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  1. The ant mound was filled with molten Aluminum then after digging it up and the earth washed away leaving some earth art kinda, so to speak. Neat Idea for some quick cash .
  2. Too bad you boys don't know squat. You and Fred too.
  3. Wow, thats new kind of money to me. Almost looks real... I tried that once on my printer but I forgot to print on both sides is the only reason they caught me....After I got out I needed money so this time I did print on both sides but when I tried to pass some at a store they almost died laughing.. I had printed a picture of a 50 on one side and a picture of a hundred on the other. I did what my buddy told me. He said you can't use the same serial number more than once. Thats always a dead give away of it being fake.
  4. Thanks Herb. Next time lay some 100 dollar bills next to what you make so we can get a comparison . Second thought, never seeing a hundred, you might try pennies instead of...
  5. Very nice looking locks. Whats your general sizes.
  6. All the people I know who ended up owning a woodworking business also had other income so they all did not have to turn a profit each and every week doing woodworking to pay their bills. I was one of the ones I am talking about. My wife was an RN and I was a full time paid fire fighter.. I still feel there is not enough hours in each day for a one man shop especially if he is married with kids at home and is paying 1400 a month or more for the building he is renting for his business... Not even counting if the guy is paying for his home and making car payments..Then add all the other expenses that he will have, nope, the joy of owning a business will turn into a daily horror show. My time was back in the fifties and sixties when there was an Air Force base just out of town and I took care of the damaged claims caused by Mayflower, Allied and United Van lines of moving the Air Force people all over the country. Me and my little touch up kit by Mohawk made me lots of bucks back then...
  7. I took care of that problem in 99. I would rather make something myself. I made a one piece set that fits top and bottom....
  8. Gerald its gettin hotter than somewhere else here in Texas. Might be the reason. David if you will just post a picture every once in a while you can stay. No ones requirement but mine...
  9. The Tokio west of Brownfield!
  10. Glade you could make it Randy. I know your area well. A daughter use to live on the west side of the river about a mile or so past the dam and to get there we would go past Bee Cave a hair or so they turn east toward to river. A hairy little road down to the river. Now they live in Cedar Park. Smallpatch If you need more dirt dobbers just bring a big sack and come up 183 a ways.
  11. From the album A girl named April Showers

    I bet if 50 people was to make this picture into wood no two would come close to resembling each other.. A few things I changed before printing out a pattern to use on a piece of maple wood. The first one I made was softer colors and even though it has about the same number of coats of lacquer it is a flat finish, one more step down from satin and this will cover or hide the flawes. Meaning the builder can get by with poor workmanship. The picture on the right all the pieces were rubbed out with 0000 steel creating a satin finish except the girl and since she was the center of attention I left her with a gloss out look, kinda, since she is a Texan she must be prettier than all the other states girls??? So probably no argument there!!! The colors in the border. Some are full strength and others are thinned down and when applied to maple wood the blues turn into light greens on maple. I used very few different colors to start with but mixing and thinning gave me the colors I needed.
  12. I had never heard of Nevada, Tx so I had to look it up. Kinda like when I tell people I was born in Tokio, Tx. The first think they say, you don't look foreign. I use a cnc scroll saw. The only one in my neighborhood....
  13. I'm a 3M and Norton believer and this newer flexible 3M all pro flexible is perfect for the way I finish lacquer..The last package only had 4, 4" wide sheets costing a bunch and wife commented thats seems like too much money. So far the way I use it, that package might last years..........Its only used in between coats of lacquer.

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