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  1. Random orbit sander

    My thanks to all who steered me toward the Bosch. It arrived today and went to the shop right away to give it a try. Very comfortable in the hand and not a lot of vibration. Seems to do a good job. Time will tell if it outlasts my old P-C. If it lasts that long I will be 96 and probably won't care.
  2. Bibliochaise AKA Bookshelf Chair - The Build

    Good start Ron, waiting for the finish.
  3. DC wireless remote

    I have the Long Ranger like Allen has going on five years. At the Woodworking Shows you can get them a lot cheaper than Amazon.
  4. Cap'n Eddie 12 Cent Pens

    Nice job Dan. I must look up that video.
  5. Random orbit sander

    Thanks Stick, you da man!
  6. Random orbit sander

    I am leaning toward the Bosch (thanks Stick) but can it be had with a PSA pad. I don't like H&L for two reasons, the cost of the paper and that I have about 1000 PSA discs leftover from my working days.
  7. My old faithful PC sander for 20 years finally went belly up. I need some suggestions for a replacement. Thanks for any help.
  8. Thank you all for your time and effort in making this forum what it is.
  9. First attempt

    I like it Herb. I have a store bought version and look at it daily. I also am retired and do forget what day it is.
  10. You will be doing yourself a favor by throwing them out, unless you are attaching drywall to metal studs,
  11. Welcome Fastback. I know you will like it here. You must show some photos of your state of the art machine shop and that beautiful Mustang. Hey guys I have seen Paul's shops and the Mustang.....Beautiful!
  12. Shaker Style Vanity (Poplar)

    Way to go John, you'll get it done for sure.
  13. Well, that ain't good..

  14. Diamond award - building process

    Excellent work and great video!
  15. OLBUCK

    Hey Buck, Job #1 is getting yourself well again, the rest will fall into place.

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