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  1. Little Free Library? Anyone build one?

    The free library is a great idea but expect some pranks. The ones I did where I lived have become hot beds for soft covered books that the library does not have. They are the kind your wife reads. However more than once they were used as garbarge cans and one time they left the door open and that invited a swarm of wasps. I would use self closing hinges in the design if I were to do this again. Wood Magazine has a simple design in their early posts. It is best to put them within reaching distance of the sidewalk. Most of the time it is the pedestrians that find the books then put one back in. It should include a sign borrow and return or replace a book with another. My spouse being a school teacher put in her old texts and they were never taken. She put in one of her romance novels and the next day a new one was in. The next day she put in 6 more but the time she got home all 7 had been replaced with others.
  2. DC wireless remote

    I am wondering how long my DC Laguna Cflux 2.0 220 1 phase remote will last.
  3. miter saw dust collection design

    Found this from Keith
  4. miter saw dust collection design

    Keith what is the web site of that video?
  5. Any commerical solutions that work at low cost for dust collection of my sliding miter saw. Also what are your homemade and proven dust collection for a miter saw solutions.
  6. pictures of cabinet i made

    Very good engineering. How was the rope bead created?
  7. Aging wood

    Not sure why anyone would want to prematurely age their wood.
  8. Hoosier wood source

    Frank Miller specialized in QS and QR lumber. They have seasonal sales when you bid on a pallet. I would definitely give them a chance.
  9. DJ20 - knife setting

    The tool came for the JET 15" planer and it worked great. The knives are in now to make one of those dial indicator thing to check the center. Or maybe just run some wood thru to see if all is good.
  10. I have a TP but had to have all the knives removed and sharpened. I went to insert the knives and had no idea how high above the spindle that it sits in it should be. The proper tool was never given to me. So I ordered it. The proper tool has metal to metal contact. Which is not good and the user Utube mentioned to be very careful not to chip the new knife. She showed the springs have to be controlled thru their entire travel. I am wondering if I put a piece of tape on the tool would the tape thickness change the height by too much? But the tape would cushion the metal. Also the cylinder has both jack screws and springs?? I am thinking of using the tool then turning up the jack screws until they get the new blade to just barely touches the tool. Should I even use the jack screws or just the springs and tool. My question is would the tape (packing or Scotch) really make a big difference in performance? My jointer is very easy to set up with the Jack screws and a long accurate straight edge. But the TP that is know of has no out table or in table just a flat table. And adjusting the knifes up side down is very risky and not accurate.
  11. Dust Collection for home shop

    OH I got a 2 HP unit with 2x4" or 1x6" ports. It is a c-flux from Laguna.
  12. Dust Collection for home shop

    The Laguna is in the house assembled and in the basement. Found the circuit breakers that I move to make room for the new one had double taps. That needs to be fixed also. Found my main panel so full of wire and every ground or neutral are filled. I need to clean it up. I will be adding junction boxes to removed the double taps then feed in one wire to the CB. Also I will then need to start the plumbing of the 4" then 6" tubing for the dust collector from the machines.
  13. DC cflux 2.0

    The DC is finally in the basement. Now comes a question. Tubing what type and kind do you use? Schedule 40 PVC will get rather expensive as I go from 4" to 6" to 8". HVAC ducting 28GA has said to work and I like that it is grounded. But other say the wye's and T's are backward for DC. Oneida has a good selection but is costly for a small shop.
  14. Hanging vapor barrier, any tips?

    Is the shop a building by itself. Why do you think the shop requires a vapor barrier at all? That I know of shops do not transmit enough water vapor to need a vapor barrier. In fact you probably want all that vapor to escape upward and out of the roof. If you succeed and let's say you have a shower in the shop (not likely) So you generate a lot of vapor you may and I stress may create a mold space between the poly film and the drywall. But it would be best to ventilate the shower thus eliminating and condensing vapor between the drywall the barrier. If fact the drywaller is probably forcing you to do this so that when or if you have and issues with vapor build up it is your fault and he does not get called back.
  15. Refinishing kicthen cabinets

    Shame you are covering over your Cherry and Ash but please coat with Shellac to seal everything and create layer this is quite easily stripped that way when the wood cabinets come back into Vogue you have a project and not a replacement going on.

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