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  1. madonna and child

    Looks like that granite cliff, El Capital, in Yosemite National Park in California that those climbers challenge. Or if I took a picture of our , supposed to be, flat grassy yard and put it beside your picture we would have a matching pair. I had to change to hill hugging knobby tires the first week after buying the mower.
  2. I get to start another project

    Why not do him? Glued the pattern on about noon and I'm about ready to start grinding. Wife had lots of glass to make frames for and finally got through with her stuff.
  3. I get to start another project

    Starting to put some color here and there. I thought I would see what he looks like with his tongue sticking out. Not impressed!
  4. DeWalt 733 planer died today

    Is that black soot I see? If so, something got way too hot!
  5. the news is talking about CC Cleaner being infected with malware through that credit reporting company, can't remember the name.. but it sounds like who ever is using it might better check and see.
  6. I get to start another project

    Well I'm at a stage where I don't know what I'm doing. Actually from the start after seeing another clown picture, it started. Not know what to do first through what ever steps I might be at now. I want to make a happy clown. I remember Emit way back there and he was always sad so I am still trying to learn happy features...and here I am trying to make a bow-tie look presentable!! Wow, one small grind too deep and every thing changes. I told someone the other day in the shop, all I have to do is grind away the un wanted wood and thats it... Only one request so far, Lew is wanting red balloons. Don't worry, still space left for a bunch of them.
  7. DeWalt 733 planer died today

    I had to go out to the shop and see if my 733 has that breaker. Never noticed it before. Yours is a type 1 and mine a type 2 but they do look the same. Can you get to the wires on the breaker and by pass it just to see if that is what the trouble is. I do that to my riding mower at times just for my way of eliminating things. Too bad you don't have a good Dewalt service center close. This place has a shop full of guys who knows their stuff..never taken the planer but the 788 scroll saw they knew exactly what I was explaining two different times. My breaker wiggles like you say yours does. I did have dirt dobbers fill a cut off saw full of their homes and could not get it to run. I went in the house and told my wife her brother brought back the saw he borrowed months ago and it will not work. And I said he even put a new blade on it I guess to cover the cost of fixing it but that was kind of strange.... Later I tore it down and realized after I cleaned out all the dried mud it ran like a new one.........I never did have the heart to tell her brother what I thought of him for a while.....
  8. DeWalt 733 planer died today

    Call the Dewalt service center and see how they feel about it. I have a 733 bought about the same time. Still no problem but I been thinking about putting a new set of brushes in now before they go out. I have better luck changing them before they are needed on any of the motors. The service center I use , Fort Worth, have some very good people at what they do and hopefully there is a service center close to you. You have checked everything I would check
  9. What do you see?

    Gene I only use 1/8" shaft size on all the carving. Totem poles and large bears I don't do so I don't use anything bigger.
  10. What do you see?

    Cut the dark areas about an 1/8 of an inch deeper than the rocks. A flexshaft on a Dremel with a good carbide bit from Wood Carvers Supply I think works the best. The handpiece is small enough to handle easily. www.woodcarverssupply.com Only one bit is needed a kutzall #265051. or maybe a kutzall #265082 depending on how wide the grove needs to be. These Kutzall bits will last a long time. These bits will leave the surface ruff kinda like concrete looks. If you want the surface smooth which in you case no then a diamond covered bit after you use the course bit would do that. It looks great but needs the extra depth to see and feel.
  11. Making maw happy

    Hopefully I hope it gets me a free meal and other things,?? So this time I thought I would add some cattle brands that might add to the importance of the statemen this picture is making or what ever... Well after I added all the brands I could think of and a few that aren't brands that only the well versed would catch the intruders... Then after I finished and sit it in the house awaiting delivery I got to thinking, which is hard to do anymore, Why don't I put only the registered cattle brands of the county we live in the next time I do a frame for her. Might ever make the picture sell quicker. Okay I go and look up, registered cattle brands of Breckenridge, Tx. This caused me another problem for there are many pages of brands registered with the county clerk.... So do I piss off some of the closer more affluent ranchers as not having enough room for all of them on a glass frame just simply leave them off...?? Surly the one cow ranch with a registered brand should be left off but hey I don't want to have to call all the ranchers and ask how many cows are branded on their spread, do I?? I just don't know if all those brands are current or did some quit ranching when the owners got killed in those poker games in the 1780'ies I sure hope yu'all don't mention I don't do as good of a finish for her frames as I do on the stuff I make!! It might do away with the free things in the future.
  12. Boy when I un pin off the task bar most of the time they are gone forever. This is a good machine for strange procedures I request of it. Older pictures I re-found I needed to cut a slanted slot in the piece of mesquite for the name. I got the slot cut then put spacers to get the name the right height. Customer was happy. Too bad the company went cnc.
  13. New product

    If I leave my key in the car, the doors will not lock.
  14. 5 Walnut plaques

    I use biscuits on all my edge joining only closer together than in the picture. Just lets me sleep better at night. And I am fond of sleep. I also do this from time to time to see if I am applying the right amount of glue in each slot. Its hard when using different applicators on different glue brands to get the same amount. When I have enclosed biscuits in wood I didn't use I like to cut them open and see ... But this is like guys who say they would never buy a joiner for they can do a perfect edge job with their table saw!!! WRONG!! You can see the many years of practice is still not good enough. But I'm learning!
  15. First Christmas ornaments this year and a couple bowls

