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  1. Food For Thought

    Needs a couple hits with a flame thrower...
  2. Patriot site slow down

    Everything seems OK here... When is the last time you cleared your cache Ron?
  3. Tabs on the Weather...

    Blistering 12o at 6 AM. Strong SSW wind giving a real feel of -1o; Some moderate drifting and slick spots across roads due to wind. Forecast for a high of 30o today. Doubt it will feel like it with the wind. 61d 5h 24m 01s until Spring.
  4. PIP River Table

    Sounds like a barbecue is in the works. For salmon on the grill, I've got a bundle of redwood shingles I bought years ago...pull one or two out, hose it off, soak it in water, then cook the salmon directly on it. The mesquite with salmon would be very good too I suspect.
  5. Darwin Awards

    Bummer...that just doesn't seem right... No, no recalls in the offerings...Sorry. Except for about three days during the brief thaw, we've had plenty on the ground since Christmas Eve. Maybe this will help...61d 17h 14m 42s 'til Spring
  6. What's On Your Work Bench?

    Love the pool ball dispenser
  7. OlBuck

    I received an email from him a little over a week ago and replied to it but haven't heard anything back. I hope he's not mad at me... In fairness, my email has been off/on again last several days...some ISP email server issues??? I hope everything is OK with him too. He's had pretty harsh weather there for SE Georgia.
  8. OlBuck

    There's 2 of him! and now you say that number has doubled What's going on in the swamps of Georgia?
  9. Darwin Awards

    Au contraire my southern dwelling friend...look at the #1 "People's Choice" winner for this year. Granted, he went above and beyond to get his name in print and set the bar pretty high for the rest of us, but being retired I have plenty of time to ponder my own stupidity.
  10. Stanley Sweetheart 104

    Excellent score Dan! If yours looks like the image I think you meant 120 y/o with Patent Dates actually 1891-1896 especially since the stamping is Stanley Rule & Level Company, New Britain, Conn. One from the 1990's unlikely would have the brass vial plate; it would be painted steel or maybe blued steel. A newer version would just be labeled Stanley Tool works or similar. Me thinks you've found a treasure here. @John Moody can "learn" us something here. I think he has a fairly extensive collection of Stanley Levels too.
  11. What's On Your Work Bench?

    Hey Artie, we'll not have that here...You're letting out century old "trade secrets" that can & will be used against us. It makes the rest of us retirees look like we don't do anything BTW, great start on the shop. Good planning by mixing some 220v outlets in the runs with 110v. Nice job on the WW'ing bench top, well actually on both. Looking forward to seeing the bench tops getting cluttered with projects. Leave pictures of the cribbage boards out unless you can stage you're making them. Otherwise physical evidence to be used against us.
  12. PIP River Table

    You saving all the unusable scrap pieces to use in your smoker? Mesquite smoked ribs or brisket sounds pretty good.
  13. Darwin Awards

    well at least until the Honorable Mention or the next list comes out. I always get nervous when I hear the words "...and the winner is..."
  14. Will be a project for 2018?

    Same cold & gloomy look out my back door as yours Know exactly what you're talking about getting down and a knee but unsure if I can get back up. Glad any thoughts to paint have subsided...The grain really came out with the shellac... Man, I really like that panel door!
  15. With a big thanks to John Morris

    Hope Ralphie didn't stick his tongue to the frame and is still up there. Glad it's going again Fred.

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