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  1. John I I skipped over the word, with, on Fred's, not Genes post making him using poplar plywood. For plywood I totally use Baltic Birch. I wait till Woodworkers Source has a sale then order, 1/2, 1/4 and 1/8." They can't ship the full size 5' x 5' so I have them cut them into 20 x 30" pieces.... I don't think anyone around here uses poplar on cabinets. Alder maybe , can't remember. My problem buying plywood its in the back of a pickup for 60 miles and by the time I get home with it, it is already warped where it is unusable. If I try to wait for a cloudy day, by the time I get back home it has rained on it causing more warps..
  2. I don't even think my area has poplar plywood. I like the solid wood to work with but it seems to create its own dents which is surly not my fault!
  3. You can buy hinges made like that or you can buy the style you started with! A mortise mount or a half surface/ half mortise mount. This one is 1 5/16 x 1 1/2". It looks about the size you show.
  4. I use lots of very small hinges on the clocks and things. Nothing use to get my goat worse than busting the wood out trying the get the screws inserted... Now no problem when I counter sink a slanted hole just a hair smaller than the threads of the screws I am needing to install to hold the hinges. No you can't buy a slanted drill bit to exactly fit every screw out there. Hold the screw under the drill bit and grind it down until just the threads show on each side of the bit. The body of the bit doesn't hold the screw in , the threads do!! These three sizes of hinges shown are 3/4" x 9/16", 1/2"x 1/2" and 5/16"x 5/16" so the screws are very small. I save my wore out drill bits for this purpose. Chuck up a drill bit and run it against a bench grinder stone and taper the bit so when you hold the screw to be used under the bit all you need to show is the threads on each side of the bit. ......Even though the screws will go in without busting the wood I still use a wet bar of soap on the tip of the screw to make it easier to inserting the screw.. And I would advise using a drill press with a jig so the pre drilled holes are exactly where they need to be.... I used 1/4" BB so inserting a screw in the middle of the 1/4" width is hard to accomplish using a hand drill. After I make sure everything is lined up I take off the hinges to do the finishing then when ready to reinstall the hinges I put a dab of glue on the tip of the screws for insurance. No the bits don't exactly drill a hole, maybe burn a hole is more of a better word but the hole gets where it needs to be and no screw ups to worry about later... Its saves time to do things right the first time. The center tapered bit looking thing is actually a part of a welding rod. It was all I could find long ago when I needed a certain size hole!!! The 5/16" hinges use a small brad shorter than 1/8" long. They were bought for a doll house table hinges. On and I did find some 1/4" screws at Hobby Lobby that are exactly the right size for the 1/2"x1/2" hinges. Only place I could find them with flat tapered phillips heads. I know I have mentioned this before but hey for you guys that forget too soon, here you go again. Oh, the screws I got at Hobby Lobby are a hair too big for the hole in the hinges. So take a drill bit and counter sink the holes just a hair larger than they already are. Now that wasn't too hard was it?
  5. from Home Depot and when I opened the box I got a surprise. Not only did I get what I ordered but got 5 more than I paid for. Don't see how they can stay in business doing things like that. So we will have take a little 120 mile roundy to Abilene and back to remind them this ain't good business. Especially if you got stock in the company! The box was a little large for just one item but 6 fit in there just right.... Maybe they figured this product was of a very poor quality so they included some extra so I wouldn't get upset.....
  6. Nothing but a key box but at least it is building something. We are keeper of the extra keys for these houses who don't live here. The relations and friends who use these houses forget the doors stays locked and some drive a few hours to get here only to find the doors are locked, well duh. So we suggested to the owner to give us some keys and we would keep an eye on things. but they forgot to get the keys from the owners.. gonna be 28 hooks when I get through. If I stayed here all the time in the summer I could make good money keeping these lawns mowed. But hey!! The last two weeks I spent removing wines and shrubs and trees along our lot. 300 foot of back breaking work for both of us. Hardest work we have done since we moved here.. Now all that is left is what is in the water. Now every boater that comes by can see us and that might not be good...I like it with lots of growth between me and them but she won out. I said okay as long as you help remove the stuff. I forgot to check to see if the burn ban was on but by then we almost had it all in ashes... We have been here 20 years and some have never been touched. I decided not to look up what poison ivy and poison oak looks like. Wore our gloves and hoped... I got 4 wasps stings but not in one day. Just about the time the swelling would be the worst another would try his luck. and wife one hornet decided to see what she felt like.....For now we quit... some stuff still needs to be removed but the temperature has won for now and the stings are driving me coco.. We cornered a 5 foot long rattle snake about a month ago and that sure was on our little minds and some of this stuff was fairly solid for a depth of about 5 to 10 foot all along the hundred yards. Those bolders in the pictures came from when I was digging ditches and the septic and lateral lines with the backhoe for the utilities and sewer when we first moved here and didn't have anywhere else to stack the bolders but along the water and lots of growth came along and covered them up as I had planned. Just a perfect place for those creepy crawlers to hide... but I didn't go down there till the last two weeks.... Life is a bitch sometimes.
