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  1. Help!! Facia Board Angles

    This is a compound cut. Take the old board lay it on the fence along it longest edge. Mark the angle either by alligning the saw to the cut on the board in the verticle plane or use the angle finder to find the angle. Then Tilt the saw blade to mimic the rake of the cut along the short edge. Always make sure the blade us cutting a peice of wood 90 degrees or greater you do not want to trap a small peice of wood between what you are cutting and the blade.
  2. Margaret's Kitchen Make-Over

    Was the ceiling pop corn or just a bad picture? I think everyone wants flat again.
  3. Help!! Facia Board Angles

    Do you have one of these The you just replicate the angle on the old board to the miter saw.
  4. For commerical they purchase the charging boom box and that is corded then charge the batteries up so that do not have cords lying around to trip over. As others have said in a shop no big deal and only uncorded thing i have a drill / driver and go to it 90% of the time because of convience and a desire to keep my extension cords free of glue. Weather you are a finish carptener or a hobyist some tools are better cordless even in the shop.
  5. A Project in Maple..

    Steve I really hope you are doing better I found my answer because you did present it but I missed it. Sliding dove tails with a small spot of glue in the middle. Thanks for the details and sorry I missed them the first time.
  6. A Project in Maple..

    I have a question for Steve. On the top with the bread board ends (very nice looking btw) did they have grooves and the boards toungs? If not how did your join them?
  7. Artistry in Wood - Dayton, Oh (-ish) Oct 14-15

    Lots of pictures under the competition page on the web site. Truely outstanding!
  8. portable spray booth?

    The fan if used should be explosion proof rated.
  9. Cradle Progress Report

    All I am sorry you are correct it the commerical requirement for edible finish is for a Crib not a craddle and is only on the top of the rail. That is why commerical cribs has a plastic cover on the top rail. The picture thru me off I thought it was a very large craddle/crib. Thanks to all who followed up.
  10. Cradle Progress Report

    Beware that the finish has to be consumable once cure. I would use Shellac. The issue is when the child starts teething.
  11. Anyone use satellite internet?

    Satelite internet has the same issue durng rain snow wind ice ...... On good south California days I bet it is 95% reliable but in the mid west I would say 70%. The phones may cost less but those need little computers are awesome.
  12. madonna and child

    Well I guess I am no visionary i cannot see the Madonna thru the "trees". If you would be so kind can you in a subsequent picture outline Madonna and Child?
  13. Bessey I-beam clamp question

    Don't know if anyone mentioned this but M & T are long grain to long grain joints that are structurally sound when glued together. If you force fit the tenon into the mortise you force most of the glue out and create a very weak M & T joint. As others said a light mallet tap should get them to slide apart with that in mind the glue will not be forced out but will properly set up on both surfaces and make the strongest joint (with some argument) that is known to man.
  14. DOH....

    Does this belong on wood working? Perhaps another forum is better.
  15. 5 Walnut plaques

    Why use biscuits? I know the wood is thick enough to not have them telegraph thru. Was it to help you align them or was it to add structural strength or both? I normally joint one face joint both thickness edges (actually joint 1 then TP the other) then glue them all together and not over my TP width run them thru the TP. If my assembly is wider than my TP I then will get them close 1/8" or so and then glue together all the pieces to make one flat plan then I pull our my plane and work it down to the final thickness. Just wondering if I am following the correct procedure.

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