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  1. trucks

    I bought a brand-new 1993 Jeep Cherokee Sport for $18,500 in the Fall of 1992. Still have it with 307, 400 miles on it. It runs good and has plenty of power. I do all the maintenance myself. I'm seriously considering getting a rebuilt engine for it when it finally goes down. I don't want to pay those crazy high prices with all the electronic goodies. hat
  2. Flu shot anyone?

    I take the time to become informed on the various medical issues and take whatever proactive defensive measures that are recommended simply because I don't want to suffer the consequences of not being protected. Nothing is perfect, for sure, but I try to stack the odds in my favor. I have family and friends who have not and have suffered. hat
  3. I understand your perspective but it is clear to me that many have side-stepped the issue by making it an assault on the anthem and flag. America has long, dark history of discrimination, and it continues today precisely because it is quietly accepted, tolerated, and often ignored and ridiculed. The protest likely would not have happened had we actually made significant progress against discrimination. It is my belief that not taking a firm stand against discrimination in all its forms is a very real statement of disrespect for everything America stands for. ".....Liberty and justice for all...." Really? Any coercive attempt by government or sponsorship to squelch their voices is a vote for continued discrimination. Discrimination of any kind is a disease of the soul of America. Count me as a combat veteran who stands against discrimination. Is that well-said? Thanks for the phone number. hat
  4. They are NOT protesting America, the anthem, the flag, or any part of the military. They are protesting discrimination, including police brutality. I see discrimination every d**m day and wonder what will it take to get folks to take a stand against it. I support their protest to call attention to discrimination. I am an infantry veteran, '68-'70, and am not offended. hat
  5. Colonoscopy Blues

    Thanks to everyone for the replies. I flavored the prep with lemonade powder and it was OK. The exam went smoothly, found 4 polyps. Pathology report not back yet. Do it again in 3 years. hat
  6. DOH....

    Hello Gene As I move farther into Old Fogeyhood, I refuse even more strongly to become digitally hep. I still have a rotary phone! My GKs don't know how to use it. Ha!
  7. Colonoscopy Blues

    Man, I have the Colonoscopy Blues big time! The GHPs (Great Hunger Pangs) are in full roar. I don't dare go out to the shop fearing I'll eat the wood. Nearby cows and trees are starting to look really good. I do pushups until I pass out. The yummie prep torture starts this evening. Pure delight!! Oh, I can hardly stand it.
  8. Herb (Dadio) Missing in Action

    Dadio, I am really sorry to hear about your daughter-in-law. I hope it all turns out well.
  9. Bangor Maine PD

    Stick, I apologize for any offense; none was intended. I have researched the issues with FB and have not found anything that concerns me. I just like to understand the concerns other people have.
  10. Bangor Maine PD

    I understand and respect personal preferences. My questions are not meant as any form of criticism, just wanting to know specifics as to why a choice is made. The entire internet is a feeding ground for cyber thieves and we all must take necessary precautions. I do. Sorry for any offense.
  11. Bangor Maine PD

    RE #1, 2nd half: I don't understand. Why don't you just say plainly what your concerns are? RE #2: I love to ask questions....never afraid.
  12. 2017 Total Eclipse, August 21st

    We were planning on going north about 100 miles to see it but have changed our minds due to the potential traffic issues. We will get 96% totality here. hat
  13. Bangor Maine PD

    Please tell me straight up what you don't like.
  14. Bangor Maine PD

    I know racs can be tough cookies. I just give them room. Don't understand the angst with FB. I use it to connect with my daughters, GKs and several retired friends, plus I read 5 local newspapers. Nothing on the site bothers me because I don't click on them. hat
  15. Great Day

    Those of us who are ambidextrous must have split personalities, yes? hat

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