  7. I'm not one that likes talking to a recording. The VA comes to mind as being the very worse... If I had have wanted to talk to a human next month, I would have called next month with that intent but thanks for the advise anyway! Another time is when the cable is out and you are trying to let someone know. The recorded voice says as soon as someone comes to work at the office in Atlanta they will be advised.. it's 12 noon our time when most humans have already been on the job for an hour or two at least. Suddenlink is hell but thats about all we can get here in the sticks. And whats Atlanta got to do with Tx., I need a repair I can watch As the World Turns.
  8. Actually I posted this last night and I couldn't find it this morning so here it is again. Last night I didn't have any pictures, just lovely words and I so remembered how important pictures are to you guys and girls who is hard to visualize something!!! Cal I will not put anyones names in print in case the parole board might be monitoring this site...
  9. Lew the boat dock is always 10 degrees or so cooler than under the trees . If you can enlarge the boat dock you will see a hammock hanging on the far right side of the dock. I built that dock 240 miles from the lake and had a house mover move it to the lake. The first two things we bought for the dock was two hammocks....I decided I didn't want walls on the dock for the summers sitting on the lake are so much cooler than having walls to keep the heat in. And beside I don't eat fish, especially the ones I catch, they go back in the water. Cal I have a down hole submersible pump hanging off the side of the dock. The price of pumping out of the lake use to be 60 buck a year for the permit. Don't remember what it is now! If I run six sprinklers the pump never shuts off. Much better than running one or two sprinklers which makes the pump go off and on all day. The big storage tank has helped. I plan on making it look like a NASA moon rocket when it cools off... Everything I own has a story. The pump was bought at a garage sale some 50 years ago and was still in the carton it can in. It came with 150 foot of new cable.. Two 20 dollar bills and it was mine. At the time I had three wells each set at 110 foot so this was just security for when ever. Seems like a 1 hp submergible pump was about 225 to 250 back then. This pump lasted about 15 years.Had to replace it about 5 years ago. Way easier to swap pumps that is only 5 foot deep. This area of Tx. is too hot under a shade tree in the summer. Its either on the dock or in the shop. There is usually a dried grass trail going to the dock.
  10. from Home Dept and it came today and I got a surprise when I opened the box. The bill was 53 something for the one and when I opened the large box, surprise surprise, the box contained 6 of them. Maybe I better call HD and thank them for the kind gesture...
  11. The Luxor in Las Vegas looks like that when standing on the bottom floor where the slots are and looking up at the rooms of the hotel. Amazing place!
  12. But I kept her in the shop for I have a larger version and the finished one can help when putting the pieces back together after the scroll saw cuts them out. This was the hardest sectioned piece puzzle I have attempted so dum me I thought I wanted to do a larger version. Since the pattern was so large I got my wife to help hold it to position it exactly where it should go before lowering it on to the stickum. Well I forgot the most important step to save lots of extra time, I forgot to first put a layer of clear packing take on the wood before I sprayed the stickum ......... and that means I had to use lots of lacquer thinner to soften up the pattern pieces to pull them up then use more lacquer thinner to soften the stickum so it would come up leaving only the clean wood....One day and a half extra...No, just using regular paint thinner would have taken twice as long !!. Now , after one shapes and round the pieces and lowers some more than other pieces for the 3 D effect it is real important to letter or number all the pieces so later when I pick up a piece I will know where it will go with out trying to fit it in randomly plus when trying to find a fit for a piece knowing which way it goes helps a lot, the top has to be up. And I did find cutting the top off instead of the bottom will make the piece fit back in to its original place better. So the numbers or letters has to be on the part that does not show. And I also use arrows on the left side of the pieces when standing at the bottom of the picture to help orientate the piece......And when the pattern is removed, the bottom and the top will look the same.. so for sure I want to make sure the bottom of the pieces of wood stays down while hunting for the place it goes.... I use the band saw to shorten some pieces and since some are very small its advisable to build a jig for that so the fingers are somewhere else when the wood is being cut...This is the next step before I start rounding the top pieces. You can see from this picture how many pieces are cut down. And like I said, the top side of the pieces are whats removed. Also since I leave the outside of the picture in one piece I have somewhere to reconstruct the lady. But that means having to contend with the gaps that will be caused by the scroll saw blade. So that makes a big problem when gluing the pieces back together. Where do I start gluing, a side or the middle and don't forget there are actually two different pictures to worry about , the scene in the middle and then the outside border.....This time I am making the border with square corners to make it somewhat easier... My wife keeps telling me I should be pushing the al-heim-ers disease way to the back while working on these puzzles. Hey, I can't even find my coffee cup and glasses when I start to go to the shop.... Questions, there should be no questions,
