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  1. Do't feel bad that is good to know, I will keep that for reference. Herb
  2. GO Harbor Freight!!. Those are the HSS inserts, M-1 tools steel. I bid lower: http://www.cutechtool.com/product-p/40930.htm I forgot to mention that the HSS cutters will work on this machine too. @$30./10 pack. Torque wrench.....................................GO HARBOR FREIGHT. Herb
  3. Not sure if they are available elsewhere, but they will fit General,Rikon,Steelcity,Craftsman and Cutech planers. Some of those listed are currently not available, the only one I could find, General, is limited stock now. They sell for $45./10 pack. It would take 3 packs (30ea.) to do a complete change over and have 6 ea. left over. http://www.cutechtool.com/product-p/40938.htm they rotate 90 deg. to make the second blade. This means that for $136. you get 2 sets of blades with 6 left over to use on the next set. So the next 2 changes you only have to order 2 packs @$90. total to complete the next 2, which means you can get 4 changes for around $56. ea. change and that is comparable to the change over of most planers with HSS cutters, and these are Carbide. I might add that the change takes less than 5 min.( by the reviews) and is self aligning, just loosen, rotate,tighten, done. The torques wrench is furnished with the machine. Herb
  4. Lew, my old Delta as you can see in the 2nd picture didn't have dust control, so I had to make a shroud and port out of plywood and attach an arm to the side of the cabinet to support the flex duct. Herb
  5. That was what my old Delta was doing. When I would give it a push it would change direction slightly and go a little and stop. So I would end up pushing it all the way thru and then using a pusher to complete the cut, while I was fumbling around getting the pusher in place it would dig a divot. Herb
  6. Hf Clamp Review.

    Be a good way to impress the unknowing on what a good grip you still have. I did the same, buckled where the plastic pin goes thru, pinched my hand too, Ouch. Herb
  7. I just bought this CUTECH /40700HC-CT portable 12 1/2" planer and set it up the last week. I had an old Delta that ran good but the feed rollers wouldn't grab the wood and I would end up having to push the board through with a pusher stick. That is unsafe to begin with and a PITA besides. So I spent about a month reading reviews and pricing out the different planers. I settled on the Cutech because the reviews were good, and it has a spiral cutter head with carbide cutters for less than $500., $379. to be exact + shipping http://www.cutechtool.com/product-p/40700hc-ct.htm They make the General International portable planer. They have several models, and combinations in each model of straight HS blades, Straight carbide blades, HS Spiral cutters, and Carbide Spiral cutters. I bought the basic model with the Carbide Spiral cutters, I don't need all the bells and whistles on the higher priced models. They come with a 2 year warranty, which I hope I never have to use. The Manual was very good for setting up the planer and checking out the table, and operating the planer. I ran a few rough sawn boards thru and they came out very smooth. I ran a maple burl through and it came out from a chainsaw rough surface to a nice even surface,but a ted rough like sandpaper,but no tearout. I haven't given it a good workout yet, but like what I have seen so far. The best part so far too, is the noise level is less than 2/3rds of what the Delta or my old Dewalt 735 . I have it stting along side of my PC benchtop jointer and it is noticeably quieter than the jointer. Manual http://www.cutechtool.com/v/40700H ver17.03.20.pdf Herb
  8. Hf Clamp Review.

    I have a lot of the F style and since most of my work is small. I use them a lot. Bought 4 squeeze type with the grey pads, they don't hold worth a darn. Not even close to the Irwin or Ridgid. Herb
  9. Thats a bummer,Lew I have done that to a keyboard, but not a computer. Not a Mac fan anymore either. Sure hope you can fix it, a shame to dump $1100.00. Herb
  10. Next Project?

    Be sure to sign the bottom and date it,so in 200years they will know who made it. Good job, Steven, That stain really brought the birds eyesmand the grain. Herb
  11. steel studs

    Not sure that you would want to glue the plywood to the studs if you ae going to reuse the wall by taking off the plywood. That glue is more of a permanent fix. The nice part is that you can reuse the wall, by removing the ply wood, , move the door and window openings and/or frame them in solid for the next set. Herb
  12. steel studs

    Keith, if you are using 1/4 plywood for the face, you will gain a terrific weight reduction with metal studs. You might be able to use 1 1/2" 20 ga. studs. One disadvantage is if a wall section accidentally falls, it might not survive. Herb
  13. Matag wringer washer

    Ron, that quilt is super duper cool. So much talent going on here ,I can't believe it. My Grandma had a hand crank wringer and my mom had a green porcelain tub electric one ,don't remember the brand. Some neighbors had a gas engine driven washer, a small 2 cycle kick start single cylinder motor. Also those little 1/4hp washing machine motors powered up lots of other equipment after the washer duty. https://duckduckgo.com/?q=vintage+gasoline+engine+wringer+washers&t=ffsb&atb=v80-5&iax=images&ia=images Herb
  14. Matag wringer washer

    Now that has to be a first. First time I have ever seen a wringer washer carving. That is so cool, good job too. Herb
  15. Progress is slow....

    It is looking real good ,Fred. I like the column feeding the TS and the RAS, you can easily tap into that for more machines in the future. Way to go with the long 90's made out out 45's the airflow will love that. Looks like you used large wire ties to hang the ducts from the ceiling, good idea, I used the perforated plumbers plastic strapping, wish I would have thought of that. Are you going to hang the lights below the ducts, or did you figure in the light layout when running the ducts. I hung all mine below on chains. That is a lot of work for one guy Fred, I had a helper when I did mine. Great pictures too. Herb

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