    Here while back someone said not to brag about anyones work for they might hoop over to that better wood site. Okay I won't but hey they do look great and I can tell he is married to his lathe. I wonder what site he was talking about???
  16. How to fumigate furniture

    I've been using Home Defense for ocasional ants we find in the house. I spray it in out of the way places. Can't remember who make it . If its in a plastic bag you need from time to time open the bag and let some dry air in or else you got more problems. It says its safe to use inside the house???
  17. pricing a used table saw

    There is only two bearings on the saw not counting on the motor. That would be one on each end of the arbor. Pot metal bearings? you might be thinking about the model T car. They use to have different widths in their tracks where nothing else would fit? and they used to be straight sides and not the "t" type tracks like a Grizzly has. Every thing that slides in a Grizzly track has adjustable sides to take out any slack. I have no idea what the saw sold for when new so no idea what it might be worth. Do you know if someone bought the manuf rights from Sears like the wrenches and hand tools .???? Will parts still be made. Nothing really wears out on a table saw except the motor and at times some saw makers had their motors where they had to be bought from the maker because of odd housings. An over the counter motor would not fit. The bearings on the arbor can be bought from any bearing supply. The 12" Powermatic tablesaw I bought used at a school auction cost me 320 but I had no knowledge if the motor was good or not. Before the auction started I informed the lookers of the saw it probably was 3 phase so by the time the bidding started only me and one more guy was the only bidders. You just have to use your brain when spending money and learn what is what before hand. The only draw back at an auction, I have never seen an auctioneer that knew anything about tools and wood working equipment so he is usually not equipped to give the right answers or explanations as to what he is selling!!!!
  18. Last Thursday's Pick 14

    They hated to let it go........... was only for your benefit to help lift the dollars out of your wallet!!!!
  19. Last Thursday's Pick 14

    I have never used it Dave. This was either my dads or later ,step dad's. My dad died in 1951 as I was 15 so I can't remember who owned it! It use to run but with all the dirt dobbers around here I don't pull the trigger until I make sure things have been cleaned out. It was always too big and bulky and I've had smaller and lighter weight machines I liked better...I doubt if they have any antique value unless you can catch Gene with his pants down,so to speak, and make a few bucks. Did you notice the plug in the first picture. It never had a ground wire. And it probably came that way.??? I noticed it is an AC-DC so I could run it on the older Miller gas welders which some were both AC_DC equipped. Use to a guy was smart to be sure the tools would run both currents before they would buy it.
  20. Mortising?

    Stick, I just now read all the post and answers in Keith's original post and you asked and yes I did buy this Powermatic from an auction. A school systems trade school. The equipment was here in Breckenridge where I live along with two or three other towns but all the equipment all went to Sweetwater, Tx for inspection and pickup. I talked to the directors before going to look at the items and they said just look over the things and you can tell most of the things were never used. We didn't have any students so we had to close down. Money was too tight to sit and wait until word of mouth and what little advertising they could afford could get enough people in to keep the doors open. I also bought a Dewalt 788 at the same time. It was also new. I really don't care to sell it but I did put a price on it. Convience of having everything I need is important to me and I don't have to some in the house and grip I don't have a certain tool to do a good job on this job. Something I could not do when working for a living... A trade school in small schools being run in the day time instead of night after peoples regular jobs just don't work....A job to pay the bills has to come first but they could not get enough teachers to do the night work.
  21. Last Thursday's Pick 14

    I have a Wen just like that so I say what in the world made you buy that? Or did he pay you to take it??? Probably same model. I haven't touched mine since about 1958 when I got drafted and stored all that junk at my moms house. Remember being metal you sure need a three prong plug on the end of the wire. Back then lots of guys took off the ground for convenience and turned it into a way to get electrocuted.
  22. Manzanita Burls and Other "Wood"

    Thats a little more than 10,000 Gerald.....I believe your research is closer.. Gene we also got some sea shells at about 13,000 feet up on a mountain in Colo. I sure hope things don't start happening that fast while we are alive.......
  23. Mortising?

    Did I also mention it has a 5 or 6 hundred dollar factory cart under it. You could put a motor on it and drive it home. I noticed it has a little Texas dirt on it but you would probably cherish the thought of owning some. First factory cart I ever bought. Everything else has a yours truly built set of wheels.
  24. Mortising?

    I"m downsizing, I'll take 550 for mine if someone wants to come get it.
  25. Manzanita Burls and Other "Wood"

    Gene, I got two places for you guys to go in your state. Wife and I like to take a different road to where ever we go and found two amazing places. Just a sight seeing trip.The road to drive down use to be 666 but now 191 from Springerville to 1-10 just east of Willcox. Its a kinda of a top of the world kind of trip.. Do take food and water but don't have to get out of the car kinda jog. Then heading to LV one day going west down 1-10 we turned on 70 at Lordsburg, NM and headed toward Las Vegas. Somewhere before we crossed 1- 17 out in the middle of no where we came to the biggest motorcycle wrecking yards I had ever seen. And why did they put it so far away from any population really blowed my mind. You really need to drive to Strawberry. I think one of the owners told me three young hippies started it years ago but are now my age...I hope its still open .Not only motorcycles but go-carts, mopeds, anything old with wheels.

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