  13. Ron has a good idea about the lathe and the person using it.. Comfortable to use so a person don't get wore out before he gets started using it. When I bought the new 788 in 99 I decided who ever built the stand that came with the scroll saw was about half off his rocker....So I went to thinking ....and here is what I use to keep me in the shop, longer, and with not as much aches and pains. I built a table to sit the saw on that is 19 1/2" tall. The saw is not bolted to the table, it will slide around as it sits on pieces of a truck tire inter tube... making it quieter, not a clue!! Sometimes I am sawing long pieces of wood and the saw needs to be turned one way or the other to accept the area where the sawing is fixin to take place.. I sit on an office chair with good swivel casters so I can go back and forth to the work top area a few feet away from the saw....Another good thing, which makes me follow the saw line better, I am mostly looking down on the piece to be sawn. Better results on saw-man-ship, not a clue again, but after building this set up , I got better at scroll sawing?? Most of the time these 788's don't bounce around much so maybe the inter tube is helping there?? This scroll sawing turned out to be the most comfortable tool useage of anything I do in my shop.. After I get a pattern attached to the wood then head toward to scroll saw, I let out a loud hurray or is it hurraw for the next few hours will be sitting down to where I can relax and make saw dust! And don't forget to turn on that box fan with the filter attached over there to the left of the operator! It took years to get my shop set up so tripping over objects in the floor would be a priority. I did leave room so I could get to the commode and the sink after I finally locate where they are! Does anyone have any good ideas to keep lumber stored thats not being used from day to day? The 12" Powermatic # 72 table saw catches all the overflow for all it is used for is cross cutting so it gets all the extra crap.... The sled on it is a permanent fixture for it measures 34x48" and is too important to stand up somewhere and get knocked out of whack. Yes I do take care of some of the small long pieces but sometimes I forget they are up there out of the way. And this fixture keeps some clamps close to the work table which is over the end of the table saw I call my work table. Its on a swivel so the clamps are easy to get to. I didn't say easy to squeeze, which they ain't!! A small metal strap bending tool is a good tool for making brackets for storing wood on the ceiling.. Oh, the drill press has a magnet to hold the chuck key but it serves another very important service for the light next to the magnet is too heavy with the extra large bulb making it too heavy to stay up in the air so the magnet holds the light over the work area also to even for. Its on a swivel so the clamps are easy to get to. And did I say not easy to squeeze? I decided getting up in age I need everything out in plain sight so I won't have all those drawers to look through. So I have lots of turn tables with lots of holes to display lots of small items. And I do think it has helped save wasted time..... Lots of experimenting went in to the 60 and 100 watt led bulbs in my shop and my house. I even had my wife take pictures of the receipts and the expected years these bulbs are supposed to last!!!!! I can just see the clerks asking are you sure those led bulbs were the 9 year, or the 18 year or the 22 year warrenty models or what???? We had just now finished installing all those curly cue light bulbs in all the shops and garages and houses receptacles and are now returned to the boxes the led's came in, with no where to go with them!! HO HO.
  14. Could you have bought Trex or something similar and never have to paint it ever again for that kind of a price????
  15. A question???? What are you putting nails in? An indoor object that requires a good presentable finish?
  16. Doc Hamm I have made quite a few of this type and if you look close most of the carving pieces are the same or very close. Sometimes I extend or shorten some pieces to fit things in the correct space...Notice I don't carve these pieces on the sides for the scroll saw cuts the excess away so I just leave the edges as they are. Years ago I started buying cheap pressed wood carving pieces then trace around them and scroll saw them using good solid hardwood. And using thick wood a person can gets way more detail without having to carve the sides of a piece. Since these clocks hang on the wall the sides are not noticed like a mantle clock. So yes when I make a mantle clock I like to do something to the sides of each piece. This is about a two year experience into to carving. I finally told myself if someone else can do this, I can too but at my age I decided on using only power tools, no hammers and chisels, never.. Not too many carving pieces are ever shown here and thats the reason I more or less challenge folks to try something like these I make... Trade secrets, hey, I believe guys on this site is simply too lazy to even try carving, so giving away my trade secrets like was mentioned, ha. I did have a furniture repair refinish shop hundreds of years ago so than end of these carvings things I show I am just doing things with stain and lacquer I didn't have time to do when I was putting food on the table..... and not worrying about keeping the customer happy. By the way most all these are around 18" tall. Thats about the limit my scroll saw will handle.
