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  1. Cuts a square out of the back and sews it on the front! John
  2. Or maybe you're just keeping better company? John
  3. I heard that somewhere. John
  4. Who you callin' a tool? John
  5. Poured, apparently! John
  6. Somehow, it looks even bigger in the photos. But it still holds enough candy to put my sugars WAY over the top! John
  7. ....or the mailman! John
  8. Psychiatrists claim that pets help to calm us and keep us sane. One out of two ain't bad! John
  9. I still have a whole pile of them. Ideal pets..... they won't crap all over your yard, minimal care, they don't need to be neutered, fed, or watered, won't leave hair all over the house, and are cheap to feed..... yup, IDEAL PETS! John
  10. Glad to hear he survived the ordeal! John
  11. That was my thought, too. What are the dimensions of this box? Looks like it would hold enough for all the spooks and goblins on Halloween! John Nice box, BTW.
  12. So does an entire bottle of dark rum. Just saying. John
  13. See? Politics is all relative! (Pun intended.) John
  14. Time to break out the longjohns! John
  15. Of course not! You worked up quite an appetite, I'll bet. Hope you didn't wear Pops out too badly. John
  16. Don't know if anyone here heard about the incident in Winnipeg a day ago. It seems someone going into a convenience store left a bag on the hood of a parked car. Four young people in a pickup noticed, grabbed the bag, and hightailed it. As one of them was opening the bag, it blew up! Apparently it was an IED, some kind of incendiary device. All four were badly hurt. Of course, their story is that they were going to turn it over to police. REALLY? No-one ever taught them to keep their hands off things that don't belong to them??? John
  17. How about a .44 close enough to get their attention? I've heard it works for coyotes! John
  18. We need a "Don't Like" button! John
  19. It is increasingly getting to be! But don't kid yourself.... the only reason you don't have the problem is because nobody can get NEAR your mountain-top aerie! John
  20. Where, exactly, is this "Text Editor Tool Bar"? I must be missing something, but at least nobody can call me a COMPLETE idiot! John Never mind, I just figured it out.
  21. Driving around this morning, I noticed an unusual amount of garbage on the roads and in the ditches. Coffee take-out cups, plastic water bottles, pop cans, plastic bags, and even assorted pieces of furniture! Which brings up this question: Why is the price of bacon so high? There is obviously no shortage of PIGS!!!!! John
  22. Nah.... I'm too nice of a guy to willfully contribute to the maiming and/or death of another! John
  23. I take it your new bride doesn't peek at your posts. John
  24. Sure beats the one I have here! I think it has a leak, but I can't find it. John

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