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  1. Garage Door Hinges

    The mounting brackets are different top to bottom also. The tracks are not mounted parallel to the door frame so it just presses against the seal when closed. Roly
  2. Spraying Bin

    I have read that spraying it with a hvlp causes it to clog the nozzle. They said to add a little turpentine to slow the drying time. Why hvlp is different than a conventional gun I don't know. As you know try on cardboard or other scrap. Roly
  3. Have You Seen 'First Time Flippers'?

    What always gets me is that first they throw a hammer through the window. They all must like working in broken glass. Roly
  4. spraying with roundup, 2-4-D

    Look at the label on the Roundup you are using it gives the percentage of Glysophate, Roundup has different strengths available for the same product which would change your mixing, the big boxes have a weaker mix. It does take about a week to completely kill the plant. Roly
  5. steel studs

    I have seen diagonal strapping installed to prevent racking. The thin metal strap requires 2 straps installed in opposite directions as they only hold in tension. Roly
  6. something for the wife

    I will tell my wife about that too as she quilts and embroiders also. Never hurts to have extra points as they can be erased quickly. Roly
  7. Anyone use one of these

    Smart man. Roly
  8. Anyone use one of these

    The picture you posted shows 370 degrees which is about a normal cooking temp. Look up air fryer recipes on line. Phillips has quite a few recipes on line. We don't have 70 drawers but we have the same space issue. Roly
  9. Anyone use one of these

    The wife wanted one of these also. The thing is they use very little oil so they are better for her diet. What they are is a convection oven but smaller and higher air movement. They do require cleaning after cooking but normally some Dawn in the removable container and let soak while eating. Cleans up easily. If the grease that drips out of meat starts smoking add some water to where the grease is. Our regular oven takes almost 15 minutes to come to temperature, the air fryer about 3. They do cook a little faster as you normally set close to 400 F. There is a learning curve as cooking is a little different. Some items taste a little different than fried but still taste good. As you said they use a lot of real estate and are not light. Roly
  10. Got the snot shocked outta me today

    Test it on a known live source before and after you test the circuit your working on. That way you know it is working. Roly
  11. Anybody heard of Sika Post Fix

    We used a similar product when utility poles were straightened. The product we used had something in it that smelled like creosote, I know it wasn't but it kept any animals from chewing it out. Worked good for that but was not used for a new set. Roly
  12. Melting Block Puzzle

    Google "melting block puzzle" scroll down to Crafting Wood Logic Puzzles then open page and it lists all the sizes. Roly
  13. Electric charging windmill burned

    Patch one thing interesting about the red lights at night is that they all blink in sequence. In Kansas it is quite the experience for the first time as you can see them for miles. I was told they all flash at the same time to keep pilots from being disorientated . Roly
  14. You might want to iron the blueprints next time. Roly
  15. I finally sheared a pin

    I wired two extra shear bolts to the snowblower handle. I have only sheared one pin one time when son in law piled some pipe on edge of driveway and I did not see under a foot of snow. I normally do 3 other driveways other than my house. Having the parts where I am helps a lot. Roly

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