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  1. Bangor Maine PD

    Stick, I apologize for any offense; none was intended. I have researched the issues with FB and have not found anything that concerns me. I just like to understand the concerns other people have.
  2. Bangor Maine PD

    I understand and respect personal preferences. My questions are not meant as any form of criticism, just wanting to know specifics as to why a choice is made. The entire internet is a feeding ground for cyber thieves and we all must take necessary precautions. I do. Sorry for any offense.
  3. Bangor Maine PD

    RE #1, 2nd half: I don't understand. Why don't you just say plainly what your concerns are? RE #2: I love to ask questions....never afraid.
  4. 2017 Total Eclipse, August 21st

    We were planning on going north about 100 miles to see it but have changed our minds due to the potential traffic issues. We will get 96% totality here. hat
  5. Bangor Maine PD

    Please tell me straight up what you don't like.
  6. Bangor Maine PD

    I know racs can be tough cookies. I just give them room. Don't understand the angst with FB. I use it to connect with my daughters, GKs and several retired friends, plus I read 5 local newspapers. Nothing on the site bothers me because I don't click on them. hat
  7. Great Day

    Those of us who are ambidextrous must have split personalities, yes? hat
  8. Top 10 Unavoidable Truths of Woodworking

    Hey Stick, good list! I'd like to add "Don't work when you are tired or distracted."
  9. First attempt

    Dadio, the clock looks good! If you feel driven to add more "dark knots", consider gently applying a dark stain in selected spots or carefully sneaking up with a small butane torch used for soldering copper pipes. I've done that before, its not hard to do. hat
  10. Tabs on the Weather...

    Oh roasto mio It is so hot I can fry an egg on the parking lot When will it end No one knows Maybe December, if it snows Oh roasto mio............
  11. Big Snake Seen In Indiana

    I don't understand why people are afraid of, or hate, snakes. They are an important part of healthy ecosystems and wont attack if you leave them alone. I always stop to get them off the road. I used to catch buzztails for milking to make anti-venin serum. Buzzies are cool! hat
  12. Sycamore

    I got a slab of sycamore a while back and have tried to use it to make small boxes and trim, etc. It has a unique figure and is easy to work with if I don't get muscly with it. However, I found that it warps a lot after cutting. Internal stresses?? I have no idea what its moisture content was. hat
  13. My wife's mom passed away today

    Please accept my condolences on your loss. Jeff
  14. Hacksaw Ridge Movie

    Really? What terminology would you have used for a movie about slavery, the Alamo, or Sitting Bull?
  15. Hacksaw Ridge Movie

    Do you mean Japanese soldiers? It isn't the '40's anymore and there may be Japanese-American woodworkers around.

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