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  1. For mig welding I use 75 argon and 25% co2.
  2. PIP River Table

    But wait, did I miss the grand pouring of the epoxy.. I been sick and don't feel but I thought I was turning it on to your channel every day..
  3. I saw that sale on Woodcaft but it looked like regular price in some other places. Used routers in pawn shops is okay but cordless whatevers are not so okay...
  4. Stopped at HF to look at their drills

    I cut into a Makita 9 volt battery way back when and found a bunch of 1.5 volt batteries all soldered together and were regular batteries.. I had bent and warped the housing so much I ended up throwing it away.. The only thing I learned that day, I didn't know a regular 1.5 volt battery could be re charged????
  5. anyone have expertise in polycarbonate?

    When I sold mechanic tools I called on a shop out at the airport that put the finishes touches to new turbo-prop aircraft and one of their jobs was to install the windshields... another was making all the upholstery products, and doing all the painting, inside and out...They started with clear flat plastic of some type,, heat it in small ovens then put it between lumber that had been formed the correct shape and let it sit till cool then wa-la, curved windshields for the large aircraft. So I say, if those dumb arse mechanics could do that maybe the average american like yourself could also do it...I never heard of any windshields falling out during their flights so, get yourself some lumber, build the forms and buy some plastic....sounds simple to me.....and the ovens were wide models built for home use....no biggie there .....
  6. I just got started carving on these pieces..I have warned guys here about some of these bits being too aggressive and hard to control.... Well,and getting in too big of a hurry.... that's what I was doing and this is what I was using..... And for safety sake I have cut done almost all of the shaft lengths so they won't bend but I do need some for deeper holes... First blood I have seen in the shop in a long time, many years... And when you get down in between two pieces is when the rattling of the bit can start, banging from one side to the other.. And I usually wear some very thick leather gloves for this reason,,,,,,, but they happened to be about a foot out of reach .. No stitches needed but a band aid for sure. So just guessing but it aught to be about May or June when I can start working again...O boy...
  7. Latest project

    Good design. Did you get dizzy fitting all those pieces together??? Nice work!!
  8. Best finish for heart pine?

    Most of the stuff I've seen from Ikea is a form of glued up saw dust so I would think there is no reason to stain when paint would be faster as a cover up. I my thinking Cal just a clear finish on your night stands would be a good contrast and like you said yellow pine has the best looking grain of all the pines...
  9. Next Project?

    I think too many of these daughters have been looking at Pinterest in their wire basket section. Both daughters mentioned lots of cute ideas using baskets. I remember the milk man who use to deliver milk to our house... All his containers on his truck were a form of wire baskets. What goes around comes around..
  10. 19.95 reduced down to 16.95 but had just been in the hardware, lumber yard at home and they had a drill for 18.75. Both about the same weight...I like the really light drills and was comparing that with each other...They both said 18 volt but its hard to go by whats written on the box...So I'll just wait and get the one at the lumber yard. More money might stay around this area?? The last 3 drills I bought were Black and Decker 18 volt models at that lumber yard costing 60 for all three. Four years exactly and all died this last month...Kinda like they were programmed to do that.
  11. When building the frame after the wood is sized and before any miters are cut I cut a slot in the wood for the picture to rest in. Then save the strips to secure the picture in to the frame. Then cutting the miters the first cut should have the wood laying with the outside of the frame up. Then the next cut will be up side down when cutting each side to length.....Important on which end is cut first and you will see right quick if you cut the wrong end first.......You won't be able to see your mark to set the wood for a pass through the blade.... After the puzzle is finished slide wax paper around the outside edges. I like to use Elmers white glue, Glue All is the name it goes by.. Reason, it dries clear with no glare. Other glues dried glossy and was hard to see the picture.. I spread a large amount on the puzzle with a credit card. I make sure all those crack are full... Let dry for a couple days. While waiting cut some flat cardboard,, Hobby Lobby or Walmart has flat card board close to the size I need. 1000 piece Thomas Kincade puzzles are 20 x 27" and for a few winters now thats the only name we try to find....but they do make other puzzles, I think Flip the puzzle over and don't forget the wax paper around the edges. Add a good amount of glue on the back side then lay on the cardboard. I use a piece of 1/2"BB cut to size with some heavy objects on top while the glue dries...The card board glued to the puzzle makes it stout enough for the frame. It looks like it is ruined before the glue dries. Any kind of wood for a frame and the piece I cut out of the back for the picture, the long strips, go right back in to hold the picture. Add a small saw tooth hanger and its ready for a wall. After the frame is glued up I built a jig for the table saw to hold the frame while I cut a slot in each corner then using a piece of 1/8" BB I glue them in each corner for extra precautions.. Some saw blades are a perfect size slot for the BB. And some ain't. To bad I can't explain whats on my mind.
  12. table saw sled sizing

    Pat I tried a one runner model and I come up with more side movement than I wanted. So to help there I finally found the 12" saw at a school auction.. You could still make a 2 runner model but would be a bugger to set off and on when not using....Sorry I couldn't help.

    Buck Nall do you see how misspelling a word can get a persons post changed right quick. I don't think everyone was trying to steal your original post about plans but being a bunch of guys with time extra and nothing to do kinda got out of hand..... Maybe when it ain't so cold things will get better.... So yes I would rather drive across country in the most expensive auto there is rather than an old clunker.. If for no other reason it would make my smile a lot wider....
  14. Best finish for heart pine?

    Cal, the dark part of that pine, stain or dye will not penetrate. What ever you rub on will stay on the surface. You must like the looks of yp so why not leave it clear and just spray on a clear finish. I would not tell anyone to brush on a finish so I will leave it alone... If you do chose to spray clear lacquer after it dries use 0000 steel wool with a little Johnson's paste wax as a chaser to end up with a beautiful smooth finish...

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