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  1. Well There ya Go!

  2. If you wear a hard hat in the shop, you can give it quite a substantial whack! John
  3. Tabs on the Weather...

    Just checked....... We've hit 90°! John
  4. Tabs on the Weather...

    88°F, Humidex of 105°F! FINALLY getting some summer! John
  5. Mister McGoo syndrom

    ...and telephones, and doorbells, and.... John
  6. Tabs on the Weather...

    It's also the HOTTEST day of the year so far! Trimmed hedges for an hour, and almost passed out. Sweating like a pig! John
  7. Useless conversation and other drivel...

    I had a ticket on the Lotto Max last night. Top prize of $60,000,000 CDN. (About a million US, I think.) I know I won, but haven't checked yet. Got too many freeloader relatives already! Free donuts for everybody once the Brinks truck delivers. John
  8. Tabs on the Weather...

    So THAT's where they look for information!!! John
  9. Mister McGoo syndrom

    Not missing much. John
  10. Mister McGoo syndrom

    Sorry about your hearing loss, Herb. Good thing you didn't lose your sense of humour as well! John
  11. You won't believe this!

    Same here! John
  12. Old Age

  13. Festool Recon / Refurb

    My first thought, EXACTLY! John
  14. You won't believe this!

    CUP??? I carry a clean bucket for those rare occasions! John
  15. You won't believe this!

    I knew SOMEONE would find a picture! John
  16. DOH....

    All four of us by the looks of it. John
  17. You won't believe this!

    Now all we need is a tanker truck full of coffee, and we're good to go! John
  18. DOH....

    Hang in there, fellas. I'm with you on this. Remember, this whole computer/digital thing is just a passing fad! John
  19. McCormick on the run!

    Got everything but the heartwood! John
  20. McCormick on the run!

    Any time! John

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