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  1. Has any body ever took the time to tell a company

    Al I heard from some of the people that live in Florida all the time and they tell me they dread the winter time for all those old people that creep around in the cars causing problems.... The comments were coming from young 20 to 30 age people who like to drive wide open all the time... I bet there is lot of road rage during the winter months...Good weather, bad feelings....
  2. This is home improvement to me

    A few minutes ago she said I will be gone most of tomorrow, can you find something to eat till I get back?? and the big cookie jar down at the end is full of different things...I told her I will try to find something to nibble on... Love that gal
  3. Has any body ever took the time to tell a company

    Al are we talking about the same thing? I've never heard of a fast food being closed for the winter? I did have to look up where you live and maybe the weather affects many businesses in your end of the world....??
  4. Has any body ever took the time to tell a company

    I forgot to add, then we drive to Dairy Queen for the best soft served ice cream. I told my wife after we retired, now there is no excuse to have to drive past a Dairy Queen , ever again...
  5. especially a fast food establishment how good their food has become. Years ago I would go out of my way so I would not have to stop at Taco Bell and eat their food. Well times have changed and now this has become the place of choice for my wife and myself... Last week while eating there I noticed on their receipt they were asking for comments, good and bad. Take our survey if you don't mind....So I did. For two hours my little mind was reliving all the things I appreciated about the experiences of being in Taco Bell....Two surprises, VA discount for one but the most interesting surprise was two senior drinks total cost was 50 cents total...refills included. But the most surprising experience so far which included about six stops there in the six weeks of doctor browsing was after sampling all of the items on their menu was the taste....For years I would not set foot inside their buildings because of the terrible tasting food...and we did make it a point of ordering most all on the menu's in those 6 trips there..... Okay, this was just some of the things I went through to explain how they had changed for the better. Now we think they have the best tasting food of all... I typed and typed then I got down to about the last page of their survey and then they said I had exceeded their 1200 character limit in typing so I try to go back and cut out some of my good comments I was giving them then all of a sudden it said I had exceeded the time limit and it all disappeared...Two hours of high fives and hur- raws. Life is a bitch........
  6. Cabot Australian Timber Oil

    If it is for outdoors then inside would even last longer!!??
  7. yarn bowl

    Mike I use lacquer but you can get shellac, enamel , or other clear stuff to shoot. I like lacquer cause I can recoat faster then after a few coats with like 400 grit sand paper between coats then I like to use 0000 steel wool and Johnson's after the last coat. You might add some to the inside of the hole also. I understand yarn will catch on lots of small things..
  8. yarn bowl

    I like that real well... Everyone has a head full of ideas but only a few knows how to bring them to life. If it were mine I would finish it with a can of clear. There are lots of brands and types of clear, but first I would try it on some pieces of wood to get the feel of how much to spray and how close to hold the can while spraying....And I would sand the sharp top edges down before spraying. Gives it a good feel. And if it were mine I would rub it down with 0000 steel wool and Johnson's paste wax. But it ain't mine. But if it were mine and I had my name on it I would sure want to do that.
  9. What kind of wood is this?

    Thanks for the explaining. Since I was in that type of business I have seen many great pieces of furniture screwed up past any chances of going back to original so just thought I would say something...Its amazing what someone told someone across the fence type of knowledge and I thought your piece of furniture, could a wooda, Rule number one,, I would never take in something someone else had started on then put it all in a big basket and brought it to me... There is only one way to strip a piece of furniture if it is to go back to original...."my way and only my way".
  10. Smart 2X4 $900-$1200 EACH!

    The tv we just bought a couple week ago is one of those smart things . I can tell it to change channels but the foreign speaking female talks so fast I have no idea what she says. So I don't use that part of it. Another feature which I hope I don't ever have to use is I can get Samsung to trouble shoot the tv from their company headquarters. No one has to come out to tell me its shot and will have to buy a new one..saving themselves a tank of gas or something.
  11. What kind of wood is this?

    You said you treated SOME of the wood with BLO. If you don't do every piece of wood exactly the same then when you go back with a stain or dye or what ever you use there will be a variation in color. I don't know how you are removing the old finish but you do need to do the hole cabinet exactly the same. First take off all the hinges and pulls. There is a look of two different doors already whether it is the light or something you did to one door and not to the other, you are in trouble.....and I hope that is a screw driver and not a scraper for you will make too many divots and marks in the wood to never get it back to new condition. Can you explain what all you have done so far. Are you using a wood stripper or what....
  12. Best method for a toilet seat?

    That is what the snake seat was made with. 2 part epoxy and you should only pour about 1/8" thickness or less at a time till that sets up then pour again. Epoxy should only be mixed and poured when its around 75 degrees. This handle dipped in epoxy about 3 years ago and wife puts it in the dishwasher and looks like the day I did it. This came from Hobby Lobby but probably cheaper at Walmart. Handles don't come out flat but is smooth. It needs to be poured on flat a surface. You need to google it if you intend on trying it.
  13. VFW sends free dollar

    Ten fore on the Snickers John. I keep a drawer full of them all the time. The isle in Walmart where the candy is , we call it the Snickers isle.
  14. That last clock didn't do me in, so

    Fred when I added 5 more inches in length and some in the width I think I added three times more work. Didn't even think of it at the time. I also glued a few extra pieces on top of the wood to get more 3 D look and I got carried away with the ruff in grinder attachment. Carving is still mostly new to me and I figure time ain't on my side anymore. This is where I'm at right now. I shaped the wood from the dial down to the carved pieces which made the carvings stand out more which added to the appearance. Next I'm trying to decide how much to raise the dial above where its at in this picture. I did plan on scroll sawing the dial instead of using store bought dial but it looks like I got too close in to the middle of where the dial will set and that will create hangovers under the side of the dial which don't look good.. Building as I go don't give me any room for changes as I see something I don't like...I'm fixin to put a round 1/2" plywood under the dial and see if this will make it look better or what.. I had intended on using a convex round piece of glass and build wood pieces to take the place of the gold ring holding the glass in the picture but the wood will have to be wider than whats showing by about 3/8" creating a noticeable gap around the bottom of the dial which I don't think would look good... Any suggestions??
  15. Best method for a toilet seat?

    Lew you might do what I did years ago. I was selling Mac Tools at the time and I knew this certain mechanic had a mold for a toilet lid and seat that he would make epoxy sets and sell with flowers and money and lots of things inside the epoxy as a conversation piece....As I was calling on the Buick house where he worked I ask him one day could he make a seat for me, sure, what do you want in it... A couple of rattle snakes, grass burrs, spiders and all kinds of things. He said you are in luck for my wife can go out and catch some rattle snakes and I'll let you know when we have finished. Even back then I was expecting 200 bucks especially after seeing what they had made me...or at least close to that amount. ...What I said and the way I said it as if the price was too much, he stepped back and he him hawed around and said now Jess I don't ever argue price with you when I am buying tools from you. I have never tried to get you to come down on your prices and I thought 60 bucks was a good price to start with. And besides my wife spent some time out there trying to get the exact length snakes and kept looking till she found two perfect specimens. I gave him 120 and said split it with your wife right down the middle, 20 for you and 100 for your wife since she did most of the hard work!! They were in the sixties at the time and super nice folks and was around 1970 Then after my grand kids got old enough to set on the pot by themselves they would scream when they had to sit on the snake seat so I had to put the original one back on and stored it up on a shelf in my shop. Slamming the door made the toilet seat inch toward the edge and finally fell off and cracked when it hit the floor....This happened over 50 years ago and ever since then I been gonna fix the crack and put it back on but just been too busy. Just think, you will be to only house in Arizona with a snake seat!

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