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Come see our annual Adopt a Gold Star Family for Christmas Project in partnership with Operation Ward 57. We have been chosen to support this mother and her two children. How can you help? Click on the proceeding link, and see our official project page where you can learn how to participate in our raffle and how you can win some fantastic prizes! Attention on Deck!!! Uncle Sam Wants You!!!!


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  1. Fishing Fun

  2. Finally broke down and ordered

    THE BEANS DO THAT????? John

    Like you do for your urine tests? John
  4. Paid it forward

    As an upholsterer, I just HAVE to ask...... Where in the Hades did you find THIS mess? John
  5. Friday and Saturday were a write-off, the former was spent on deliveries and cleaning up for our Christmas open house at the garden center, and the latter was the big day. About 15 acres of greenhouses were open to the public, who could either wander around on their own, or take one of two guided tours led by the owners. I guess the drizzly weather brought people inside, as we had a LARGE turnout. Many come back every year to bask in the tropical warmth and see the 150 to 200 thousand poinsettias. Santa made an appearance for the kids, there were door prizes and free carnations for the ladies, as well as coffee, hot mulled cider, and lots of cookies! Sunday is always our "driving aimlessly around the countryside" day, and today or tomorrow I'll have to meet with a sales rep to place my order for this coming March. (Pond supplies). Should be able to get back into the shop after that. John This is what it looks like in our wholesale greenhouses. ( Pictures taken before the crowds were let in.) John
  6. Lifes Simple Pleasures

    Hey! Where'd you find my picture? John
  7. Lifes Simple Pleasures

    I'm sorry too, Gene, but after two hard days of work, I had to get my beauty sleep. Maybe next Sunday. John
  8. Lifes Simple Pleasures

    There's a 4:00 in the AM too? John
  9. Lifes Simple Pleasures

    Didn't save me any, huh? John
  10. Copy & Paste

    I'm no computer geek, and I'll be the first to admit it. Just thought somebody might know what I'm doing wrong. Whenever i "copy" an item from another source and "paste" it into a reply on this site, the item doubles up. It's simple enough to delete one before posting, but I'm starting to wonder WHY this happens. It never does it when I "copy & paste" to any other site. Any ideas?? John
  11. Copy & Paste

    And how do I find out what version it is? BTW, it is S-L-O-W! John
  12. Copy & Paste

    Microsoft Edge now............ Only one! Must be FF! John
  13. Copy & Paste

    Yup, using FF, but not the newest version, as far as I know. I can paste to another forum without this happening. Will try IE. John Forgot to post this, so these two are reversed! John
  14. Copy & Paste

    Won't even work on IE!
  15. Copy & Paste

    Yup, that's what happens. Please don't spend a lot of time on this, John. I'm just curious. John
  16. Thinking About Moving to Chicago...

    I spent a week in Chicago one day! John
  17. What to do with sawdust

    Clones? John
  18. Chinglish

    John The LOML brought home a pumice stone for her calluses. Made in China. Came with instructions..... "Rub on horny skin."

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