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  1. weekend project

    Not you,John, Gerry Benet. Herb
  2. Patch, you are amazing, never in my wildest dreams would I tackle such a project. You always seem to overcome the magnitude of the smallest details. It looks good so far and I am confident it will look great when you are done. Herb
  3. weekend project

    John, I agree with you on the indents in Pats project, But not in this one,Gerry Benet's, borders on a mental case reaction in my opinion. I refinished an old handmade Dresser, kind of like the one Steven Newman made recently that was made in the late 1800's out of oak that traveled from Pennsylvania to to Blaine,Washington in a covered wagon. When it was passed down to me it had 7 coats of paint on it different colors. I stripped it and refinished it natural , it had a lot of dings on it so I highlighted them with a black marker and finished it and it looked great, and old. Herb
  4. Back Side

    You did a great job on that, Ron. That is a real heirloom. HErb
  5. weekend project

    If you use the ironing trick, you will get the best results to sand off the finish on the spot you are trying to raise first. The idea is to steam the indent out and the sealer that is now on the indent will not allow the steam to work. Just a suggestion. Herb
  6. Outdoor spray

    They are beautiful, Gerald. You always do such nice work. HErb
  7. OK, it's painted....

    Yes , I had to do 2 circuits for my fluorescent ,now I am slowly changing over to the LEDs. Mine are all hung on chains so I put hooks in the joist, because the 6"diam. DC ducting was in before the lighting. I ran surface conduit and 4X4 duplex boxes every 8' and just plugged in the fixtures. Herb
  8. Maybe a bracket to hold one end of a hammock . Herb
  9. You are right about that , maybe Rabbits ? What is strange to me is that the large screw/ nut setup is way out of proportion to the bar, and clamps on the bar. It looks more like a homemade whodoneit. A bunch of junk thrown together to perform a specific task. I do that all the time, take what ever I can find laying around and slap it together for a one time jig.
  10. Congratulations on the upcoming new grand child. Start saving for his college right now. Maybe a crib instead of a cradle. Herb
  11. I think those are steel nuts, Roly Maybe this is a spreader bar to hang up Hogs to shave them when slaughtering . Herb
  12. Sorry to hear about your arm, I hope it heals up. How did you injure it ? I get a lot of dings that bleed and most of the time I don't know it till I see the blood. Being on blood thinners isn't fun. But not like yours, they don't hurt. You must have injured it deep. Herb
  13. OK, it's painted....

    That was a real good decision having the DW contractor leave the floor protection down for you to work off. It saved you a bundle of headaches. Hope you had help putting up the light fixtures, they can be a bugger to try and hold and attach to the ceiling off a ladder. Herb
  14. A video on wood spoon carving

    Might be Censorship. Herb
  15. I think I need some mental health

    I don't have any either, I'm just a grouchy old man. Herb

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