nice. Looking forward to seeing where you go on the upper.
  6. Hey Grandpawdave

    $3,079 and some change for R&R, line/cooler flush, fluid, transfer parts etc. plus a re-manufactured unit. It did not include the transfer case. Reman unit has a 3 yr/ 36k mile warranty. They quoted me $2500-$2700 to possibly rebuild mine; that would only had 1 yr/12k mile warranty. They found a used unit that would work that had 96k miles on it; $2700 plus shipping installed; again 1 yr, 12k mile warranty Essentially a no brainer...I got it there Wednesday afternoon; picked it up Friday afternoon...
  7. If You are Thinking

  8. If You are Thinking

    Built in with utensils under the hood for just in case.
  9. Will be a project for 2018?

    Very good price...most around here runs about $1.50-$2.00 bd ft depending on how much you buy. One guy has CL ads at ~$1.25 bd/ft in quantities of 200 bd/ft+; usually 7/8" thickness but sometimes 1"
  10. If You are Thinking

    Nah, you gotta' have the V12 sedan version too for that...the coupe is just for the weekend picnic get-a-ways. I heard something on the radio early this AM too Fred; it sent me searching...
  11. If You are Thinking

    about trading up this year for a new ride, you might want to consider this...
  12. Woodcraft Clearance Sale

    Are you formally announcing a new movie is in the works, Deplorable Me Too?
  13. Decorah Eagles Cam is back and live

    Thanks Fred. The grandkids (& Me too) have come to really love this each year.
  14. Wood clamps

    Rumor has it, you can never have enough clamps
  15. Woodcraft Clearance Sale

    Thanks Lew...some nice to haves but too much month at the end of the money after the furnace & transmission surprises.

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