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  1. This first one, the holes were drilled with a new regular drill bit. The last five clocks, the holes were drilled with a forstner bit. The first clock did not hang straight. It now hangs crooked in my shop as a reminder. The plans were about 24" long and I enlarged them. If it was to hang on the wall, I wanted it to take up a bunch of that wall. My shop walls are covered with reminders, good and bad! Even though I was using a great jig for the drill press some of the holes were shifting more than I could see with my eye balls and by the time I had drilled two holes in each piece of wood, gang busters.. Maybe someone will remember this when they go to build something similar.....and take corrective measures before hand.
  2. a deep freeze, and two days before they were to deliver it, our big tv went capute. And then yesterday she says nothing in the top rack of the dishwasher is getting clean.. Where can I go hide? And thinking back, its been about 18 years since we bought this house and it is about time for the hot water heaters to start leaking again since the others lasted about 8.5 years..... It looks like we will be having red beans and corn bread for a long time. Oh wait, thats what we are already eating. I know , some in this USA don't call em red beans. Some of the folks in the army let me know thats not what they are called where they came from...
  3. These 2 clocks are too big to cut out with the scroll saw. I need some stiff clear something or other to cover the pattern so I can use a jig saw to cut the outside of the clock away from the wood. Then remove that so I can use the scroll saw with the thin blades on the carving pieces....I have some sheets of plexiglass but what I have is 1/16" or thicker.. and the experience with a jig saw and plexiglass is not good. Anybody know of something a smidgen of an inch thick a jig saw can maneuver over and still see what it is I am trying to do. I can't glue it down for I have to remove it so the scroll saw can cut out the carving pieces. I've spent two days looking over the internet confusing myself and just happen to think there are smarter jokers than I who probably use something like this every day. Help!
  4. resizing programs

    I noticed where there are 5 resizing programs a person can load on this new computer. Anybody think any one is better than the other. They are all free but hope someone has already tried them all looking for the best. We have used Rapid Resizer in the past to resize pictures from the printer to get the right size patterns for scroll sawing but its not listed on this computer and being old there might better out there.
  5. Yes, WOW. I am over joyed with two of my daughters. You see this past weekend was the once a year craft fair in town and two of my daughters and a super nice grandson came to help wife run the thing.....and sell, sell sold . But the great thing was when we got home last night they had installed me a brand new computer and loaded it with all the stuff off the old one....the old one being a reconditioned model with about a 200 picture limit before it would scream, full, full....a touch screen bigger than the drive in picture show has on the other side of town. I am now trying to figure out how to set the screen on the other side of the room while using it. I didn't even know they make computers without that big tower sitting over there in the way . They said oh, its in the monitor. I am now trying to figure out how to mount it on the other side of the room while I am using it. Touch screen and a new app that came out this week if a person types coffee, a smell comes out like fresh coffee being brewed. Then someone said, if curious, forget about typing, going to the bathroom. Oh, these are the two oldest daughters.
  6. resizing programs

    Dan this paint program is not what I need. I take a picture or else I print something from the internet, I scan it to Rapid Resizer on the computer. After it is on rapid resizer I can crop the picture and enlarge it to what I want then it has the printer to either make black and white or color pictures for me to paste on the wood. The last clock was 8 pages big I then taped together for the one clock.
  7. resizing programs

    I have always used Rapid Resizer but that's a very old program . I just now found lots of resizer programs and I might have to go through them to find one that stays clear when a picture is enlarged many times. Some of these things I make so big the lines disappear and all I have to go by is a big blur. Thanks Dan I think you helped me some time ago when I was having a the blur problem on the resizeing. I just now found I can talk to this computer and ask it questions and to find things for me. Amazing.....
  8. resizing programs

    Okay, I typed in Rapid Resizer and this is what came up-- Insta Square Collage Square Blur Insta Square Size Insta Square Size Square Blend Picture Square Size No Crop Insta Square Size Sounds kinda like all coming from the same place ?
  9. resizing programs

    I will Lew if I can re-find that page again. Took me an hour the first time .
  10. This was the first of six clocks all the same

    Glad you asked Cal. I built three jigs to hold the different sizes of the watch band. I could lock each piece in where there was no movement. Once I was satisfied with where the hole would be then all the holes would be exactly the same on each piece. And yes I did make a few extra watch band pieces to practice on. I started making these around 2000 and had enough pieces for more than 8 total clocks. I also used a locking magnet on the table saw for a stop block so each piece is cut the same length. The pieces of the band were 4 foot long to start with then groomed the shapes with the router bits before cutting them to the desired length. With this many holes in this many pieces of wood there has to be an exact way to do it. If I remember correctly the holes were 1/4" and even using the same type of jigs, a regular drill bit, even being brand new, would move around so slightly while drilling but the forstner bit saved the projects. A person can get really fancy with making these watches. Some of those clocks were with 8 different woods with lots of color but have since lost most all the older pictures from crashing computers...The only one left was the first practice model.
  11. please help identify old brass mallet

    Wow, I could tell right quick why I never was around one of them ever. A two dollar ball peen can do the work of all them different heads if a person has the right touch. A dead blow has a load of bb's or buck shot in the middle.
  12. So this one is 30" x 20". Way too big for the 20" scroll saw. Its in lots of pieces right now..Next step, take the pattern off and draw a few lines on the wood. Then I have this funny little box I invented and to get all these pieces carved just right, I open the door of the little box, say a few secret words, throw all the pieces in and shut the door, turn off the lights and go in the house. Now the last time I think I must have said something I wasn't supposed to say and the poopie gods must have shutdown for the night. Anyway tomorrow is a new day... The pattern was old and some of the wood was missing and I added some of my own thoughts and extended some pieces like I know what I'm doing cause the other night I dreamed I duz. Tomorrow wife starts setting up for her yearly show so these pieces will stay in that little box at least until Monday.
  13. Finally broke down and ordered

