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  1. Lidded Basket

    Love it! is that a scroll saw project or a CNC? In any event,it is supurbly done.. Herb
  2. Boy that is one heck of a long glueup ,Mr. Moody. Did you do that in section's or all at once? and how did you even up the top? I did a pine top one time 42X96 out of 5/4 X5" boards and it was a hand plane, belt sander, scraper nightmare. Great looking top, by the way. Herb
  3. Good Fences Build Something or Another??

    Hmmmmmmm................................................................I think these two are serious..............??????????????? Herb
  4. I have a small HF drill press that had a plastic collar to hold the depth stop. It was too flexible to be accurate, so I made a new one out of a piece of 1/4" thick aluminum. Herb
  5. What I've been working on, not much turning

    Or burnt cat, just saying, Herb
  6. Latest project

    Yes ,I do, I use the MiterSet gauge, but you can do it with a combination square, or a draftsman's square too. Or cut a guage from a scrap on your miter saw to set the miter gauge with. Herb
  7. Latest project

    I would do it something like this, Instead of turning the board over on every other cut to make a closed figure, you would make a cut, then slide the board to the stop, cut, slide the board to the stop, make another cut, repeat. Then set up for the next length, do all those cuts, for the ones that are beveled towards each other, make a cut, turn the board over to make the cuts like shown in the pictures. Herb
  8. Those look really nice Cal, there is a lot of work in those. Good job.Never find anything that good at Ikea. Herb
  9. Latest project

    Yeah, that would do too. It would be a lot slower then chop,chop,chop, but would lessen the chance of tear out. This is the one reason I shy away from chop saws, on short cuts I prefer a table saw. I have a sliding miter saw,but rarely use it in the shop. It is great for job site, though. Herb
  10. Rough turned

    Making me hungry. Herb
  11. What I've been working on, not much turning

    WOW that is impressive. Herb
  12. Appetizer Board

    I am another one who has never heard of that before. Real purrrty I like the way you did the ends. Have to have some long arms and wide doorways to carry that out loaded with appetizers. Herb
  13. That's where it is, I have been looking for that, thanks ,Nick, forgot you are a background looker... Herb
  14. Latest project

    Can you cut it the opposite way of the 45 deg., Is this a chop saw or a SMS? Maybe make your jig with a top to hold the piece from moving. It will be slower but maybe better results. Herb
  15. Latest Project

    OOOWEEE, I like that. Herb
  16. Suggestions please.

    Not even going to go there, there. Herb
  17. Combination Squares Oh My

    Square heads talking to you?? Hmmmmmm.............Never heard of that before. Herb
  18. left handed table saw

    No Guards, No Goggles ,No work benches, no shoes, one slip, no fingers,hands or toes. A scary work shop, we can't even buy the wood for what those sell for at the store. Interesting vidio, Thanks, Cliff. Herb
  19. Greetings :)

    Welcome <Dennis. Herb
  20. That is funny, Ron, I have 8 now including all the trim routers. My goal is to get one for every bit I have so When I need to do a certain profile,I just grab a router ,plug it in and go. So got a ways to go seeing as how many bits I have. Never be able to out do Stick tho. Herb
  21. There is a big HF right across the street from WCraft,so I swung in there to see if they had it cheaper, but there wasn't anywhere to park, everything full, so I went over to WCraft and bought one there with that free bushing set. Don't know why, I got so many routers now. Herb
  22. PIP River Table

    WOW ,your doing great job on that, Gene, The hard part is done now comes the easy part, you are coasting now. Herb
  23. Is that the Chinese one? Herb
  24. Bora Circular Saw Guide

    I have had a couple in the past,never had good luck with the holding power of those plastic clamping devices. I prefer the old sled and C clamp type. Herb
  25. There is a poem "My Heart Deeply Pines For You." is that the same as SYP? Herb

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