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  1. Can't cure stupid

  2. Tabs on the Weather...

    You must live down the block from me! Are you getting the Mach 1 wind too? No wind yesterday.... fogged in ALL DAY! Visibility was 100' or less in some areas, and idiots driving with NO LIGHTS!!! John
  3. Photos from The Doins in the Desert

    That's what they want you to believe! In reality, it's turned into vegan hamburger and sent back to the U.S. John
  4. Pocket holes on the cheap

    Now, you KNOW Stick is gonna razz you about that..... John
  5. Charity Dog banks

    35, 35, 40,40,45... do I hear 50? I agree with Jesse! John
  6. Plastic Threads for Box Lids

    Great idea, Dan! Recycling at its finest!!! John
  7. I just now noticed Rockler

    You know, Cal..... I think I'm going to print that out, frame it, and hang it on my wall! A man after my own heart. Thanks! John
  8. Photos from The Doins in the Desert

    I can only dream.... John
  9. Birthday Greetings to...

    All the best on your big day, Jim! John
  10. Sargent

    Well, as long as YOU started it, , the Golden Arches up here have greatly improved their coffee! Twenty years ago, the stuff was undrinkable, now it's ALMOST as good as Tim's. John
  11. Sargent

    The local store only carries belts for hand-held sanders. Mine is a bench model, uses 4"x36" belts. John
  12. Sargent

    No H-F in Canada! HD might have something, though. John
  13. Tabs on the Weather...

    You want doughnuts with that? John
  14. Tabs on the Weather...

    Try to avoid taking those D**N mosquitoes, ticks, hornets and any other biting, stinging chiggers! John
  15. Sargent

    I've already worn out two belts trying to flatten the darn thing! 180 grit, I think.... it was all I had. The plane is actually a friend's, I told him I'd try to fix it up for him. Starting to wish I'd kept my mouth shut. John
  16. Windows Vista

    That, and Pong! John
  17. Tabs on the Weather...

    Have you started building? John
  18. Tabs on the Weather...

    Send it to Stick! John
  19. Windows Vista

    Think I should toss my old Commodore 64? John
  20. Tabs on the Weather...

    Cheaper to move to Alaska! John
  21. Total BS! Swiss citizens are NOT required to own guns, and carrying is extremely limited. Also, you must be assessed mentally competent to own a gun! John
  22. Sargent

    I've got one like that, but it's a cheap Canadian Tire version. The sole is dished around the blade, so that it has to protrude about 3/16" before it even touches the wood! John

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