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  1. So, if you use a scrollsaw, what brand, make or model do you use? Pros and cons appreciated. I'll start; Delta Model 40-560 Type II with quick clamp, blade clamp. Pros, not terribly expensive, Two speed, very fast blade clamp/unclamp (important for fretwork), up front tension release/adjustment , fast tension release. Cons, some vibration, small table, never use the slow speed, adjusting the blade clamp for different blades cumbersome.
  2. What brand scrollsaw do you use?

    Fred, Amen, Hallelujah. And no side pressure when cutting.
  3. New Blade!

    Found a new blade for my scrollsaw, not sure what I'll be able to cut with it though.
  4. What brand scrollsaw do you use?

    John, Thank you. This is the information I am looking for. I am not interested in aggressive cutting, I want accuracy. I would love to stack cut but my Delta is just not up to it. With the mortise and tenon joints I'm using there is no room for error. I love the blade clamp system on the delta and would like something similar on any saw I upgrade to. The blade clamps on the Delta are; lower clamp uses a special tool (with a built in holder on the saw) , the clamp is two plates and a hex-head machine screw that pulls them together, the upper clamp uses a lever to close the clamp plates and an adjusting bolt(different size and type than the lower clamp, poor design IMHO, came with a special wrench to adjust, lost that piece but its a hex nut so any wench will do), once the upper clamp is adjusted for a blade size, just clamp, tension (lever), and cut. Tension is applied via a lever and adjusted by a knob just above and behind the blade holder. Once adjusted I don't have to play with any the adjustments until I change blade sizes or brand.
  5. What brand scrollsaw do you use?

    John, Is there any particular reason you prefer the Hawk to the Hegner? I will eventually need to upgrade and want opinions from "real" people. I started with the craftsman knockoff of the dremel 13 inch with 3 " pinned blades (made my first small basket with it), that was 33 years ago; YIKES!
  6. The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly!

    Yes, practice, practice practice . And here are a couple of practice exercises (taken from "Patrick Spielmans" Scroll saw handbook with patterns, I HIGHLY recommend this book). Start with a piece of 1 x 2 pine about 6 inches long, draw a series of straight parallel lines, 1 inch long about 1/2 inch apart, along one side. Using a #2 blade cut to the end of a line, then using the back of the blade as a pivot point, rotate the piece 180 degrees and come back out the original cut. When done properly there will be a small round hole at the end of the cut and you will not have to cut your way out, the blade should easily follow the original cut. If you have to cut your way out, then either the table is not square or you are putting pressure on the side of the blade. Continue to pratice uintill you can cut to you satisfaction. exercise 2. layout your practice piece as before, keep the lines about an inch apart and an inch from either edge. Tilt your saw (or table) to about 30 degrees. Cut as before, but this time you will get a cone shaped waste piece. Continue to practice this cut until you are satisfied with your quality. You should beable to produce a near perfect cone (no, it's not easy). You're not trying to produce anything here, you are training your muscles and your brain on just how this silly thing cuts.
  7. The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly!

    Actually, that is a good job for a first attempt. This type of project is what spiral blades are for; you don't have to spin the piece, just cut sideways or diagonal or whatever you need. FYI I have some spiral blades but I never use them, the only thing I ever found them useful for was cutting plexiglas.
  8. wood sources

    Sigh, so I was looking for more lumber for my baskets. My only real sources locally are HD and Lowes, the choices there are oak, poplar, and pine. The selection there, well, sucks. What are your go to suppliers of thin (1/4 to 3/8) wood? Do you resaw and plane? Edge glue and plane/sand? These are reasons I haven't gotten more into doing this for a living, being able to resaw, then thickness plane, then thickness sand; apart from the added time the expense of the added machinery is cost prohibitive.
  9. wood sources

    The cherry arrived today. Good looking stuff. It should have been here Friday but the address was wrong (325 vs 326) and UPS had to fix it., but they sent 6 pieces instead of 5, so there's that. The wood is flat (no warpage) and the dimensions listed.
  10. Flourescent Glue Squeeze Out Video

    That's CDO (Compulsive Disorder, Obsessive) so the letters are in alphabetical order, AS THEY SHOULD BE.
  11. wood sources

    So, here are some picts of the wood I got from Treslewood. The good news; all the pieces are 5 inches wide and 1/4 inch thick. This size is will work for the small open basket. There is some fantastic grain in the mix. The bad news; surfaced one side, the opposite side will have to be sanded and if I want to edge join any of it I'll have to fix the edges.
  12. Patterns? Info?

    In my post "Early project" I have a picture of lettering that I cut out. I used a word processor and the font Kaufman BT. In most WP you can type the point size that you want and go beyond the sizes that are listed. While all fonts have different sizes for their respective point size, Times New Roman is exactly the decimal equivalent, i. e. a 25 point font is .25 inches tall, a 100 point font is 1 inch tall.
  13. wood sources

    Just ordered the cherry, I'll update you as the order progresses.
  14. Lidded Basket

    Lidded basket. Almost done; needs a little sanding, stain and pegs.
  15. Lidded Basket

    Scrollsawn; by me; by hand. Next project I'll take mid cutting picts with the pattern still on. Thanks for the replies.
  16. Lidded Basket

    here is the finished basket:
  17. Lidded Basket

    Here is the exploded view. All the parts and pieces.
  18. Lidded Basket

    I have some cherry danish oil I am going to use on it.
  19. What brand scrollsaw do you use?

    Herb, what didn't you like about the Hegner? They're supposed to be primo.
  20. Working with scroll saw patterns

    Umm, no. The wiring must be up to a certain standard AND there must be a digital switch (hardware) within 1/4 mile. ( I can't get DSL in MY neighborhood either.) The cable companies invested huge amounts of capitol in infrastructure back in the day in return for exclusive rights in perpetuity, that's why only one cable service provider. I use Rise myself, that's why I brought it up . Not that it's the best system, just a way around the other limitations.
  21. Working with scroll saw patterns

    http://explorepeoria.com/pages/freewifipeoria Those are the free wifi spots in Peoria. Also try Rise Broadband, They are expanding into Peoria and , may, be an option.
  22. Working with scroll saw patterns

    Laptop or desktop?
  23. Working with scroll saw patterns

    DerBengal, what city do you live in?
  24. Working with scroll saw patterns

    To continue the off topic thread: Open Office and Libre office are put out by the same folks and are extremely similar. (I currently use Libre Office suite, Xunbuntu OS) DerBengel; dids you try the notebook recycle bin on onedrive? Everyone: What is a stale donut? They just never seem to last that long.

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