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  1. Where do I get woodworking inspirations from?

    From this point on is to figure out how I can make it look as I visioned it when I saw the picture on the birthday card. Long way to go and just getting started. The card is a layered 3 D type and was the reason I decided to make it with wood!
  2. Grinder at work

    Looks like the forklift needs some attention!
  3. weekend project

    The ironing trick will not do the new finish any good. The ironing trick is using a hot iron and a damp cloth to let the hot steam raise wood that has been crushed. Next time if you have lots of different woods of many different colors like what I see in the table, if you mix a stain in with clear lacquer, spraying a toner more or less, you can get a more even color and then only do the spraying in a few light coats and not all at once in one spraying.......This is not learned over night so lots of practice on a bird house or something small to get an idea of what the heck is happening. Like was mentioned, when using lots of different woods of different colors, a clear coat is far better than trying to come up with the almost impossible...
  4. Where do I get woodworking inspirations from?

    Dan it would be nice if I was able to carve with my hands but the joints in my hands is way past even waving by- by. That's the reason the Dremel gets used. Before the pattern is taken off the wood I cut out all the pieces and do away with the wood not needed. I cut out the spokes before the pattern is removed then removed the paper and cut down the spokes to make it look like they are in the middle of the wheel. This being the first of this type I am learning where I should cut with the scroll saw and what not to make too small for safety sake around the sharp spinning knives. I add a backer board so the things will glue back together and maybe look presentable. I can't cut the spokes down first before I cut out the spokes because I need the pattern. Also by the time I enlarge the pattern the lines are hard to follow. The challenge of trying to figure out these non important things is enjoyable believe it or not. More so than sitting on the dock catching fish. Any suggestions from anyone?
  5. Where do I get woodworking inspirations from?

    Did you say you wanted to go to a sissy bar?
  6. Where do I get woodworking inspirations from?

    Don't know yet Gene. I was thinking of putting a Honda motor on it and use it for hauling the loads of fish I catch in the lake. Its up hill all the way to the house, about 40 yards and it sure gets me tired... I'm gonna have to hang a sign on it to not inspect this thing unless you are at least 50 foot away from it....So far a lot of shoddy work going into it. I chipped some of the spokes while using a router trying to lower the spokes down. I'm kinda into things that are too small to handle real well using power tools... Probably end up stand alone. I could put a bracket on it to hold the cell phone since its always lost when its ringing.
  7. Where do I get woodworking inspirations from?

    Wow, this is ain't so easy. I didn't get very far today, all day!!
  8. Where do I get woodworking inspirations from?

    Lew, I finally found out what you were saying about reversed words when printing...........
  9. I put the card in the printer and am starting a new project. Never done a motorcycle before so...... Never know what I can make it look like till I try . Since it looks like a highway bike instead of a dirt bike it might end up with smooth tires. The picture is distorted making it hard to get a good idea of what is what. Did that mean I will be getting a two wheeler for my birthday????
  10. Tithe Box and Shelf

    Lew when I saw your drawings I thought yuk, another box!!! Now that I have seen the results, that yuk turned into a class act. They gonna be happy for sure!!!!! Super nice
  11. My latest project

    Gene when I was a kid if I told a fib I didn't get to eat supper that night. I was the skinniest kid in school all the way through high school.
  12. Sculpted Clock Complete

    Thanks John Morris for changing the wording. You trying to tell me I am too simple minded for the real world.. I do appreciate you. And when you did offer some schooling on the computer, I do thank you. Even though it still blaaaaaa
  13. Sculpted Clock Complete

    Thank you all. I like to challenge myself as much as I can then lie lie lie on what I did or didn't do. I am following a picture just the same as following a set of blue prints. And on this picture one side does not match the other so a person has all kind of outs if he messes up! I got you all fooled for this is just a picture posted up on the wall and I been fishing all the time you thought I was actually carving on the wood.. This was the difference in the color from outside in the sun to in the house and this was the color I was trying to get and still make it look old like an antique as it would age from wear and tear.
  14. I have figured out a way to by pass the sand paper....It takes a little longer but my joints said thanks. It cut two weeks off of the time I figured it would take to make and finish this thing. I did get the grooves a hair too close to the numbers but hey I was not about to scroll saw another dial. My understanding, in time with the wood drying out the numbers should move away from the grooves and then look mo better. And if it don't, I'll be long gone anyway!! The color, I call it .... Midnight on Mars Its 25" tall so I had to incorporate the jig saw in with the sawing of the scroll saw to get it cut out....
  15. Finally feel like woodworking

    Sure you can. Doctors say you can reverse it completely , All you have to do is walk and think backwards the rest of your life.. I do know a few folks that must have been afflicted with that when they were real young!!!!!

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