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    Using wood rescued from the fire pit.

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  1. ask HLM gone?

    I noticed that also. Lots and lots of good info there.
  2. Just Larry

  3. Second Amendment

    Thanks for posting. Very well done, both the cutting and the explanation. Larry
  4. Yikes!

    Congratulations. Please save some of that knowledge for us. Larry
  5. Status of Excalibur Scroll Saw

    One of the scrolling forums recently posted that the EX 21 is available for order through Home Depot. I just looked it up through my local HD and for $899.00 I could have one here around Jan 11. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Excalibur-120-Volt-21-in-Tilting-Head-Scroll-Saw-with-Stand-and-Foot-Switch-EX-21K/205414436?cm_mmc=Shopping|THD|G|0|G-BASE-PLA-AllProducts|&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI08SanO2P2AIV1o2zCh2Dtgz-EAQYAiABEgIdG_D_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds&dclid=CM-Mn6Ptj9gCFVGtTwod5moDig Larry
  6. Spraying shellac?

    You're welcome Gene. I left out part of getting to the shellac info. Once you get to title Shellac, you need to scroll down and click on one of the sub topics. Maybe this one will take you to applying shellac for brushing information. http://www.askhlm.com/Articles/ArticleViewPage/tabid/75/ArticleId/15/Applying-Shellac.aspx Larry
  7. Spraying shellac?

    I use the spray can Bullseye shellac on most of my scrolling projects. Also do some dipping with 50/50 mix shellac / DNA. Have tried brushing and wiping without good results but if I would do this more I would probably get the hang of it. Spray can is the easy way out for me. I do know through all of the applications use/have attempted, that too heavy of coat will cause cracking. Spraying second coat or more will leave a rough texture. I take a piece of brown paper bag and rub it over the coats and this takes away the rough bumps. Works just like sandpaper but it does not leave the white sanding power as sandpaper does. All that to say this: Steve Mickley has been my go to for shellac information. Here is a link to his articles – just scroll down on left side till you get to shellac, click and read. http://www.askhlm.com/Articles/tabid/64/ArticleCategory/9/smid/418/Default.aspx Larry
  8. Happy Thanksgiving (November 23 - 2017)

    Thanks John for the reminder of what it is about. Happy Thanksgiving to all. Larry
  9. resizing programs

    Here is one that was mentioned on one of the scrolling sites. I have not tried it. https://art-of-stained-glass.com/print.php Larry
  10. I was really proud of this

    Is there a misteak some where? Larry
  11. Scroll Saw Table Refinishing

    My table top is just the metal, no coating at all, so cannot really give you any first hand information on getting your table back to like new. I did notice on another scrolling form some have covered the table with Formica - glue on or two sided tape. Gets a little worn they replace it. Also a few years back one talked about getting the table Teflon coated. I do not have any trouble finding the blade entry because of the bare metal. If I recall the new Seyco scroll saw has a replaceable top and it is very close to the Ex. Do you top feed or bottom feed? Larry
  12. I finished this girl, April Showers

    Outstanding work, Jess. Larry
  13. Special Gift

    Thanks. Jess - Just Hot and Dry in Clyde but supposed to cool a bit and git wet. Larry
  14. Special Gift

    Youngest grandson wanted a gift for his special friend at school. Coach is at high school each morning to help with students as they arrive at school. Grandson and Coach talked about hunting a bunch while granddaughter was being helped out of the vehicle. Grandson will start to his own school next year and will not be seeing Coach very much. Pattern was made by Snowman1936 at Scroll Saw Portraits forum several years ago. Size is close to 8X10. It is cut from 1/4 BB Ply with 1/8 BB ply backing using FD UR blades. Used router with bit and guide to round over the edges. Wanted round over to be little more deep but guide went over the backer and caused the first edge gouge. So, decided to make the other corner match and that worked out. Then thought that putting gouges in the top would make it look a plan to do it than an oops. Made the first one – OK. Flipped it over to make the last gouge on the top and the cutting let itself be put in the wrong spot and had two gouges on one of the bottom corners. You can look at the cutting and see how the rest of the story went. The backing is stained the same color almost as the table top shown in the photo. Cutting is sprayed with spray shellac. Thanks for looking, Larry
  15. Very unusual piece of firewood

    Outstanding and nice rescue of wood from the fire pit. Larry

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