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  1. Does The World Really Need This?

    Isn't that what they were charging for the latest, greatest, gotta-have-it version? May have been $1200, I wasn't buying it anyway! And don't forget, $1200 US = $1500 Canadian! Question: How do you milk sheep? Bring out a new Smart Phone and charge $1200 for it! John
  2. Does The World Really Need This?

    I can clip a coupon, hand it to the cashier, and save $1500 on a smart phone! See above. John
  3. Does The World Really Need This?

    I absolutely refuse to buy any tool that's smarter than I am! John
  4. Tabs on the Weather...

    Thanks, fellas. John
  5. Tabs on the Weather...

    Couldn't get all the quotes in the same reply. Thanks, guys. Greatly appreciated! Good to know someone has my back. John
  6. Tabs on the Weather...

    Thanks, guys. Much appreciated! John
  7. Birthday Shout Out To The Peach State Resident.

    All the best on your big day, Cal! John
  8. Tabs on the Weather...

    Well, after more than two days with no internet, we JUST got it back in the last hour or so. Everything around here has been covered in ice from Saturday night, then Sunday night we got several inches of SNOW! The result was about 6" of what seemed like semi-set concrete, and was just as hard to shovel! Spent all afternoon at the cancer ward, learning more about the subject than I ever wanted to know. Son's first chemo went well, much better than he expected. He's just happy that he's finally getting treatment. And speaking of weather, Toronto REALLY got hammered! Ice chunks blowing off the CN Tower took out a number of windows in lower buildings, as well as punching holes in the roof of the nearby sports arena, that I can't remember the name of right now. And they call this SPRING??? John

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