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  1. three way joint?

    looks plenty strong. and complicated. for my workbenches, i just butted the 2x4s at the corner, and then had a full 4x4 inside of those, all screwed with 3" or 3-1/2" long deck screws, and some wood glue too. a 3x4" plywood top goes on top. the 4x4 carries all the weight down to the floor (mine via some casters). so, yes, the weight on the 2x4s is transferred to the 4x4 via the screws. but how much weight are we talking about? i've stood on mine when i was 300+, flipped them on their sides for moving in my truck (and washing), and they still carry on. but that pic is a neater design. i'm lazy and confident that the screws will carry the load. i think i have 6 per corner into the 4x4 (3 per 2x4).
  2. My wife's Christmas present

    and the sewing center is done (except for drawer fronts, waiting on edge banding to arrive so i can do those next week. ran out, didn't order enough. oops). she can finally organize her huge thread collection. that's only one drawer, the other is about the same. discovered she has 4 spools of clear thread....that's 3 too many. now we know! will sort by color later. 4 drawers on right already full of stuff. lower 2 on left still empty....that won't last.
  3. My wife's Christmas present

    got the base cabinets for the sewing center done today. 8 drawers remain, as well as a top for it. hope to wrap up the drawers tomorrow.
  4. My wife's Christmas present

    it's the same method i used to build our kitchen drawers, all 44 of them, 5 years ago. no problems since then. lots of ways to make fancy drawer joints, but many of them don't work with plywood. this does.
  5. My wife's Christmas present

    Unseen is the laminate under the sheet goods.
  6. My wife's Christmas present

    got the back side finished up for large sheet storage (poster board and such). used some leftover plastic lattice (hey, we're cheap).
  7. My wife's Christmas present

    Drawer fronts coming.
  8. My wife's Christmas present

    Got the top on today. She loves it.
  9. blue tape is one of my favorite tools. use it all the time to mark parts. what they are, what the final orientation is, relevant dimensions. and it comes off really nice and clean, so later finishing is not messed up. keep several rolls handy next to the clamps
  10. My wife's Christmas present

    and it's heavy too. about 4 sheets worth of plywood in the cabinets and drawers, another sheet under everything, and one more on top. so at about 65 pounds per sheet, and let's be conservative and say there are 5 sheets total equivalent, that's 325 pounds as it sits. i can't lift it. but it rolls very easily, even for her. woot.
  11. My wife's Christmas present

    we don't need much, but she needed a better work center than an old hollow core door on top of sawhorses. and more storage space. so this is made just for her. 34" H, 36-1/2 W, 86 L. plenty of space for laying out and cutting fabric (she is an excellent seamstress), or craft painting, or whatever. current sewing center is a bit too high, so that will be addressed, and it'll get 8 drawers as well. wide on left, narrow on right, so plenty of out feed space to the left of the sewing machine. hope to get that done next week.
  12. My wife's Christmas present

    i had planned to use pre-finished birch plywood, but the local HD said they stopped carrying it. aargh. so we went with the white covered plywood (smooth, glossy finish) and pre-finished 1/4 ply for the drawer bottoms. had to get one more sheet of 1/4 ply, and saw that they are now carrying the birch again. sigh. the 4" wide shelf on the back will also be covered with leftover laminate later.
  13. mostly done, still needs drawer fronts, laminate on the top, and some lattice on the back side to contain large sheets of poster board (side with one set of drawers). middle cabinet is shallow, allowing foot and knee room so she can sit on the stool and do crafty stuff. all on large, heavy duty casters, front 2 are locking so it stays put. next up is a sewing center of a similar design.
  14. Presents for the Club


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