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  1. So then did I miss the donuts or did someone take the yeast donuts and make beer?
  2. I'll pass on this...I always forget to turn my bluetooth off on my phone so the water would end up running all night.
  3. Fred In my county in Indiana, I've been chosen to "serve" 3x in 47 years...Two of the three were back to back. Each time your chosen is for a period of three months. During that time you can be summoned to serve numerous times depending on the cases during that quarter. I was only summoned to court on one occasion but appealed the court/clerk/judge to be relieved for that particular case. That particular time period, I was hosting two team trainers from England at work and was going through a Train-the-Trainer course so it was imperative I not miss any class sessions. I was granted the appeal but told I'd used my "freebie" so if called again during that quarter I had to show. I had even shown that time period as unavailable on my questionnaire form, but was still called. One of the other times, I was also notified I had been selected as a potential juror at the state level and could be called to serve on a grand jury. That ran concurrent with my eligibility at the county level. Fortunately I was never summoned to serve. Our county must use some type of random number generator to select potential jurors each quarter Either that, or they throw darts or pull names from a hat. My wife was selected 3x in one calendar year and has served once each time. I think she has been selected as a potential 6 or 7 times in the 44 years we've been married.
  4. I didn't learn anything yesterday that I recall...
  5. Technically it wasn't...2016 had an extra day in it Hope it was a great day and you got lots of tools or donuts...either is good!
  6. Usually the case...not today though, got nadda...radar had a lot of yellow and some red...we received a few drops, heavy clouds and even more humidity if that's possible. Gonna' be an ugly day...
  7. Did the same only on the strawberry...finally just stopped/paused the video...IDK, gonna' need some skooling on this.
  8. T-storm yesterday ~4:45 AM...about .25" of rain; high of 88o with humidity to match = heat index of 101o; t-storm about 10 PM left ~.5" of rain and lots of humidity... Today's forecast has us under a severe heat advisory...currently 78o (temp/humidity); radar shows rain starting in 42 minutes; muggy & sticky don't describe it right now.

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