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  1. Very sorry to learn of the health issues John. Prayers for you and family members.
  2. This may be a great (and fun) option John. I can see one of the early polls... which donut do you reach for first chocolate, glazed, or the one on top??? One suggestion for this I might make. Could the actual poll be under the post which requests it? It may not be, as other sites I frequent have the poll right there at the start also. Using your poll as an example for my reasoning - the poll asks brand of saw we prefer. Your post, however, wants our experience in regards to reliability. Two very different questions; and I would not have been able to vote as to reliability. I've owned two table saws and neither of them gave me any problems... I know it was just a test, but something for members to think about as they create a poll. Good job and I think it will be a great addition to the site.
  3. New Blade!

    That looks like the pruning blade I use on my recip saw! Might be a bit difficult maneuvering the scroll saw into position to cut the limb, though... and not much capacity for those larger branches!
  4. Looking for recommendations

    Welcome aboard Joey, glad to have you here.
  5. The second cryptex

    You hacked that pretty easily Herb, you are not a Russian spy are you? Trying to infiltrate the U.S. senior citizens woodworking sites? Looking for dirt, or maybe sawdust, on one of our members?
  6. The second cryptex

    Actually, I don't know why I said that. If I wanted to remember it, it would be C-A-L-V-I-N...
  7. The second cryptex

    Beautiful Steve. If I were going to demo it and didn't want to forget the code, it would probably be S-T-E-V-E
  8. @HARO50 Happy Birthday buddy! Hope it is a great one John!!!
  9. Pending Projects And Improvements

    The only one that comes to mind was Fred's suggestion that the ability to set up a poll was not included.
  10. A Big Happy Birthday Too

    It is Wednesday, what's on your agenda? Me - I'm celebrating John's birthday!
  11. Drilling it Down

    That's not a problem, that is a collection Dave! Where would museums be if there were no collections in the world?
  12. For all you guys

  13. Soon to be retired guy

    Welcome aboard Woody! You want inspiration - browse through some of the forums and look over some of the picture gallery, you should get inspiration. You want good people - we have good people, some of the best people! Thank you for your service; hope to see you here often.
  14. Kinda of a blue green greyish bugger

    That right there is special Jess! I really like the color it came out at too! And I have to ask, since daylight saving time started today - how long does it take you (you can round off to the nearest hour, or half day if you want) to change all the clocks in the house?
  15. The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly!

    Hmmm - I don't see any pics showing off the hands... you still have all your fingers, right? And no bandages? Looks and sounds like you have had some fun with it today. That's what it is all about. And I plan to do those practice exercises that @Wichman3 was nice to post up. I have a magnifying light such as Dave posted that I use when cutting. For blade changing, though, I have to take my glasses off! Darn bi-focals. Either that or all the dirt and dust on them... might actually be a combination of all those things...

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