    No, never any ham bones is my red beans. That makes the beans ending up gooey and thick and not my style. I m a red bean eater almost every day since I was a mere child. And corn bread every day if maw will cook it. And like the corn bread with lots of hal- a-pien- yoes and a can of cream corn mixed in there somehow.
  14. Smallpatch

  15. Well shucks Cal, you didn't do anything like I did in my remodeling of all three houses we have lived in in the almost 56 years we have been together.... For some strange reason the first two houses were sold with some baseboards missing and our house now I promised my wife this week I promise to finish the bathroom remodel from 2010. I still have some tile and baseboards left to do then I'll be through..I get things where everything works then stop...That sign , work in progress, just don't seem to make her smile. By the way you did a good job.
  16. Using black iron pipe (gas line)

    No, the reason I have never been around when a galvanized or black pipe got busted because it was tightened to much is because I like to hang around people with common sence, since, cents. Its just that simple.
  17. Lumber yards has galvanized and black pipe

    Fred just take a walk out back to their storage sheds. Lots of stuff out there that don't exactly display real good indoors or else take up too much room inside.. Not too many years ago I assumed my lumber yard did not stock Baltic Birch until I noticed it stacked in a shed with lots of other things I had never seen displayed inside. It was actually cheaper than what I had been ordering not even counting the freight that was tacked on. Dan, now most guys would never think of threading a short piece of pipe anymore but the time it take to go to town and back is worth more than the piece of pipe. All the carpenters I knew and worked with worked on farmers places and once we got to the house for the work, we never had to go to town every few minutes. Now people are specialist. So it take a whole bus full of people to do what a carpenter use to do by himself.
  18. in long lengths if a person has a pipe threader , 20 or 25 foot lengths and to get it home tie it under the pickup. A good way to save money!!!! They use to stock both but probably just one length now. But I don't even know if their are any real carpenters left in this world anymore!
  19. Using black iron pipe (gas line)

    Galvanized is for water, black pipe is for gas. Never seen a pipe busted from over tightening but I never been around superman. Propane will collect in low places and natural gas will escape up. Either one will blow the walls out if you happened to have built a completely air tight house or room. Propane will blow the bottom out first while the natural gas will blow the top of the wall out first. Just not a good idea to have a propane heater in a cellar or basement.
  20. What to do with sawdust

    I think I'm the only one in the country that can sprout trees from planer shavings. Gotta get to a patent office as real quick! Even my wife believes me.
  21. What to do with sawdust

    I can't remember what I do with my saw dust? It must go somewhere! When I get through here the lawn mower spreads it around the yard. You aught to see the little miniature dwarf maple trees coming up each spring.
  22. Shop workbench for my son

    You could have shipped it to me and called me son! Looks like a good tight fit on the nut . That nut must have been the turnee and the other end of the bolt was the turner!!! Your trees sure grow and assortment of different woods! A fine looking project.
  23. New project 25" tall

    My scroll saw has a clearance of 20" and this pattern is 25" long. Wasn't easy and no I didn't use a spiral blade. Now I got to make the one on the right look like the one on the left.. This might take a few days, weeks or maybe months. Oh by the way, wife does not have any real bad stuff , which we thought she might have, but the MRI showed 2 busted disk, the third and the forth, what ever that means!! So I went back to work in the shop for a few days. The next appointment for her is the 25th. Maybe operation or a few guided shots with the camera. Amazing what they have learned. Oh, I have already changed some of the stuff from the picture. It looks like there were two pieces missing so I just guessed..That's good about carving pieces for no one can say that ain't right? Hey we even celebrated the better news we got from the doctor by stopping at Dairy Queen on the way home!
  24. I have a better way to run the planer

    Gene I pump out of the lake for the garden and the fruit and nut trees . I use a large propane tank for the pressure system and have devised a way to be sure all the water is pushed out of the pipes before any freezes comes.. Yes , learned the hard way. On the faucet close to the air compressor I have an air chuck like the truck tire guys have that clips on to the tire valve that is screwed into the side of a faucet and let a small amount of air run for a while through the water lines with the valve down next to the submersible pump being open. Now I don't even worry when the temperature drops. But one year I propped my sprinklers up against the barn and all , about 8 , froze the ends off. Wasn't that expensive to glue new ends and a short piece of pvc back on but it pissed me off for not thinking of them. I have pvc air lines running all over my property and also in my shop. Been using pvc for air since about 1970 and none have ever busted.....I also run a pvc air line over to brother in laws barn about 17 years ago. He didn't know it at the time for they were in California at the time. Later he mentioned he was going to have to buy an air compressor for all the stuff he had, I walked him over to the the quick coupler and pointed and he just looked at it for a while and said what the hell is that.......
  25. By moving the planer up I don't have to bend over like I use to. Catch a good day and let the chips fly. Look at my drive way. The wind blew yesterday. I'll put all this mess under a pecan tree after awhile. I'm rounding up water hoses. Three or four more and in the cart is where they will spend the winter..I make my own sprinkler bases and if I don't get all the water out I got some repairing to do.

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