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  1. Tithe Box and Shelf

    interesting thing about the concept of tithing - it was only mandated in the OT, never in the NT, and if you study the OT command, and do the math, it actually added up to about 24% a year on average. there were two 10% tithes each year, another 10% tithe every 3rd year, as well as the command to leave fields not fully harvested (leave the corners and if you dropped it, you couldn't pick it up, so the poor could glean the fields for their own benefit and not starve). in the NT, the only command is to be a joyful giver, and to give what you want.
  2. Finally, the Cradle is Finished

    out stand ing !!!!
  3. made up some 1-1/2" x 1/4" trim for the inside of two windows. first coat of poly on today. another tomorrow. then cut to length and install with double stick tape (onto a metal frame of a fixed window). got some rifle ammo loaded up. got a mess of components from Dad, and I had some others already in hand. so now I have something to do this winter if bored (go load some ammo). enough pieces and parts for about 800 rounds of 30-06. do you have 800 deer that need shooting?! or elk (most rounds will be 180 grain bullets).
  4. I was really proud of this

    Alternate spelling: “Go Away”
  5. I was really proud of this

    Correct spelling: $10 extra.
  6. I was really proud of this

    you need to upgrade your router to have spell-check. turn it over and try again.
  7. yikes. lacking the software to lay that out, nor a CNC to do the templates, i'd also have to pass on that.
  8. My latest project

    a peep hole in a door in a door inside a building! yikes. my head hurts. nice work though.
  9. Toys that started it

    very nice work.
  10. Next Project

    bottom, middle, top sections. no reason it has to be one piece, unless you built it in place (which i've done for kitchen pantries).
  11. Cabinet Making!

    we have furniture that is 20+ years old, that pre-dates our getting married. i have t-shirts that are in the same category. we have a warm, comfy house, and we really don't care what you think about the furnishings or our clothing. but you will not leave hungry!
  12. Cabinet Making!

    replacing people who are talented and trained also costs money.
  13. Cabinet Making!

    nonsense. when i had my shop built 2 years ago, i was down there everyday, multiple times a day. talked with everyone there (some more than others, as my Spanish is rather nonexistent), and made sure they were doing things safely. not because i'm some safety weenie, but because I cared about them and wanted them to be able to go home in as good shape as they started the day. no major injuries, no 911 calls, maybe a few bandaids needed over the course of the entire project. and if you let someone abuse you by unsafe working conditions, then you're being taken advantage of. that was the one thing that unions got right. stop killing the employees and sending them home with fewer digits and limbs than they started with. i don't recall any Chinese framers applying for the work. guess they didn't want the job.

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