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  1. Business of Woodworking

    had a gal one time, wanted a "special" cutting board, with her last name initial worked into it. one big S coming up. design it, lay it out, assemble it, take a pic, send pic, she likes the pic, send the board, 6 weeks pass, no money honey, finally contact her, "oh, it's not fancy enough". What? either pay up, or send it back. you aren't getting it for free. last time i do that for someone i don't know real well personally. cash up front baby. later got it back and gave it to someone who liked it.
  2. Business of Woodworking

    heard that more than once. "nope, but i'm sure you can buy the tools you'll need, acquire the limited knowledge needed, find some space somewhere, and produce the same thing for less than the cost of the raw materials."
  3. Business of Woodworking

    similar here. gave a friend a nice little cherry box last week. they said, "hey, you should sell these" nope. if i approached it in a proper business manner, i'd be up to my eye balls in paperwork every week, sure, i'd have all sorts of tax deductions on day one for my shop and all its tools, but the IRS says you have to show a profit in 2 out of 5 years, or they consider it a hobby, thus no deductions for you, so pay up your back taxes. it's cheaper just to give it away. don't have to worry about record keeping, filing reports with the county and state every quarter, keeping separate accounts, tracking lumber purchases, dealing with inspections and rules......no thanks.
  4. Business of Woodworking

    And that's why it's a hobby for me.
  5. Thought Provoking

    you burn witches, not rocks, even though rocks float (well, little rocks, shaped like ducks!). i'm here all week!!
  6. more than once i've posted a pic of something i've made for our house. last i recall it was our coffee table. white oak, 48"x18", about 18" high, lower shelf and 2 dovetailed drawers. beautiful piece. all traditional mortise and tenon joinery. several hundred dollars of lumber alone before i started cutting. and someone would comment, "nice work, how much?" and i'd tell them i'd start talking to you at around $4k.......oh...well, thanks..... have a nice trip to Ikea, support those swedish guys, not us American guys!
  7. for many years, i did without. lived simply, didn't buy too many "toys", saved money on a regular basis. do that for many years, and one day, when you get laid off at 45, you can look around, consider things, and decide that tomorrow is a good day to retire. that happened 8-1/2 years ago. i'm still here, bills are still paid on time, and i'm my own boss. haven't made a dime doing woodworking, but enjoy it anyway.
  8. no idea about delayed gratification. 2 day wait for something? that seems like a long time to them. save money to buy a hand crafted item from a skilled woodworker? eh, just check the Ikea website for something similar, have a "put it together party" with your friends, try not to destroy it before the night is over. learn design and joinery? why, they'll just push a button on an app and things will somehow arrive on time via a large truck from "somewhere" hand select wood for a project? why, just use "distressed" wood from some old pallets, no finishing required, and when you grow tired of it, you are only into it for $2 worth of screws, to the curb it goes. and on and on.....
  9. DC wireless remote

    guess i'm the oddball. i have 4 shop vacs for my shop: 1 dedicated to the table saw, one floater that serves the bandsaw and floor clean up on the infeed side of the table saw, one that serves the planer and router, and one that serves the spindle sanders. for table saw work, it's right there on the left side of the TS, lean down, turn it on, while you are half bent over, turn on the TS, and off we go. reverse the process when done. clean it out now and then. no central ductwork to mess with, can easily move things in my shop as practices change. carry on.
  10. brick pavers all taken up. relaxing now.
  11. "What did you get done over the weekend, and what have you planned for the week ahead! " gave away a little cherry box i made to a good friend at the pistol match (i had fun, but shot poorly). this week: first up is remove some brick pavers from an exterior set of steps, then cut new concrete pavers to size and install them with thinset. it's a messy job. yeah, i know, that doesn't seem to involved much woodworking. some weeks you have to do other things around the house.
  12. the back of that clamp rack is equally crowded. over 110 total clamps last i counted.
  13. built 4 walls for the pistol range today, 6 feet tall, 6 feet wide, top 4 feet covered with shade fabric. these are used at our IDPA matches to create rooms and hallways to move and shoot among them. 3 solid, 1 with two shooting windows. will deliver tomorrow and also fix up some of the older ones that have taken a beating over time. some people (cough) manage to shoot the lumber. oops.
  14. my apron: 16 foot tape measure box cutter 6" odd job tool 4 pencils (it varies, sometimes i put one down and the i'm down to 3) sharpie compass sawdust (in the pockets)(maybe it's time to clean them again) that's it. everything else is somewhere in the shop, normally where it belongs.

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