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  1. PIP River Table

    A restaurant chain in our area, O'Charley's - has a grilled salmon done on a cedar slab. That is my favorite. Have not been able to replicate it at home yet, but still trying. You are making great progress on that table Gene. Me, I am still in the planning stages for too many projects to get started on the first one!
  2. danl, that is a nice looking design you came up with. Have you spent some time sitting at the counter to assess it comfort-wise?
  3. Darwin Awards

    I stand corrected Now, if you would just call this stuff back that I woke up to this morning... I would be much appreciative!
  4. My Shop

    Artie, sounds like you have some good projects in mind and a path forward. I have used a lot of pallet lumber myself. Pinterest can be a source of inspiration/entertainment in using pallet material. There has also been some writeups on the hazards and such of using them. Hope to see you here often,
  5. Darwin Awards

    Now Dave, don't take this wrong... but how would we know if you were on the list or not? None of them were identified by name, jus' sayin' Now, hold my beer and watch this...
  6. Hi

    Welcome aboard Artie, glad to have you here. And thank you for your service also.
  7. My Shop

    Looks great Artie. What sort of projects are you planning?
  8. Information, links to may placeses

    And another bookmark added to my computer. Looks like a treasure trove. Thanks Stick!
  9. Non-Global Warming

    Or the conversation just prior... "here, hold my beer and watch this...."
  10. PIP River Table

    You might talk to @steven newman about bringing the planner to the slab... but I reckon you would (will) get a workout either way you go
  11. Friday's Pick

    Using the phone for magnification - great idea! I hope to be able to remember this tip... Great info that you have provided all around John, and quite a collection to be sure. Do you have a display cabinet/box planned for the future?
  12. Grandfather clocks are a pain

    So Ron... what is the answer? Or do we have to watch the video?
  13. I think it is a great idea.
  14. Non-Global Warming

    Northern Turkey. Report this morning says it landed normally and then for some reason the right engine surged...
  15. Friday's Pick

    Very interesting Dave. I really wonder if Stanley imported all the lumber for those rules!

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