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  1. The hardest wood in North America

    Cliff, you beat me to it!!
  2. Tabs on the Weather...

    12 degrees and foggy. The high pressure inversion has trapped pollution in my breathing space. Nasty stuff.
  3. Feeling old

    You were right...I'm 72, pushing 73. Such is life, eh? .
  4. Feeling old

    No, pushing 73.
  5. Feeling old

    Age ain't nuthin' but a number. I'm 26,652 days old today!! Fully qualified as an Old Fogey in the Ancient Order of Fossilhood.
  6. Feeling old

    My GKs freaked out when the saw a rotary dial phone in my shop! I asked them for their cell # and called them. They had to try it themselves!!
  7. new addition to library

    Excellent work!
  8. His Nippiness

    I'll start the spiritus frumenti imbibation process posthaste!
  9. His Nippiness

    His Nippiness has arrived with clear, cold skies and temps down to 10 shivers/second. The associated inversion has trapped all the pollution in my breathing space, making filtration of inflow a must. Taste is none too pleasant, either. Expected to last and worsen over the next eon. Oh, well, out to the shop to smell sawdust. hat
  10. Hobbled

    Hey John, many sorries for your woes. If you have a hot tub nearby, try a long, hot soak. It works for me when the flu bug strikes. hat
  11. Shop workbench for my son

    Excellent work!
  12. Cherry Finish

    Hello skiler Lay the unfolded BLO rag out to dry uncovered in the open air for a couple of days. DO NOT wad it up and toss it in the garbage. When it has dried out, you can chuck it. hat
  13. Coming Up For Air (woodworking)

    I'm going to have to think about making one of those chairs. Hope that you have control of those wolves!
  14. I have two minds. One is lost and the other is out looking for it.
  15. It's that day again.

    You, too!

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