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  1. Way to go Herb. If you can't buy it make it. Great improvement.
  2. Stopped at HF to look at their drills

    I have two Bosch drills, one impact driver and four lithium ion batteries and all still working fine after 6+ years.
  3. Latest project

    Very nice! It can really play tricks with my eyes.
  4. Cost of a square....

    WOW! Some of their prices make Woodpeckers look like tinker toys.
  5. Test of Patience

    Great job, and a fine tribute to those outstanding young men!
  6. Wife Died

    Sorry for your loss Jim. My prayers and condolences to you and your family. God bless.
  7. easy way to fit drawer glides...

    I wish I had this info when I was working. I had to do many retrofits in the field and it was a pain!
  8. easy way to fit drawer glides...

    Thanks for that info Stick. I have a drawer project on my do list and will give it a try.
  9. Stanley Sweetheart 104

    Dan, Again quoting my Stanley "Bible" the 104 was made from 1877 to 1974 in lengths of 12" to 18" and valued at $5 to $50 as of 1996, yes a good buy.
  10. Stanley level

    Steven, FYI according to my Stanley "Bible" the #3 was made from 1877 to 1939 and is valued at $5 to $50 dollars as of 1996 when the book was written so you got a good buy.
  11. Patriot site slow down

    No problem here.
  12. Information, links to may placeses

    Lots of info there, thanks Stick.
  13. Tape dispenser

    I made a few of these a while back and have to make some more. . The design is not mine, it was from Matt Seiler from the old Wood Magazine Forum and it was featured in an issue of Wood Magazine. Matt is a great craftsman and comes up with a lot of good Ideas. I would love to see him participate here. Any of you former Wood guys hear from him?
  14. Friday's Pick

    Nice score! According to my Stanley "Bible" the #62 was made from 1854 to 1941and is valued at $15-$45. There were many variations made.
  15. Rifle Case Done

    Beautiful job on the case Gene but as a gun enthusiast I'd like to hear about the rifle. It's a thing of beauty.

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