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  1. Bibliochaise AKA Bookshelf Chair - The Build

    Good idea, that would be ideal. Even a false bottom in part/all of a drawer, the drawers are fairly deep. Herb
  2. Bibliochaise AKA Bookshelf Chair - The Build

    You could still do it in the bottom or back of one of the drawers. Herb
  3. Just checking it out and every thing seems to be working normal. Herb
  4. That would be so cool,having a bakery breeze. lucky you. I don't have to ask, but how is the potato rolls? hot with real butter? Herb
  5. I got one of them, they are a sub-contractors saw. Love it too. Herb
  6. Bakeries have the best smell ever. Just walking past one on the sidewalk ,makes a person want to stop in . Herb
  7. Bibliochaise AKA Bookshelf Chair - The Build

    Getting home at 4AM ain't easy anymore either. Herb
  8. Missing "Status" Icon (RESOLVED)

    Or maybe Woodchopper Herb
  9. I don't like the word"cookies" can you change it to donuts or maple bars please. Herb
  10. First batch of 7-day clocks started, did the step rabbet on the TS first this time instead of later with a router . Herb
  11. Dang, you got good eyes,Al, think you are right. Herb
  12. Picky,picky,picky...............
  13. I don't use anything on mine, If I use it, I take it outside and put it on saw horses. then use the leaf blower to blow away the sawdust over to the neighbors place. The rest of the time it sets under my workbench. Not my favorite tool. Herb
  14. I have a feeling that the statistics on loosing fingers is somewhat exaggerated. He makes it sound like the people are just standing there running their hands through the saw to see their finger fly. Herb

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