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  1. Yeah, now off to Harbor Freight,have to get some things I need. Herb
  2. Looks great John, can't wait to see the doors. Herb
  3. Welcome ,Mike,you will like the landscape here. Herb
  4. Great idea. Herb
  5. Good to see you here ,David, Herb
  6. Careful, you will be cited for clamp abuse..........Just joshing. I have had some small irregular pieces that there was no way I could clamp them, so I just held them in place for a minute , and then set them down to dry ,and they set up fine. One I even had to remove because I twisted it while holding it and a day later, it broke out wood around the joint, , after that instead of knocking it off I sawed it off to keep from damaging the piece it was glued to. Ever tried to get a knob of glue off your workbench after it sets? It hasn't had any clamping and it is tough to remove. Just saying, Herb
  7. Next it will be the metric dimension thickness of plywood. Herb
  8. I like Geralds method. Most of my clamping involves cauls, so I guess there is a formula for those too, and there should be a formula for spacing the clamps too. and there should be a formula for spreading glue on one side or both sides, Herb
  9. A close 79 yo member of the family had his done last year. They inserted 125 needles in his prostrate and radiated him a number of times then removed the needles. his cancer is gone. Another good friend at 68 yo. had 100+ radioactive seeds planted in his prostrate, he is still good to go. That was over 12 years ago.. HErb
  10. I have built several 8' & 10' dingy's and when I was 14 and my brother was 15 we built a 12' plywood runabout, from a Popular Machanics plan. It was a great little boat and we used it on lakes and saltwater bay fishing for many years. Our Dad in his welding shop made a trailer out of an old Model "A" axle to pull it around on. Herb
  11. You mean like this,Patch? They are 21/2C W X 2C Hi
  12. The first plaque is 10X13, And the violin plaques are approximately 9X13. The first lock is 5X8 and the violins run about 4X12 Hinges,hasps and locks seem to go well together. Thanks ,guys Herb
  13. John, you have a great creation going here,I am glad I am a member. Herb

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