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  1. The "Willow" Humidor

    WOW fantastic RJR
  2. Hexagon End Table

    hey guys thanks for all the complements RJR
  3. Hexagon End Table

    to STICK no I do not have a trimmer knife , wish i did, just use ww2 blade and an INCRA mitre guage and lots of small cuts
  4. Hexagon End Table

    Lew, I used the table saw for the large pcs. and mitre saw for edging. thanks for looking and comments RJR
  5. I made this end table without a plan . It had 50 separate pieces and 30 MT's The legs are 5 sided. This is the bottom of the top and lower shelf, legs and stretchers. The finish is one coat of shellac sealer and 2 coats of poly. I hope these pictures turn out. It is my first attempt of inserting photos They might be too big. RJR
  6. What to do with sawdust

    I take my sawdust to 0ur city compost site. It is open in the summer from May to mid Nov, I save winter sawdust until spring.
  7. Work gloves recommendation

    i found Mechanix high abrasion gloves that last me all summer of yard work and built a retaining wall, loading ,unloading 300 retaining wall blocks and building the wall they still were not warn out. They are not on the Mechanix website any longer but found them on Amazon
  8. What is in your shop

    I have satellite radio get a lot of music or talk channels

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