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  1. Great job Keith and a good idea. There is one in my neighborhood and I have no clue as to who did it but it gets a lot of use.
  2. lighthouse

    Being from New England I really like lighthouses. That is truly an excellent job right down to the small details.

    Awesome job Harry and very rewarding. Who are the reciepients.
  4. Good Will find

    Interesting. What will you make from the leftovers?
  5. If you like squirrels......

    I have a great recipe for squirrel pot pie.
  6. If you like squirrels this little house will keep them fat and happy and off the bird feeders.
  7. HandyDan is going down for the count...

    Good luck Dan, thoughts are with you. Not fun but it's a good thing to do.

    Nice job Ron. Someday going to try one.
  9. Toys that started it

    Triple nice!!!
  10. No shop today, 2000 mi from home visiting family in Colorado. Can't wait to get home and start some new projects.
  11. My First Incra

    Great find! I don't have one of those but I have many other Incra tools and all are top notch!
  12. Enzo Mari - Meh

    I wouldn't put that crap in my backyard!
  13. Old guys can do this

    Great solution Ron. If at first you don't succeed take a nap.
  14. Welcome back Wayne, the more the merrier. My life has been a little like yours the past year so I have not been participating as much as I would like to but things are finally slowing down.
  15. Random orbit sander

    Just a follow up on my new Bosch ROS. I have been using it hard for two weeks now on a cutting board project. It has performed flawlessly. Dust collection is good and hand fatigue is minimal. I got the PSA pad from Tool Barn so I can use my backstock of PSA discs (thanks Stick). It outperforms my old PC 100% and I would recommend it to anyone.

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