  17. Cutting a full 1" maple and 3/8' Baltic Birch at the same time is hard to hold that much weight and get the blade to follow the line in a good smooth motion.... Every time I would look up at the blade it was leaning one way or the other plus the blade burns the wood when it gets in a bind like that.... I will now remove the 3/8" backer board to cut the carvings away from the interior. Then the easy part begins....... oh sure.
  18. This was a brand I use to see in Sears when I was a children!! Whups, now I read Dans thingy.
  19. Thanks Mr Harvey. I enjoyed. But I don't know if I will ever forgive John for leaving us up there on that high note, oh well!
  20. Clearing shrubs and trees along the water was in the sun so we switched to tearing down the Cockatiel housing which is being able to work in the shade today. I built a slanted roof attached to my metal garage and sandwitched 1" foam slabs between 5'8" plywood for the roof area with sheet metal on top trying trying to keep some of the heat off the tropical type cockatiels...And what I found were wood ants or carpenter ants using the foam for their homes!!! None of the 2x4's were touched either, just the foam. This was the bottom side of the foam. Both the top or bottom plywood was not touched, just the foam. Last week when I started tearing these down I noticed ants were going up the metal behind the 2x4"s that were attached to the metal walls so I gave them some orthene and forgot about them till today. Almost no live ants today so we were not bothered by them. Over the years I have found I need to switch and use different kinds of poisons each year for better results. When Amdro first came out it worked better than anything I had ever used but then after three or four years the large red ants would get amune to it and not even take it down in their hole. Each spring I spray poisons of some kind all around the house thinking maybe it will help keep something away but I never spray around the garage....nothing in there for insects and things to eat so I don't worry with the garage!!
  21. Cal do you have ants and many different kinds like we do. We've traveled in about all the states except Wis. and I have no idea as to the insects and things in any of the states! Never stand still when outside in Tx., thats for sure! I do know its not a good idea to travel after dark in any part of Texas. These large hogs might could flip a car if hit in the right, or would that be, in the wrong place!!!.. Cal are you finished with the inside remodel?? Our outside landscape thingy will probably take many years...... We read somewhere when the temp gets up around 105 it is best to work in the shade. I wonder why people have to be told something like that??
  22. Dan I kept telling my wife, climb up here and tell me what you think this white fluffy stuff is?? It was in all the voids where the plywood had warped down some and the ants had used this area to dispose of their diggings. Later we realized it was kinda pink instead of white...and was the pink foam. Also they had found a home that never filled with water when it rained!! The little fire ants have almost removed the larger red ants from this area of Texas. I don't know if they are fighting them, or eating them or what but the big red ant is getting hard to find. And lately a very fuzzy tiny ant is coming on strong, we call crazy ants. They are always moving very fast and they change directions constantly.
  23. Now we have decided to treat it as such and clean up along the water so we can actually see the lake. First things first. I have had three huge piles of scrap iron down along the water so off to the scrap iron dealer we go. Hope the tires hold air till we get back for more loads. Hard to decide when a load is a load.... Wife said there is no need to kiss each individual piece good bye. Its hard for a female to realize how a person can get attached to things...Those piles of metal have kept many trips to the stores from happening!!!
  24. Cal I convinced the VA the army caused my hearing loss and I am on my third different style of advanced hearing aids. I have the habit of tapping the top of my ear to make sure the batteries are still working and one day after I had spent that day trimming low hanging branches I noticed one aid was missing. Our lot is about 1 1/2 acres and I spent the next day covering every square inch under every tree looking for my aid....I did finally find it.....They blend in with the surroundings too good to make it a habit of loosing them outside... Al B a person forgets they have the aids in their ears when doing things they don't need the aids and for sure when doing loud things , no one does not need the extra sound but I never think of them except when I can't hear something. I don't need them in when going to the shop but usually don't think to take them out. This last set they poured plaster in my ear and then made the receiver the shaped of the cavity. They do stay with me better than the older models but at first one kept popping out? The latest set I can turn either one up or down. I was on the rifle team while in the army and 6 days a week we shot something . I say something cause there were pistols, rifles, bar's and 22's involved all day long.. We pulled our own targets on the M1 range and to get to the pits you just moved over a few yards and walked the five hundred yards from the shooting stations to the pits while some were still shooting. No ear protection in those days and nothing ever provided by the army.
  25. Years ago I had a metal building supply chop me three lengths of 1/8" steel, 6,8 and 10 foot by 3 inches wide metal for straight cuts. 10 bucks for the three back then, maybe 30 years ago and they are still as good as they were the day I bought them. Buying sheet metal for a building at the same time might have helped on the price, I don't know? It takes about a minute to slice off a piece of metal! They need to be wide enough for the clamps not to get in the way of the saw and I thought 4" wide might be too heavy to lug around. The metal is smoother for the saw to slide against than the wood I use to use and for sure a person needs to check and see if the wood has not warped from the last time it was used.....

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