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  1. Gene, thats not a tuba you re playing with!!!!!!!
  2. In 2000 being freshly retired and some new camping wheels to drive we headed north, east then south then back home... I do want to warn people the north east is not for roaming campers even thought we had a very big book especially for people on the drive around. The book has all the rest areas, restaurants, truck stops, places for washing your dirty clothes and all the things only campers might be interested in...But the roads we were on... Driving east on 1-90 we make a clover leaf swing around under 90 on to the road that took us to Niagara Falls..Wow, as we were fixin to pass under 1-90 the sign said clearence 9 foot..this was the lane I was in . The left lane was solid cars. I had to ease to the left or else loose about two and a half foot of my camper....All kind of fingers shooting up and honking going on but hey, they do that in Texas so nothing new...Trying to get in to a parking area to see the Falls was a nightmare.. My 38 foot camper didn't want to fit in a car stall. Seeing the falls from the States side was a big let down.. Okay we look the big map book over and since we were headed toward Maine I suggested we drive along one of the great lakes going that direction . Wife says I have it all mapped out with the yellow marks a lot..... so take the next road to the left...For each long trip we took in the camper wife would use a different color marks a lot, this way when questions would arise as to where we went,, the arguments never happened again for here colored lines were proof enough ever for this hard headed guy who actually never won an argument on directions.. Anyway we were still in Niagara headed east toward the edge of a big great lake!!! and she start screaming, turn right , turn right, stop stop. I swung the camper to the right and by this time I had it stopped and she said didn't you see the sign on the underpass, no not with you screaming like that.... Well that sign hanging on that bridge said clearance, 11 foot........... Our camper is 12.4 foot tall. Okay calm down honey you did good. Maybe we should go about 20 miles an hour so we can have time to read the signs before we get to that point of no return... Okay we decided to go up the west side of New Hampshire, cross over the the east side and go down it and get back on an interstate heading east...Well somewhere about halfway down the east side of New Hampshire we were needing diesel so I said I'll just take the nest exit and it looks like a city is to the left after I come to the stop at the top of the over pass.. Wife says you can only turn right and I say yes there is a barrier there so I can't turn left..Okay, we go to the right... About a couple hundred foot it says welcome to the University of New Hampshire...I don't even know if that is the name but at that time I didn't give a hoot, I was where I didn't want to be for the streets became smaller and the pedestrians got larger and larger. I had to end up making some deep ruts all over their campus. We did make it to Bangor, Maine to a good sized rv park but the people running it warned me about the town. .???? We left there early the next morning ...Wife directed me to I-95 and we ended up way down yonder at the end of Florida.... Going down the Interstate there are signs showing what can be had at each exit...But with so many trees a person can't just see what might be at that exit. The signs does not mention after getting gas or eating the big rigs will have to back up to turn around for there are no blocks to go around to get back on the highway... And if someone is pulling a car with a tow-bar they will have to un-hook the car to do the backing up to turn around then re-hook the car.. So for a guy who if he wants to can see all the way in to New Mexico and with my stout binoculars can watch Gene when he comes outside to check for rain or what ever he is doing when he comes out with his hands up in the air dancing and mumbling like he does.. Also If you want a thrill of a life time try hearding a motor home under Chesapeake Bay Bridge through the little bitty tunnel....
  3. Well, Crap!

    And on the same line of thought, what the heck is snow???
  4. Matag wringer washer

