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  1. It would be beneficial to also state where the meeting will be. That way I know if i can drive that far.
  2. Glue question

    As other have wrote becuase the jointer and planer is producing a glass smooth finish. Please take 150 paper then sand lightly if that does not break the glaze step down until it breaks. Then sand in even steps to 150. At 150 the wood has enough tooth or roughness to bond ot the glue. Use on KD (Klin Dried) or if as you wrote common construction lumber shold be air dried. Put them in warm dry place. Use 1/4" stickers about every 2 ft. if the width of the stack is more than one board leave 1/4" minimum between the boards. Let it sit until the mositure evens out and the boards are dry. That would be normally 3 to 6 weeks.
  3. Outfeed Table Top Finish

    Fred thanks I guess MDF only does not like water. I will give my first outfeed table a try with MDF and Beeswax.
  4. Outfeed Table Top Finish

    All his table if MDF if you start soaking it with BLO and other stuff what will that do to the glue in the MDF? MDF is a great substrate for formica. I would use formica then the same wax you use on the cast iron to keep it slick and clean works on the formica also. Chips N Dust can you lower your outfeed table so that the formica is flush?
  5. Marker?

    Grease pencil the kind that has the paper wrapper that you untwist and tear off to get a new point.
  6. tool totes, a survey of

    Please add sunscreen and misquito spray. Beyond that it looks compelte the through but I'd bet you need several bags or totes.

    They make 24" but imagne how must better his chest would be with hand cut dovetails.
  8. Stopped at HF to look at their drills

    Administrator please move this to tools section.
  9. Finish on frosted glass

    Pictures as requested. More direct light shows inconsistent frosting.
  10. Hi all how have you resolved the dust issues with your Compound mitre saws? If any of you have plans can you please share them.
  11. Insulation on foundation walls

    plese check out https://insofast.com/explore/project-prep-before-you-install-insofast/ You should solve all your water issues first. Then depending where you live (I am in Zone 5=R10) then I would use 2.5" insofast insulation panels. They come pre channeled for electrical and they glue to the wall creating a thermal break not a bridge. They also have moisture channels. It is important that you insulate the rim joist fully and create a fully insulated space. That will keep the moisture in the house from collecting on the cold block. Drylock Extreme is what they recommend before the insulation the the glue they recommend is cerfitifed with Drylock Extreme. You do need to cover any foam on the floor or wall wtih a 15 minute burn thru barrier (5/8" drywall). But in the rim joist you do not need to cover it. What I did was to get 2" foam and cut it 1/2" short all round to the space. Then I put a dap of glue on the back and press it in place. Then I take expanding foam and spray all around the permiter to seal the joists to the rim and the foam to the joists and rim. It is very important to not use any metal in the cold concrete that is a thermal bridge and you will loose heat. The 2" insofast foam is available at Lowes.
  12. Kitchen Back Splash

    How do you keep clean or clean such a rough surface?
  13. Finish on frosted glass

    We decided to spray more frosting on the glass. Taped everything else off and except where I paused a little long it did a great cover up job. Then the second coat erased the first coats mistakes. Thanks for all your help.
  14. Finish on frosted glass

    So far the only thing the will kill dyes is lac thinner. We will do a spot check to see if it breaks down the frosting. I like the idea of the shelf liner it would be more consistent and as this is the laundry room door it can can see impacts from the washer and dryer doors. Maybe the best idea is to remove it all and use the shelf liner. But I would remove the glass first then line it and reinstall it. That way the edges are not visible. Please keep the ideas coming.
  15. Finish on frosted glass

    For sure and was planning on doing this but thanks for the reminder.

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