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  1. So in working on my baskets I noticed a difference in the thickness of the boards I bought (at a big box store). The boards were both listed as 1/4", but one board measures at just over 3/16 and the other at just over 1/4. When I am using slot and tongue joinery and am cutting both the difference in thickness really come into play. Having to go back and enlarge a slot or shave down a tongue really eats into the time it takes to complete a project. So, my question is: what are acceptable tolerances for wood thickness? Yes, I know that whatever MY needs are, but what should I expect from a wood supplier? Plus or minus 1/16, 1/32, 1/8? What is reasonable? I couldn't think of any tags to use on this. Suggestions?
  2. wood sources

    I'm going to try this one, free shipping The cost for cherry is under $2.00 sq ft (1/4 by 6 by 24)
  3. For My Son

    Very, very nice.
  4. wood sources

    No "VoTech" here anymore, now it's "the College of Technology" They always did look down on anyone who gets their hands dirty. (I'm a graduate of this school; at graduation the school only allowed one of us on stage to accept our diplomas) Anywhoo there are private individuals who can do this, but very very few will allow someone else to use their equipment. Can't say that I blame them either.
  5. wood sources

    I have used BB plywood in the past, I'm not a big fan, just a personal choice. The price for shipping is outrageous, and I know it's not the fault of www.woodworkerssource.com. But 200% of the cost of the wood for a single sheet to 50% of the cost for 5 sheets (min quantity for discount) makes it a deal breaker. (the cost works out to just over $3.00/sq ft for 5 sheets and $6.00/sq ft for a single sheet.) The cost of the wood I've ordered is just north of $2.5/sq ft.
  6. wood sources

    Trestlewood, a business in Blackfoot Id. (where I work). The wood I am getting is a sideline for the company, essentially waste scraps converted into a usable product (interior accent siding, as opposed to paneling).
  7. Early project

    This is an early project I did for the bosses office. Last week he paid me high praise when he said he'd always thought I did it on the laser.
  8. wood sources

    I was editing when you posted
  9. wood sources

    So I checked both businesses plus some others; Sunrock's phone is disconnected, I think they are done (and they only had building materials in the open yard). Snake River doesn't have any thin hardwood, nor did they seem ready to resaw or plane. Unique wood products, the same. Webco has 1/4 x 4 maple fairly inexpensive but would have to be edge glued to get anything wide enough (it was also rough on one side with tearout from planing, so I don't know how much would be usable). I've ordered and payed for a box of shorts(1 ft length) thins (5/16) hardwood (var species) 30 square ft for $80 (price for random lengths to 4 ft reg $240) They'll call when their delivery truck brings it up from Utah. I'll let you know how it goes.
  10. Pig feeder plans

    pig feeder Try this link.
  11. wood sources

    I'll be going by both of these businesses tomorrow, but I'm not hopeful. Sunroc does noit have the Pocatello store listed on it's website and they are a building supply store (no hardwood listed on their website) Snake River is a small custom cabinet shop, again no hardwood listed on the website. But, I will try both places. Additionally Sunrock is only open durning the times I am working, 30 miles away. I'll see what snake rivers hours are.
  12. wood sources

    Sigh, so I was looking for more lumber for my baskets. My only real sources locally are HD and Lowes, the choices there are oak, poplar, and pine. The selection there, well, sucks. What are your go to suppliers of thin (1/4 to 3/8) wood? Do you resaw and plane? Edge glue and plane/sand? These are reasons I haven't gotten more into doing this for a living, being able to resaw, then thickness plane, then thickness sand; apart from the added time the expense of the added machinery is cost prohibitive.
  13. Basket finally done!

    Not really, It's from one of the Spielman Books.
  14. Question

    If you click on the word "search..." you get a basic search (by topic or forum or some others, including advanced) if you click on the magnifying glass icon you can go the advanced search menu.
  15. Basket finally done!

    Thanks for your kind responses. Took about 2 hrs of actual cutting. I used 1/4 poplar from HD, stained with Minwax dark walnut #2716.

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