    Its a first for me... A close line with a different name...
  5. Gene you would be the ben e fish er of going to Vegas...... since its almost walking distance for you. Even my wife and myself would more than likely not go. But just thinking of a summer trip for a couple of folks, seeing many different sights one can't see in New York. Mississippi or Ohio and probably having the longest good memory of a fun time, then Las Vegas is the best place I think in the world one should visit... Kinda funny for a Wood working type of show use to go to Las Vegas but didn't do good so they cut it out of the schedule and I don't doubt there are probably more trade shows in Vegas each year than any other city for the reason there are more sights to see than any other place.
  6. Gene I would have to disagree with Reno Or Laughlin. Either place, walk an hour and thats it, nothing else left to see, different.... Just walking through the forum in Caesars Palace one can find so many things never seen before and all interesting.. We found one store that had 10,000 sewing machines, no not every one wants to see old sewing machines including me but they are there...And that one casino you walk through a glass tunnel of a very large aquarium with sharks and minnows and things. The problem is a person never knows whats inside those building, casinos, unless you walk all the way through every one..
  7. And don't forget to click on to a few Casino's to check rates and don't forget the weekends are sometimes two or three times higher than the week nights. Circus circus does have 2 or 3 big tall hotels but wife and I both feel better if we are not on the hundredth floor when a fire breaks out. We never felt like the rooms were important for we were never in them very long for Vegas goes all night long...
  8. Hey Gene I was just fixin to suggest Vegas. Back in 2000 wife and I got together a hole slue of people to meet in Las Vegas. 90% said they had never been and 100% of everyone said they had a great time... We met each morning for the breakfast in Circus Circus and that night again. After we ate everyone went their own way. A daughter and husband said we don't gamble so that don't sound interesting.. I told them we would pick them up at the air port then tell us after their visit there if they enjoyed themselves. We changed our minds, it was so much fun... The reason I suggested Circus Circus , they have the manor, thats four 3 story buildings of rooms with parking around each building... And during the week days is the cheapest and Circus a night can be 50.00 or much less a night...A motel off the strip can cost 80 to 100 a night.. We always would eat the buffett there then get in the car and since most all casino's have parking garages it is really easy to park in one, go to three or four casino's close to that parking garage then get in the car and go on down Las Vegas Blvd and park in another garage and see the sights in that area and so on...No two building are the same inside .. A trip through the dam is interesting or a tour in a helicopter or for more excitement a ride on the ferris wheel or I should say INSIDE the ferris wheel. It is 550 foot tall, thats equal to a 55 story building. Almost all casinos have a mall with some very strange things one can not see anywhere else..New York, New York all the people working there have the brooklyn accent. and all the garfetti one sees on the streets of New York city is right there on all the walls and a rolly coaster that comes through the building next to the people walking in the halls.. Paris Paris, the people working there I guess are from Paris France for they talk like it and are dressed as French people. A person can ride on the canals of the Venetian only you are up on the third floor of their Casino and one can not tell the difference once they get in the gondolas.. The batanical gardens are great at the Bellagio. Red Rock Canyon out of town just a short distance. Don't know if Imperial Palace is still there but they have a great antique auto show.. or did. Some of the dictators cars from WW11 , Very interesting arrangement of old autos. The roller coaster on top of the space needle, and I can't even remember the name of the casino. Oh and don't forget to stop at the pawn shop!! Sorry about the spelling but if someone was going to Las Vegas they need to Google it to see what each and every casino has to offer. Down Town is a different experience with walking under the lazer show on Fremont Street. We stay just three night each time we go cause there is lots of walking involved. And it would take a few weeks to see all LasVegas has to offer... Not running down Ohio or where ever it is being planned but hey these wives might want to do their own thing instead of listening to the same old wood stories...
  9. spring is when you start doing something

    Hey I just now realized if we lived in the city in an apartment we would not have to worry about rattle snakes. So I have thought it over and will stay with the snakes......
  10. spring is when you start doing something

    I did relocate it.
  11. spring is when you start doing something

    Hey we use to have a three room shack on the other side of the lake some years before we ever moved here... All the kin folks use to use that cabin. That is most of them did until my wifes sister and her husband found a snake in one of the kitchen drawers which I think was still hibernating for it was kinda early that spring.He was fully grown probably cause they said he took up the whole area of that drawer....I told them later it was probably a drawer full of snakes for they like to sleep together in the winter. They said they didn't hang around to do any counting.
  12. spring is when you start doing something

    There are four kids next door and when they are chasing a ball in the bushes lots of times if a kid gets bit they might not know it till they are already sick from the bite...And the parents have no clue. Snakes around here are not aggressive but when cornered and a person hardly ever knows when he gets a snake cornered.......tough luck for our side... And to think I spent a month last spring cleaning out all that growth along the waters edge. I think I will look for some of those rubber waders that come up to my ears before I start on it again this year.... Hey, thats where those critters like to stay, down close to the water in those big rocks and under my pallet step. That was the reason I bought that flame thrower last year but haven't used it yet.....Still trying to get all cleared back a ways so I won't make a mistake and burn up the neighbors!! Dave there is always another line that goes with subbing things out....Retiring all the way back in 1980 makes a lot of difference how we have to operate in today's economy.
  13. You been thinking about all winter. Well for the last 18 winters, this time I actually started to build a concrete step to the shop and take away the covered pallet I have used all that time..I reached down , lifted it up and He is about a foot long...something to look forward to till winter gets here again....So the forms for the concrete got side lined till I get the shakes under control and the hair on my arms to lay back down and maybe I can continue... I finally got him in this plastic bucket so I can show him to the neighbors kids.
  14. Close call

    Wait a minute ,,,,, what are you talking about. Did I miss something hidden to click on to??
  15. Dye over lacquer

    If it does not start curling right after you applied it and it did dry, I would say you are okay. Maybe not for decorations outside but hey!!!

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