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  1. Don't understand it all... I clicked on the picture of the raspberry, there is still a you-tuber video playing that I cannot shut off! I reckon that is what the back button is for. Cal
  2. Looks like a job for our CNC buddies here... Cal
  3. It might actually be shop time for me today. As part of my upstairs remodel I have changed the moulding from none/colonial style to craftsman style. While I did not change the doors out, I did change out all the trim around the doors & windows and fabricated (if that is a good word for what I did) a crown moulding. For the attic door which was a hollow core flat door I shot some spray foam insulation in it and framed a beadboard panel on the front. Done a similar frame and beadboard to the front of the hvac door. Today I have another, smaller attic access door to work on and make up some new center legs to attach to the center slats in the bed frame. Next week I may get the laminate flooring and baseboard down in one bedroom! Cal
  4. Hey Buck, PM me your contact info. My wife will be down in SE Georgia some over the next couple months. I may go with her for a break and come knocking on your door! Cal
  5. Welcome aboard Robert, Cal
  6. I am like Lew on this. Sounds good, I always enjoy puzzling over the pics and seeing what others come up with. I was very surprised we didn't have a couple "sanctioned" winners lately though. Cal
  7. Your cleanup is coming along nicely. Can you pump water directly from the lake to irrigate with? As for "keeper of the keys"... good on you. My SIL seems to be "keeper of the dogs" for her neighborhood. It seems that every week she is taking care of someone else's dog, not at her house - but going over to let the dogs out, going over to let the dogs in, going over to feed the dogs, going over to check on the dogs... Cal
  8. Congratulations Bob! Cal
  9. Here is a site with an early payoff calculator that you can play around with. If you can calculate the extra amount needed to meet your early payoff goal, and can afford the additional extra amount each month, it is a better plan than hoping to make extra payments. This may be what you meant, but when I think of "extra payments" - a lot of people mean they will try to send in a full "extra" payment now and again at a later date. Additional principal payments are any amount over and above the full payment. Good luck with it. It is good to have a financial plan, and you have a good one when it is feasible and meets your goals. Cal
  10. John, are you ok with your current lender? OK meaning would do business with them again and stuff like that? Can you make additional payments or change your payment schedule with them? If so, I might suggest a couple alternatives for you. Simply making 1/2 your payment bi-weekly would cut your loan down into the 22-23 year range IIRC. If you have the ability and a copy of your current amortization schedule, you can cut one month off the end of the loan by paying next month's principal payment with this months payment. Doing that can reduce the term to 15 years but does get expensive the further into the term you get. Doing this for 5 years would chop your current loan down to a 20 year mortgage and may allow you to refi with a 15 year loan. A roll of the dice there, as you don't know what the interest rate might be in 5 years. If any of this is confusing, feel free to shoot me a PM. I will be away from the computer for most of the rest of the day, but will get back with you. Cal
  11. John, what interest rate & terms do you currently have? Cal
  12. @kmealy Grew up on a farm running a tractor some of the time, worked way through college doing construction work, including a few days at the pile driving machine, loud '60s rock music, mowing yards, running tools, I should have seen it coming. Kinda the same for me Keith; one thing is for sure - we sure didn't HEAR it coming! Cal
  13. Congratulations Al! Cal
  14. introductions

    Welcome aboard Cindy, Cal

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