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  1. I thought I had it all ruffed in

    Hey guys this is amazing. I can make all kinds of mistakes and an hour later I can't find them. I bet you could give 50 people that are experts at carving the same picture to carve and when all get finished no two would be alike. For sure a right handed person compared to a right handed hombre would have different styles and I believe it would show in their work.This stuff has put fun back in my shop.
  2. I thought I had it all ruffed in

    Dave I flipped it over and did the right side this time. Now I have lots of smoothing to do. I get more wild in my initial grinding than when I first started this type of work but can't come up with a way to keep from having to use sand paper. I use a round diamond coated bit about 1/4" in diameter but still lots of work. But the whole process of carving I am sitting in a chair resting my back.
  3. No Bug, Just a Suggestion

    My wife has he face glued to her Kindle every night.
  4. Why I Love My 12" TS

    John I also never use a guard or a splitter and my first table saw a 10" was in 1960. And happy to say a table saw has never brought any blood out of me. I also have a 12" but it has a 10" blade on it and always a big sled for it is only used for cross cuts. A hammer has been meaner to me than all the other stuff I own. These Grizzly magnets are what I use along with my model airplane wheels to keep the wood pushed up against the table saw fence. The long one is good for a stop when cutting lots boards the same length.
  5. Fence chargers and coons...

    I thought of that kind of trap also Fred but we have kids from the neighborhood come ask us if they can use our dock to swim and dive off of but young kids and traps don't go together real good and that would keep me up all night wiping the sweat off. Good luck with what ever you use. We always say yes if you wear a life jacket while on our property but sometimes I have to go and show them what a life jacket looks like even though they might have had one on the last time they were here. We did the life jacket thing every time we went to a lake with our liks until they got grown and moved away. When they came crying I don't want to wear this life jacket anymore today, okay but we will pack up and go home if you don't keep it on.
  6. Fence chargers and coons...

    Fred when we started trying to get rid of the coons, the trap worked as good as anything. I hauled off 28 coons in about a 5 week period. I hauled them to the other end of the lake which has a mile long bridge and a creek bridge that always has water standing to come across to get back here. Its right at 6 miles one way... two different times I had two coons in the trap at the same time. Very heavy and the trips almost every night got to be a chore so I went to get a hunting license which was at Walmart and he said the permit would let me shoot 1 coon a night. Don't know if your area would be the same. So I put a hanging light over a saw horse with long metal legs. At first I used a regular wood saw horse from the shop but while sitting watching and waiting for the coons we noticed the skunks kept trying to climb up the wood to the food. It took about 6 months and once the skunk figured the saw horse out, I had skunks I had to deal with in the trap so thats why I built the long legged metal horse. They never could make it up that one plus we smeared crisco or something slick to make sure. I have the trap only about 10 foot from the deck of my house with a light hanging right over it so it kinda entertaining so I could sit in the house and play free cell and every once in a while glance out the window... I did get the permit for one year and this was much easier to get rid of them than put them in the pickup and spend a half hour or so hauling them. A fence charger not built to kill. We also have lots of foxes but they are good for the area for they eat rats and mice but do get the fruit when they come ripe but I consider that a trade off. Squirrels are another thing for we hardly ever get any pecans off of ten trees or so plus and the bluejays help the squirrels. Watch what trap you get for the coons. They can destroy some of the smaller traps. Our cats take turns with the foxes eating. We use dried cat food for the coon bait. Sitting the trap on the ground didn't work so hot for the ants would have the food covered solid right quick. As it is I can spray around the metal legs and have no trouble. Every night of so I switch the red bucket for the trap and sometimes the cats or the foxes can't wait and we have to go out and let them out. I do like to wait and leave them in the trap for a few hours to try and get them so they will remember not to go in there but they are kinda like my wife, they will do what they want to do...and what I want don't matter.
  7. Need a pattern for knobs

    How about this. Short pieces of dowels and a brass welding rod. You can't get more simple than these. My first boxes were just formed pieces of wood with small dowels to hold them out for fingers to get under. Nothing any more simple than that.
  8. Need a pattern for knobs

    I don't have any patterns but I made some for some boxes I made. You might get an idea from these The first two are made from welding rods and short dowels the third is wood shaped as hearts and the forth a lady in New Orleans ordered this one plus the pulls are from some bamboo wood flooring. I would suggest you might be happier with some if you thought up the designs yourself. I am a person who hates to be told anything.
  9. Bandsaw troubles

    Very handy light fixture. I got one like that on every machine in my shop, all garage sale items. I make a list of things to look for at garage sales and ask for the things on my list. I tried 100 watt curly cue florescent bulbs for the light fixtures but they were too heavy but the led's work great. As I was leaving a garage sale one time the lady said ain't you guys gonna buy something. I said I was looking for a 22 rifle but don't see one. She said husband has one, I'll go ask him if he wants to sell it.....Cheapest buy on a gun I ever made. That was when I started making a list of things to look for and especially ask for. Garage sales are held for number of reasons. They either need to get rid of things or else they need money so keep that in mind as you are looking.
  10. Why I Love My 12" TS

    John, two suggestions. Fix that out feed table before it causes a big nasty problem and second, a push stick of some kind would look better when doing a video. Also ripping pine will cause more problems than all the rest of the woods on this planet.
  11. I thought I had it all ruffed in

    The bottom piece was the last one done. Then after closer inspection, it was done but on the wrong side. See the two holes in the two pieces. They line up and a screw goes in from the bottom. I knew about an hour ago it was time to quit and go eat. At least I can still carve the other side.. Can't win em all.
  12. Yesterday's Picks

    good find, you'll enjoy those left handed drill bits. Actually I use to sell the real left handed bits. They work excellent for ease outs. The hole will start getting hot and most of the time will make the busted bolt start coming out. Most of the mechanics had them. Courtesy of my good thinking...
  13. Ran the scroll saw all day today

    Dave I don't doubt if 3M ain't supplying all the other companies with the same stuff. It looks like, sprays like, holds like and taste like the 3M stuff only they are much higher than the rest... Gene I guess when tracing using carbon paper that would apply. Since started using the printer its all straight forward and I have forgotten what I use to do. And the forgetter is getting worse as each day goes by. The doctor told me to play lots of free cell on the computer. I ask if that would help. He said well it beats people sitting in front of a tv all day and never watching anything with a blank stare on their face. So I do play free cell a lot and it really helps for as soon as I see that game anywhere I can recognize it.
  14. Tool Handy Hack

    A pocket knife cuts tape but I don't know if people in Cal. can carry one unless they recite proposition 69 before they whup it out?
  15. The Patriot Woodworker - Light theme

    The light theme is good. Although it took me since you invented it till now to figure out which was which. Too many colors the other way. Anything is better than a red background with blue letters. A few minutes and my eyes tells me to go throw up. Don't remember where I ran into it but it was bad....

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