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  1. As for weekend...nada done...we experienced record breaking temperatures ~94o plus the last three days with a couple more in the works...too hot for shop work...need to finish up some mowing...three volleyball matches on tap for the week plus a tourney next Saturday and the usual daily transportation services. There may be some garage activity after Wednesday with a cool down forecast on the way.
  2. I tried to sneak in....

    Hey Billy, Welcome to TPW...the greatest virtual workbench & shop on the interweb! Glad you're here even if you tried to sneak in the back door. You've already jumped in with "gang" so ya' might as well accept it...you're one of us now! Since you've chosen subversive tactics on the donuts, I'll pass...however I'll take the rhubarb pie(s) and pure vanilla bean ice cream is just fine Both will go quite well after a plate full or two of KC BBQ... Looking forward to seeing more of your projects for sure!
  3. Intimate with a real Queen

    Glad you survived the ordeal Cliff! And yes, it could have been a whole lot WORSE!
  4. Cabinet Making!

    But doesn't that negatively effect the productivity of the cat's leading to unsafe conditions for them?
  5. Mister McGoo syndrom

    I feared as much...Should I plan on taking tackle & bait or just the pole? I do realize I have to pack and carry a cooler without wheels...no suitable path to wheel coolers that far in.
  6. Mister McGoo syndrom

    Therein may be the problem...I believe my wiring option had the "auto-dimmer" feature installed...sorta' like the Cadillacs of the late 50's & early 60's which had the auto off/on headlight dimmers...after years of cycling, sometimes unnecessarily, mine may be stuck in the "brights" mode...even if parts are available, probably too costly to repair now on a vintage model .
  7. Cabinet Making!

    Joinery beats anything coming from IKEA...all the safety concerns aside, they know what they're doing. Thanks Mike...it certainly should make us appreciate any equipment we have in our own personal shops.
  8. Well There ya Go!

  9. Mister McGoo syndrom

    It has an Off Switch? Hmmmm...things are making a little more sense now..
  10. It happened to me

    Is this you?
  11. Closing In

    Inching closer & closer...as we now count down from the "Top 15"
  12. Spill in aisle 20

    Gonna guess it will become a corporate wide training video
  13. Oddball things at Home Depot

    I've used theirs several times now at our local Super Wally and also one in a neighboring county. My CS experience for both has been phenomenal with it far exceeding the standard in-store service...No doubt my day of disappointment is looming because, well, they're Wally World...
  14. Spill in aisle 20

    I assume they can Color Match that brow/beige in the middle? They'll probably move the person to the door and windows section...

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