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  1. Anybody heard of Sika Post Fix

    We used a similar product when utility poles were straightened. The product we used had something in it that smelled like creosote, I know it wasn't but it kept any animals from chewing it out. Worked good for that but was not used for a new set. Roly
  2. Melting Block Puzzle

    Google "melting block puzzle" scroll down to Crafting Wood Logic Puzzles then open page and it lists all the sizes. Roly
  3. Electric charging windmill burned

    Patch one thing interesting about the red lights at night is that they all blink in sequence. In Kansas it is quite the experience for the first time as you can see them for miles. I was told they all flash at the same time to keep pilots from being disorientated . Roly
  4. You might want to iron the blueprints next time. Roly
  5. I finally sheared a pin

    I wired two extra shear bolts to the snowblower handle. I have only sheared one pin one time when son in law piled some pipe on edge of driveway and I did not see under a foot of snow. I normally do 3 other driveways other than my house. Having the parts where I am helps a lot. Roly
  6. Humidifiers?

    The big red letter S is for spam. Roly
  7. I agree with Steve. Blacksmith tool. Roly
  8. Insulating question

    I think they require 1" space around it. The issue with the insulation is corrosion on the pipe from condensation that cannot dry off. While fiberglass won't burn other types may. Roly
  9. I was looking at it wrong as I think the parts with the loops on them are lock nuts for the screws not a place to hang something. Roly
  10. I was calling the scaffold jack nuts as the wooden nuts, does not look heavy enough for a large hog. Roly
  11. Looks to me as some type of balance scale. If you note in the second picture you can see holes for moving the hook thing on the left side and what appears to be a slot for sliding the hook on the right side. I don't understand the three wooden nuts. Roly
  12. Transfer Switch

    If a transfer switch is in stalled per directions and someone does not purposely defeat or damage the interlock it cannot back feed. Switched one way it is for utility power the other way generator power. it is a ON-OFF-ON type switch (some do not have a center off) It will not tie the generator and utility feeds together. Trying to pick up all the loads at the same time can be a problem but all it would do is trip the generator breaker. Roly
  13. Transfer Switch

    It will not back feed the grid as the breaker from the utility has to be off to close the breaker from the generator. Roly
  14. Tractor Fest 2017

    That is a little over 400 miles away, I may try to find one closer. Roly
  15. Tractor Fest 2017

    Where was the Tractor fest ? Looks very interesting. Roly

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