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  1. WWII Spitfire Pilot

    Excellent! Many thanks!!
  2. Matag wringer washer

    I did the same thing when I was about 5. No harm done, Mom was quick. hat
  3. spring is when you start doing something

    Smallpatch, I hope you gently relocated the buzztail to a safe location. I never kill snakes, often stopping to get them off the road. I used to catch buzzies for milking! hat
  4. Our Mr. Kauffman.

    Years ago, I made a jig that is much smaller and functions in a similar manner. I cut a 6" x 6" piece of 3/8" plywood and milled 2 slots in it for adjustment to the blade. Then, I cut a 6" piece of oak to fit inside the miter slot flush with the surface of the table. I mounted 2 each 1/4x20 bolts heads down in the oak strip set to match the milled slots, and lock the slotted plywood in place with wing nuts. To use it, I raise the blade to thickness of the stock I intend to strip-cut and set the jig to the left side of the blade for the thickness I want to cut, locking it down with the wing nuts. Then, I slide the jig to the feed front of the saw, set the stock in place against the jig, and move the fence over to it. Lock the fence and cut. Reposition the stock, reposition the fence, cut. I can uniform cut strips 1/32"' thick. hat
  5. Glue for box making

    I agree with Lew. I use TB III for all my boxes and never have a problem with open time. However, I recommend that you do a dry fit, including setting clamps, before applying glue. Make any necessary corrections, then glue and clamp. I made a glue-up jig that holds 2 sides at 90 degrees while the other 2 sides mate up. Makers the whole process much easier to control.
  6. I must live in a cave....

    I drive a 1993 Jeep Cherokee Sport, 4L, 5-speed manual 4WD, with 310,000 miles on it. Bought new in Oct/92 for $18,000. I do all the maintenance/repair work myself. I get heart shakes when I look at the prices of new trucks today. hat
  7. Need Help Selecting

    And to think I thought I was "good" just falling out of bed in the morning!

    This is excellent! Thanks, Stick. hat
  9. My kind

    Throw on some crunchy-style peanut better, a leaf of kale and a teaspoon of medium heat salsa, and I'm in! hat
  10. Flourescent Glue Squeeze Out Video

    Look how clean the shop is! Not a single molecule of sawdust anywhere. hat
  11. Horror in FL

    Hello Ron. I am curious as to why you, or anyone in civilian life, carry a gun. Except for my infantry days, I have never been in a situation where I felt endangered enough that I would want a gun. That includes bars, parties, dark streets, strange towns, etc. Please explain. I asked that of a guy with a gun stuffed into the back of his pants while in a small cafe and he replied because its his 2nd A right. Me and 3 other vets just looked at him.
  12. Horror in FL

    The standard argument against doing anything to stop shootings is that 1) you can't stop criminals from getting guns, 2) there will always be shootings, 3) you can't round up all the guns. The use of extreme perspective to justify inaction is standard denial. Reducing easy access to guns, especially the high capacity weapons now handily classified as hunting or sporting weapons, reduces the probability of shootings, similar to traffic laws governing driving. How can we ever evaluate mental stability of the millions of people among us? How do we know when a normal person slips over to instability? Are most of us supposed to walk around armed? Are we to have well-trained armed guards everywhere or just some places? Do we have TSA-like security procedures at doorways? Enact rational restrictive laws and enforce them with stiff penalties. Start with a ban on the high capacity assault-style weapons you dismiss. A while back, there was a misfit armed with an AR-15 standing guard, weapon up, trigger finger in the ready position, in front of a recruiting office as shoppers wandered around the parking lot and stores. I asked him what he was doing. He replied defending the recruiters from attack. I asked attack by who? He didn't answer. I saw a woman carrying a pistol going into the grocery store with her young daughter. I asked her why. She replied she was afraid of foreigners. She was a veteran with duty in Iraq. I saw a man with his daughter in the grocery store, with a semi-auto handgun strapped on his hip and 4 pouches of magazines! This is the result of the NRA-sponsored fear-mongering gun mania mindset and is why I quit them years ago. The government does not want to take my guns!! Today, I look for armed people everywhere I go, especially when with family, just like my infantry days. I have no way of judging the mental stability of someone carrying in public. I want safety from the widespread presence of guns.
  13. Horror in FL

    It is not a knee-jerk reaction. Untrained civilians should not have access to high capacity assault-style weapons that make mass shootings so deadly. The current gun mania has made it easier for people, including wackos, to use them. The social causes you list were there 30 years ago but nobody pulled heat to kill. I live near an unregulated gun range and I hear semi-auto fire nearly every day, sometimes full auto fire. Really?! I talked with a guy who was setting up a man-sized target. He said he wanted to train his mind to focus on killing a man. Really?! The NRA-sponsored fear mongering has made people feel afraid such that some of them get guns they have never used before. When I see someone packing a gun at the grocery store, I seriously wonder about their mental stability. How do I know they are stable? I talked with guy who was standing guard with an AR-15 at a recruiting office near a mall, trigger finger in the ready position, a wild look in his eyes as shoppers walked around. I asked him why? He said " In case someone wants to attack the office". Really?! Ban high capacity assault style weapons and in public gathering places like stores, etc. I have a right to feel safe!!
  14. It's All About ME.

    I am a veteran (Army infantry, '68-'70), and I love my country and respect the anthem, the flag, and the bald eagle. However, I do not worship them. I see weather-worn flags hanging down or wrapped around on poles everywhere. Some folks use the flag in clothes, drapes, table clothes and art work as a display honoring our country and people. The flag in the combat picture is covering a dead brother while touching the body bag and the tarp beneath it. The death is a tragic loss. The flag touching anything does not diminish its meaning. White is proud to be an American and to have won a gold medal for America, and is overcome with the emotion of the win as are the bothers of their loss. We should be proud, also. hat
  15. Shellac Flakes old?

    I keep my flakes (now 10+ years?) in the freezer, taking them out only when I want to make a batch. Never had a problem.

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