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  1. Greetings :)

    Welcome aboard Dennis!
  2. PIP River Table

    I just heard on another post that the word Awesome was overused. Cannot help it, this piece is AWESOME and getting awesomer* every day!!! *not to be confused with how long it takes me to do my typical projects, awesomer long!
  3. I hate to use an overused term, but that video was AWESOME Lew. Thanks to you and Steve for getting this up on here for us!
  4. I have spent a good bit of time on line tonight. The majority of the information I reviewed agreed with @scarletjim on the use of GF Gel Stain in Java. I also read one posting (with pics) where the furniture was painted white for a nice contrast, and they did look good. And, there is merit to Jess' post to clear them. This decision needs to be made by SWMBO. She will be home this weekend, and hopefully by then I will actually have them done so they can be set in place for easier visualizing how they might look. Thanks y'all for your posts and ideas.
  5. That was a short day in the shop

    Sorry to hear this Jess. Hope that you heal up quickly and show that project who the boss is!
  6. Latest project

    Really nice Pat. Looks like a quilt pattern.

    I have never heard of this movie, but after the trailer and IMDB write up, I will be looking for it. I really like Robert Duvall as an actor. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1194263/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1 And loosely based on a true story no less!
  8. Thanks for the replies. I had to go upstairs and take a look at the bed. It is from Ikea, which they list as "black-brown". It is very dark, but not black. It is a solid, or opaque color, with no wood grain showing through. Could this be a painted surface? http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/S29007850/
  9. Bowl blanks

    That is a good looking saw right there Rusty. You should get a good deal of satisfaction from it. What kind of wood do you show up above?
  10. Jess, I do think a heart pine floor looks great. These pieces however are to set beside a bed which has a dark expresso finish.

    I think I can speak from some experience here. As Jess might confirm... Last year I drove darn near across the country in a Chrysler 300 and on the way back a Nissan Versa. Give me the 300 any day! And my AFSC was 25251
  12. Birthday Greetings to...

    Happy Birthday oldwoodie, hope it is a great one for you!
  13. Charlie - join the ranks of woodworkers who thought that having a side business doing what we enjoyed would be fun and easy. Only to get disappointed by the reality that the money wasn't there, and the other side of the coin that when it became "a job" that most all of the fun went away also. I am in that category. I know there are several more of the regular posters on here that had similar experiences. And most of us went through a burnt-out period where some of our tools got sorta rusty. And after you accept the fact that you are not alone in that experience, come back and join us and be happy with the new found freedom that we are doing it again for the joy of it and that we can easily say "no" whenever we want. No, I am not in the business any longer; or yes, sure I can do it. Read some of @DAB's posts if you need some guidance here. Being retired has nothing to do with it. Loosing half of your retirement savings has nothing to do with it. I do not know where you live or much about you Charlie, but if it is a sideline income you are looking for - in this area you could make more money with a lawn mower and pickup truck. So the enjoyment of it brings us back to TPW. We are not here to sell our ideas and projects. We are here to socialize and visit with our woodworking neighbors and friends. Again, retirement has nothing to do with it. Let go of the resentment and bitterness - it will put you in an early grave. Embrace the joy and happiness that you can obtain by opening up and sharing. Good things and bad things, the burden is a lot lighter when it is shared.
  14. I am getting close to wrapping up a couple nightstands. This set is made from SYP and varies in the amount of pitch content. I am looking to get a dark expresso color on them. What would be the best product/application technique to this?

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